Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Catching Up and Socks

Ok.. Time to catch up.. Christmas was wonderful.. busy.. but wonderful.. between dinner at the inlaws and dinner at one of the 5 daughters house and church and all the other things we did it was a very busy Christmas.. Can't wait for New Year's....

Moving right along to the sock thing... Never Never Never did we ridicule Ron and his sock Christmas gift solution.. We merely pointed out that socks are not an all encompassing gift.. Don't get me wrong.. I have cold feet most of the time.. I know the value of a good warm pair of socks.. but I like my Gremlins video ( one of this years gifts) and my Blue Topaz ring from last year a lot better than I could love a pair of socks...lets face it .. I would look strange wearing a sock on the middle finger of my left hand next to my wedding band.. and as far as watching a sock.. hmmm does the phrase watching paint dry suddenly seem exciting?... and Ron.. honey.. I don't think you would be able to use your brain with a sock as much as you do with the puzzle thingy I got you for the computer.. just my opinion.. Socks do have their place on any Christmas shopping list.. they are great for Grampa.. for Dad .. when you don't know what else to get someone.. they are great for uncle/ cousin bubba you haven't seen in 20 yrs who just shows up to let us know he is out.. oh wait that is my family .. not Ron's.. anywho.. I will go out on a limb here and say that socks are an appropriate gift for some people some of the time.. and anything I get from my kids or my honey is accepted as a great gift..but .. Socks are NOT the be all end all of gifts.. No Way No How.. But I do know what Ron is getting next year from everyone.. trust me honey.. you won't have to worry about Kyle the sock thief for a long long time... Love you baby..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winding Up and Winding Down..

With 3 days left til Christmas I have to wind up the shopping before I wind myself down.. I have a problem with Holiday Shopping.. I don't like to shop.. I may have mentioned this before.. but, perhaps I didn't make it clear.. when given the choice to go shopping with friends or have a long dental procedure done minus painkillers.. I seriously would consider the dental work.. I just don't like to shop..

Ron will disagree or at least wonder where it is his money goes.... I do love to thrift store shop.. I love garage sales.. and I love auctions.. I simply don't like the whole go to a crowded mall getting sneezed and coughed on by dozens of people, shoving and pushing to get the one of a kind OVERPRICED, piece of whatever and then having to haul it the 10 miles to the parking lot, then spend 20 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot.. NOPE.. not my thing..

I don't even like grocery shopping.. I can take a list of 50 things in the store, get them all and be outta there in 10 mins flat.. I see no reason to hang out.. I know what I want.. I can read fast enough to get the cheapest of what I need without turning it into a monumental decision.. I know when I go in there what I am gonna be cooking.. I don't need to hang out in the produce section to find that Perfect head of lettuce.. I get the best looking of the lot presented to me and move along.. I do check my bread for freshness, it just doesn't take me half the day to do it.. There is no reason for me to be there all day.. they still have the same things they had last week.. and if by chance they do have something new.. chances are it isn't gonna be something I need to study to know whether I want to buy it or not..

With all that said.. we have 4 people left on the list to buy for.. when this is done.. I will be able to relax and wind down.. did I mention I obsess about things.. I don't like shopping but I like to make sure we have everything we need when we need it.. Lordy I am a mess.. oh well .. time to get outta here and do what has to be done.. Have a great day

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Taxi Driving and Being In Love ..

I haven't had time to blog much lately due to the fact that I have become the taxi service for everyone around here.. Chris hasn't worked all week because the weather has been basically crappy for landscaping.. But everyone else around here seems to need me to take them somewhere for something.. Angie has a job now she needs a ride to work.. Chelsea has been doing the last minute push with her grades and staying after school for extra credit (when she isn't having ear infections and coming home early) Kyle is easy.. he doesn't need me to take him anywhere for anything..except Christmas shopping this weekend.. he has 50 bucks and he intends to spend it.. I guess I am just tired.. I know it is not my job to save the world.. I know I don't have any obligation to Angie and Pete..I know I don't have to do half the things I do..but I can't help wanting to help.. that is just in my nature.. I guess it goes along with my trying to take care of everyone thing..

Other than running around like a chicken with its head off.. I am hurting.. my wrists (plural) are both hurting all the time now.. I know why the right one is hurting.. I guess the left one is hurting due to the amount of work I expect of it.. but dang.. It is bad enough being one handed and living my life.. but being no handed ain't working for me..

There is a wonderful side to all of this hurting.. Ron is not the type of man to comment on the lack of housework.. or complain when dinner is not on the table when he walks through the door.. or wonder what I do all day.. I went through that with my ex.. I was telling Ron last night about an experience with my ex.. I had pnuemonia and a fever of 103, I was under doctors orders to stay my happy lil butt in bed.. but I did get up and do a few things.. I knew that Ronnie would bitch if the house wasn't clean.. when he came home from work he asked me why dinner wasn't ready.. I was like.." Hello.. I am sick".. (didn't make an impression on him).. Ron doesn't understand why his sensitivity and understanding mean so much to me.. perhaps a couple of you ladies could clue him in.. when a woman is used to being treated a certain way.. and then finds someone that is sweet, kind, understanding, and doesn't treat them that way, It is kinda like moving to another planet.. Ron..I wrote a poem for you once.. "can he ever know".. re read it sometime.. it is just a fraction of how your love makes me feel..

Ok.. I need to get these achy hands off the keyboard for a while.. y'all have fun..

Monday, December 12, 2005

Un Cluttering

I have gone on a bit of a cleaning spree today.. Our apartment while being large for our area is getting a bit cluttered.. ok.. a lot cluttered.. it isn't the 9 computers or the 3 tvs.. or the 4 stereos that is causing the problems.. it is all the other stuff we have.. mostly in our room it is the clothes.. Ron has more clothes than I do.. I don't know why he has all of these clothes.. he doesn't wear 80% of them.. they just hang in the closet.. or reside in the 2 large storage bins in the basement or in the other bin in the laundry room.. It doesn't bother me that he has all of them.. it bothers me I have no place to put them..

Then there are the bulky things.. the dressers, ava's tank, the hutch.. the kingsized water bed.. all of these things are in our room too.. it just adds up to an obsessive compulsive, perfectionist's nightmare.. that would be me.. I don't mind a little clutter but there are times when I feel like all this stuff around here is closing in on me.. I know there is a plot where all of the extra stuff around here is planning a takeover of the house.. Ron is gonna come home one day and find a big pile of his clothes has attacked and subdued me.. honest.. I can see it now...

At any rate I did manage to re assign things to the hall closet.. that thing is gonna explode if I put one more thing in it.. but at least it isn't in the bedroom anymore.. I have also managed to mop the floors and catch up on laundry.. I am having a good wrist day.. I have taken my prescription meds and a couple advil.. it is down to a dull throb right now.. so I feel good enough to get some much needed cleaning done....

Ron and I had a great weekend.. lazy but good.. I like days that I don't have to go everywhere for everyone.. and I really like spending most of the day in bed with Ron.. what more could a woman want..

I did have a great phone call today.. Russ called me.. just to catch up on things here and to let me know he is still alive and kicking.. this is a good thing.. It was good to hear from him.. Miss ya dude..

Well time to go check on the honey mustard glazed chicken I am cooking for dinner and start the rice.. come on over supper is at 5ish..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Lacey is my 6lb mini dachshund who is about a year old and may not (after what she did this morning) be living much longer.. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself.. I love animals.. I would probably take in every stray I could if I had the room and if Ron didn't tell me NO!! It seems like every one I do take in is defective in some way.. Perhaps that is part of their charm.. The first of the defective dogs was Donavon.. he was a transvestite pomeranian with a serious personality disorder.. he would steal my bras , panties, shirts and nighties and prance around the house with them.. he would also sit in a corner and stare at people without wanting anyone to pet him or pay attention to him.. but his greatest trick was shitaporting.. read Ron's blog from last year to figure that one out..

Then there was Cleo.. I didn't take her in as much as got stuck with her.. Ok Ok Honey yes I wanted her.. this dog was not only obsessive compulsive.. but she was demon dog from hell.. she could tear things up while you were in the same room with her.. and she didn't like Kyle.. she mistook him for a chew toy a couple times.. I thought when we got her she would be more like her dad (Malcolm) I was wrong.. not that Malcolm is a perfect dog by any means but when you compare him to my dogs.. yeah.. he is an angel..

Now we come to lacey.. she is a cutie.. she doesn't shitaport.. she doesn't bite.. she isn't obsessive compulsive.. she is however the first dog with incurable ADHD I have ever met.. this dog is like a long rat on speed.. she is all over the place all at once.. and she does have a nasty habit of tearing up things.. she is in trouble today for tearing up the Christmas Tree skirting.. She is kennel trained and will go into her kennel if you tell her to go to her room. Problem this morning was I forgot to tell her..After everything I went through to get the tree up.. I was not amused by the distruction of the white, fluffy , sparkly skirting ... Oh well at least she isn't wearing my clothes..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pain In The Wrist

I don't have much to blog about today.. and even if I did.. I wouldn't be able to blog long anyway.. the wrist is acting up today.. Actually it has been about 3 days so far that I haven't been able to pick up anything heavier than a feather or to type for longer than 5 minutes at a time.. I am not whining.. just letting y'all know if ya don't see me for a couple of days .. that is why..

The thing that bothers me the most about this is not the pain.. pain is something I can and have handled a lot of in my life.. the thing that bothers me is that the pain keeps me from doing the things I want and need to do.. I don't like to be told I can't do something let alone being physically stopped from doing it.. but anywho..I need to get off here and heat this thing with the heating pad for a bit.. I do still have kids to pick up this afternoon and driving isn't fun with this thing hurting like this..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, November 28, 2005

Public Safety Announcement

Ok.. If you drive in or around Lexington KY be warned..Chris got his permit today.. He will be driving.. now I can mark that off my list of good deeds for the day..

Thanksgiving went well.. we didn't have all the kids over.. or the grandkids.. they were all busy doing other things.. but it was still good with the 3 that live here.. Tommy, Pete , Angie and Billy came down to share a meal and a word of thanks.. all was good..

Today has been a strange day.. other than fearing for my life from time to time with Chris behind the wheel it has been ok.. We did have a minor incident involving Tommy and the Dollar Tree.. but that mostly stemmed from the incident last night involving Chelsea, Tommy and the Dollar Tree.. it is a bit much to go into right now..but it did lead to an interesting if somewhat heated (on my part) discussion with Ron about where we come from... he and I are from totally different places in life.. I grew up poor and not only on the wrong side of the tracks but there were no right sides in our neighborhood.. I tried to explain to him that when you are from that place you tend to look out for things to happen whether you do anything wrong or not... He doesn't understand my distrust of cops.. he simply is from another place.. I am glad he had the upbringing he did.. that is part of why he is who he is.. same as me.. If I had not came up the way I did I wouldn't be the me that I am.. sometimes it seems that although we are from the same town we grew up on different planets..I don't envy his life.. I don't feel cheated by mine.. It is just a difference in culture and what expectations we have grown to have.. he expects to be treated the way he treats everyone.. with respect, honor, and a sense of right and wrong.. I expect someone to screw with me at any moment.. I don't trust anyone.. ( Ron excluded of course ) until I have a reason to.. he trusts everyone until he has a reason not to.. We are who we are.. and thank God our differences in this are not a breaking point but a linking point to understanding each other..

It is strange however, that someone like him and someone like me have so many things that are alike.. down to the same favorite candy bar.. I guess with so much in common in other ways.. the differences just allow us individuality and a great way to start conversations.. well Chelsea time..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Thanksgiving.. The shopping is done.. the turkey is quietly thawing in the fridge.. the pie stuff is just waiting for me to get in there and start mixing.. everything is ready all I have to do is cook.. oh yeah.. did I mention that I am cooking for about 23 this year?.. Sounds like a lot doesn't it.. It is.. but to me.. It is wonderful to know that I am cooking for my family.. they will all be here.. perhaps not all at the same time.. but sometime during the day I will get to spend some time with and feed the people I hold dearest to me.. who could ask for a better Thanksgiving than that..

Our family has a tradition of telling what we are thankful for this year.. from the youngest to the oldest.. we have had thankfullness for everything from rollerblades to gravy.. for me.. I am always thankful for the same things.. My kids.. My love.. My home.. the fact that I do have food to prepare.. the simple things like that.. Those things mean more to me than anything else I could think of.. I know that a lot of people are thankful for these things.. for me.. it is my life. When I was a kid.. I wanted to be a mom.. a wife.. and a doctor.. in that order.. I never got around to the med school thing.. but heck I'm only 37 who knows.. anyway.. I became a mom really young.. probably before I should have.. but it worked for me.. I became a wife before most people have gone to the prom.. this too worked for me..

I look back at my life and realize.. for all the hardships.. for all the times I thought I couldn't go on.. I have gained strength.. for all the times I wondered if anyone would love and cherish me the way I needed them to.. I look at Ron.. and I know that although I don't know why he does.. he gives me all I dreamed of having as a wife..

Some of my friends that know my life are amazed that I am as sane ( yeah right) and as happy as I am.. I have had people tell me .. " I don't think I would have survived the things you have" I don't think of myself as a survivor.. I am just an ordinary woman that just happened to have been blessed with an extraordinary life.. Yep.. I said blessed.. for all that has been wrong, bad, terrible, dramatic or otherwise damaging in my life.. I have had the most wonderful rewards.. I wouldn't trade a minute of the hardship, if I knew I would have to give up one minute of the love, hope, strength, friendship, and all the other rewards that I have been able to experience.. So.. this year.. instead of being thankful just for all I have.. I am thankful for all I didn't have.. those things helped to shape me just as much..

Y'all have a wonderful Thankgiving..I need to go organize the cooking space .. and the table .. and the living room.. and the.. well you understand..

Friday, November 18, 2005

Chris Is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the news... Chris. .He is home.. he has to be home or with me or at work at all times.. but he is home.. he can be here for Thanksgiving.. that brings me great joy.. I hated the thought of him not being home for Turkey Day.. that really sucked.. but he is home.. I am happy.. I know there is a long way to go with this thing but, I also know.. this part is over.. the guidelines he has to follow are minimal compared with spending more time in jail.. he is happy..

The only other thing is I have a terrible cold.. no way I'm gonna get to rest.. but what is new about that.. Having been a mom since I was 17.. I am used to not having any rest.. I don't really mind too much.. I have my kids... I know they are all safe and happy.. I have my Poet.. I try to take care of him.. and he most definately takes care of me.. all is good..

Time to get back on the road..

Y'all have fun

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tears and Fears

Today has been a tearful day for me.. I have been crying or at least leaking about the eyes whole day.. some of it is hormonal I know.. Mother nature came to call this morning.. most of it is about Chris.. this I know..

I got an email from his girlfriend today.. she made me cry.. Beek.. is a great girl.. she loves my son.. I have never doubted that.. she has stood by him for more than 3 yrs , through all he has done and all he has put her through.. Including breaking her heart and marrying someone else.. She doesn't take any bullshit from him.. but she never stopped loving him.. that is a good thing.. her family has been there for Chris as well .. I know a lot of parents if their daughter was involved with a kid in a situation like Chris' would try to talk the kid into breaking up.. but her parents have been here for her and for Chris.. they have gone above and beyond in supporting not only them .. but me as well Thank You..

Beek is a smart kid, she is sweet and just generally a good person.. I have seen since they have been back together that Chris is more the person I knew he could be.. I think they are good for each other..

Other than all of this.. nothing new to talk about.. I have about a million errands to run today.. everyday life stuff.. hopefully doing day to day things will help me to cope with everything else.. or at least take my mind off of it..

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Case Continues

Today we had the preliminary hearing for Chris.. we both got to meet his attorney for the first time.. (C0mforting ain't it to meet him on the day of the hearing).. aside from just meeting him today.. he turned out to be a pretty smart fella.. he told us what to expect.. he explained everything well.. Court proceeded.. Chris' bond was reduced from 7500 to 2500.. donations are still being accepted...We did have a witness that was able to recount what had happened and that Chris was not the aggressor but truly defending himself.. ( I am proud of you T. you did a great job)..Chris' attorney says that the judge was leaning towards our side by reducing the bond as much as she did and that the prosecution is no longer so sure of their side because of some remarks made in the courtroom by the lead prosecutor..I'll just take his word for it.. I don't really know enough about the judicial system to be an accurate judge of who is leaning what way in a trial..

Then there has been the Chelsea and her mystery pain in the side.. She has been suffering from some pain in her side for the last week.. we have made several trips to the doctor's office.. we have had no real diagnosis.. Until yesterday.. We made an appt for yet another trip to the dr.. this time her regular dr was there.. he suggested an X-ray of her chest and abdomen.. when he got the X-rays he called me into the other room to look at them with him.. and he says in his most serious Doctor tone.. Maam, your daughter's problem is she is full of shit.. he is a great doctor with a wonderful sense of humor.. and that is what the X-ray showed.. it seems Chelsea could benefit from more fiber in her diet.. so it is off to the grocery for some pruns and bran flakes.. Yummy.....but at least we know she is ok.. and that the pain can be fixed.. it is about time something around here is fairly easily remedied....

Through all of this.. Ron has been wonderful.. he always has the chest ready for me to lay my head.. he has a hug and a shoulder for my tears.. and he has a great cure for my inability to sleep.. He has kept me sane ( mostly) through this.. This entire thing is tearing me apart.. emotionally, mentally and physically.. Ron helps me deal day to day.. he helps me keep in perspective that this is nothing I could have prevented.. this is not the result of my parenting.. this is the result of choices made by Chris and John.. no one else.. I do have a tendancy to blame myself for anything that brings harm to my children.. even the things they do to themselves.. I guess that is just part of being a mom..

Well it is about time to go get miss full of it from school.. Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Today was Chris' arraignment, we sat through the process of all the people ahead of Chris being arraigned at the same time. There were several people with much more serious charges than Chris' some where given a reduced bond.. one in particular was up on about 15 charges including having sex with a minor.. his bond was 2500 and was reduced to 10%.. when Chris came up.. The judge refused to reduce his bond and was rather snotty about the charge being so serious.. so I guess in KY it is ok to sleep with children but get in a fight and defend yourself and you are outta luck.. Hmm can ya tell I'm pissed right now?..

His next court date is Tues of next week perhaps at that time he will be able to get a reduction.. I did call his job this morning and let them know what is going on.. they are great.. they want him back.. they think it is a shame that a kid like Chris is involved in something like this.. He is a great worker.. they miss him on the crew.. I did manage to get the letter from his boss to the judge and that will go into his file so when he does get an attorney the attorney will be able to bring up the fact that Chris is not a flight risk, he has a job, he is a resident of our city and state, he has significant ties to the community and the fact that Chris has no criminal record should be enough to get a bond reduction.. we have the 10% there is just no way we can come up with 7500 dollars..

Other things going on today.. Kyle had a Dr. appt this morning to discuss his weight and some other concerns.. he was put on a 2500 calorie diet and tested for Thyroid function.. Hopefully the tests will come back normal and we will find out the boy just likes to eat..

While we were waiting for Kyle to get called back to see the Dr. I was going through my purse..I have this makeup bag in there filled with letters and poems and all sorts of things like that.. Mementos of the past and I realized something.. I am not a materialistic person by any stretch of the imagination.. I do have things that mean a lot to me.. things that would break my heart to lose..the things in that little makeup bag are more precious to me than any material possessions could ever be.. there are letters from Ron, old e mails, poems he has written, the original version of the poem I wrote for my grandson, a letter from Sierra telling me when she was considering having sex for the first time, a letter from Chelsea telling me she is sorry for screwing up, a certificate Chelsea made for me in english class.. those things cannot be replaced.. they hold a place in my heart that nothing else could ever fill. If I lost these things it would hurt. but the love they came from would still exist, it would still be in my heart and the hearts of those people I hold dearest in the world.. I may not be wealthy in the conventional sense.. but upon reading these outpourings of love and inspiration from my husband and children I realized.. there is no on richer than I am.. I have the love of a wonderful man.. and the admiration, respect and love of my children.. what more could I ask for..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, November 07, 2005

King's Island and Other Adventures

Yesterday.. It was proven to me that I am in fact not as young as I used to be..Kings Island is great.. but it seriously kicked my butt.. I have pain in places I didn't even know I had.. My back, my neck.. and some strange little place in my upper thigh that I didn't know could hurt..but other than that we had a wonderful time.. we rode roller coasters, walked all over the place.. took in the sights and sounds of the carnival atmosphere and just generally enjoyed being a family.. It was a great break from the drama around here..

Speaking of the drama around here.. Chris was arrested today... the detective in the case has been very kind to us.. he let Chris stay home for the weekend.. he waited until today to come pick him up.. Thank you Det. Wilson.. he didn't have to do the things he did.. he didn't have to be nice.. trust me here in Lexington , nice is not a priority for cops.. just my opinion..

Chris is going to court in the morning, perhaps if we are fortunate he will get 10% of the bond amount and we will be able to get him out of jail..and he will be home to await further court dates.. if not he will have to stay in jail for at least a week until he can get a bond reduction hearing..

The situation sux.. Chris should have walked away.. he should have just come on home.. but a 19 yr old kid ain't gonna react that way.. His reaction was to ask this asshole why he is always trying to start something with everyone.. why he runs his mouth and threatens people.. this guy has threatened me, Chelsea , Justin.. hell I am surprised he hasn't threatened Kyle.. they guy is a steroid user with a bad temper... he thinks he is billy bad ass as long as it is someone he perceives as being weaker than him..

Well it is about Kyle 30.. time to get outta here.. wish me luck with my drama.. and prayers are always appreciated..

Y'all have fun

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Young and The Restless

I feel like my life is one long soap opera lately.. I would like to go through one week.. one day.. hell hour without some sort of drama.. It seems like every time I turn around there is something going on around here with one of the kids.. Ron and I don't have or cause a lot of drama on our own.. we are quiet ( well he is) for the most part..

I am getting to the point where answering my phone is a gamble.. answering the the door is never a good plan.. does there ever come a point in your life when your kids stop making you crazy?

If you read Ron's blog you know what is going on.. if not.. then you will have to look for his to find out.. I just don't have the heart to type it..

Last night was the first night since Sunday that I have gotten more than 2 hrs sleep.. I am paying for it today.. I feel like I have a mild hangover.. but I am in a better mood than I have been in all week.. that is a good thing.. people can speak to me now and still keep their heads..

Oh wait.. more drama.. this time not with the kids.. Ron just called me to tell me that his school is on lockdown right now and has been for the last hr and a half.. it is not life threatening.. ok.. good.. but is that supposed to stop me from worrying .. I think not.. will let ya know what happens.. well one of us will anyway..

Y'all have fun

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Today started off as usual.. Kissing Ron goodbye.. running Chris to work.. taking kids to school.. and that is where the trouble started.. Chelsea wore face paint to school today.. It is Halloween.. we have always loved halloween.. we dress up.. we trick or treat.. we do the whole spooky day thing. That is just us..

I hadn't been gone from her school more than 10 minutes when I got a call from Chelsea.. she said that her choices were to go home or get suspended all for wearing face paint.. I (being the smart ass I am) put on my costume and headed for the school.. I walked in the office and the lady behind the desk tells me, " you can sign her out now".. I was like ok.. do I get the opportunity to talk to the person with the issue.. " He is in a meeting".. So I signed her out and as we were leaving Chelsea informs me that several teachers are also in costume.. I was like wait.. you mean to tell me that the teachers are in costume and they are having a fit about kids being in a little face paint?.. UMMMM NO..

I think teachers should be held to the same dress standards as the Chelsea's school they have a dress code.. Chelsea was in dress code.. just wearing face paint.. I said as much to the lady at the desk. She was like take it up with the school board.. I said OK.. I will.. and I did.. I sent them a nicely worded email ( yes Nicely worded) telling them of the situation and voicing my complaint.. I also sent a not so nice email to the assistant principal.. the dude that had the issue in the first place.. now ya'll know I couldn't have stayed nice through all of this.. geesh.. anywho.. We shall see where this goes.. I personally don't think the kids should be allowed to attend in costume.. but I don't see a problem with face paint or temporary hair color.. on Halloween.. But ya know.. I guess some people forget what being a kid is about when they get in a position of authority over kids..just my take..

Y'all have fun and a Happy and Safe Halloween to you all..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Kyle

I can't believe he is 10.. it seems like such an advanced age for my baby to be.. I have no problem with Chris being 19.. I have no problem with the girls being 16 and 14.. but Kyle is supposed to be my lil' guy.. He isn't supposed to be getting to an age where he will be looking more to his friends than to mommy.. I don't think I am ready for that with him..

You would think I would be used to how fast they grow up.. with 3 ahead of him. There is something different about it when it is your "Baby".. you never expect them to grow up so fast.

He is such a great little kid.. He is smart, loving, and has a wicked sense of humor.. He is quick witted and absorbs information like a sponge.. he needs a lot of attention and will talk your ear off.. I don't have the same problem Ron does though.. it is hard to remember he is only 10 sometimes.. but for me.. It is hard to remember that he is already 10...

Kyle doesn't realize it.. or maybe he does as bright as he is.. he has so many advantages.. he was born from love.. no matter what else was going on with Ronnie and I we loved our kids beyond reason.. they were always first in our hearts.. Ronnie still stays in touch with his kids.. and that is a good thing.. Kyle has the advantage of having Ron as a dad too.. Ron raised girls.. so this might be a bit different for him.. he takes it well.. boys are a lot different than girls growing up.. they tend to be more clingy, needy and demanding of attention.. (in my experience).. Ron has stepped up to the plate and done well with Kyle.. Kyle adores Ron. they don't always see eye to eye.. and there are times I have to be the middle man.. Kyle for all of his outgoingness tends to be shy in some ways just like his mom.. and needs someone that knows what he really wants to say to help him say it.. but over all Kyle is one lucky little kid.. he has 4 parents that love him.. 5 sisters to annoy that adore him.. and a big brother that thinks he is the greatest little kid in the world.. as well as several sets of grandparents and a wonderful extended family..

So.. my little guy.. I love you more than I can tell you.. I know you are growing up as you must do.. but when you feel you are too big for cuddling on the couch with mom.. or that you can't call me momma anymore cause it ain't cool.. or when a little girl catches your eye.

I will still be here.. there will be a pillow and a snuggly blanket and a space next to momma's always waiting for you my sweet kiddo..I hope your birthday was all you wanted.. and that you always have all you dream of having.. you can be anything.. but the one thing I want for you more than anything.. Is for you to be Kyle.. and be happy...

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


With all the drama going on around here lately .. I have been reflecting on some things.. My kids sometimes make me think they have lost their minds and as their mother I wonder from time to time if something I did or didn't do could have caused the way they act..

My first husband and I were married for 18 yrs.. we had 4 beautiful kids together.. you would have thought from the outside that our marriage was perfect.. Yeah OK..

I decided I couldn't take anymore of the way things were.. The things that hurt me to the point that I just couldn't continue to sacrifice who I was even for the kids to have a roof over their heads and food to eat.. I knew I could provide those things for them on my own.. I am a strong person.. I have never been on my own before.. I have never had to do things on my own.. I had to try though..

My kids wanted my ex and I to separate but when it happened they went a bit nuts.. now, I did expect them to have a reaction.. I took them from everything they knew.. I took them from everything they had come to think of as normal.. I wanted them to see their mom happy.. I thought they deserved better than constant fighting and name calling.. I wanted to give them and myself a chance at a better life and maybe a chance at a healthy relationship somewhere down the road..

Ron and I started dating a few months after Ronnie and I separated.. The kids loved him.. he was wonderful with them he is strict but not unfair.. still the kids lost their minds.. Sierra wouldn't go to school.. wouldn't listen.. chris wouldn't go to school , started smoking weed and so forth.. Even Chelsea and Kyle took their turns at insanity.. Hell I went crazy for about 3 months myself.. I was not the mother they had always known .. I was free for the first time in my life and I know I took that too far.. I saw what that was doing to my kids and stopped.. I stayed home.. I didn't go out.. I tried to bring back what we had lost as a family.. they didn't want any part of it..

Ron and I married after 17 months of dating.. we have the healthy wonderful relationship I wanted my kids to see.. I fall in love with Ron on a daily basis..he is still wonderful with the kids.. still strict but fair.. and still they are nuts.. Is it a requirement for teenagers to be clinically insane?

I think back.. If I had stayed with Ronnie ( an unimaginable thought) would it have made a difference in their lives.. I think it would have to the point that they would not have done as much as they have as soon as they have but I believe you can raise your kids only so can teach them and tell them all they need to know about who they should be and then there comes a time when they will make their own choices.. they will do what it is they want to do whether you like it or not .. and you have no choice but to sit back and watch them screw up.. you can try to talk to them, you can try to tell them the things they are doing are wrong.. but they ultimately will make their own choices..

So.. I guess I try to blame myself for their behavior.. but I know.. the only thing that would have come from me staying where I was .. was my misery and the kids ultimately doing exactly what they are doing.. Not to mention I would not have found the only person that can make me feel like Ron makes me feel.. the person that makes me believe for the first time that not only am I truly loved but that I deserve the love he gives me.. there are no words to describe my life with Ron.. I never thought this kind of love was for me..

So.. I guess for now.. I will leave the kids in the Lord's hands.. and pray for them.. I know I gave them the knowledge to do the right thing.. now I have to believe that at some time they will come to the place where they will decide to use it....

Y'all have fun...

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in.. that you are so tied in knots about the things you want to do vs. the things you can do that you feel walled in by your own thought processes..

That is me lately.. Right now.. I feel like the house has shrunk about 3 sizes smaller than it was originally...I have this pressure bearing down on me. I feel like I have to get a job soon.. I have to start doing something with my life.. I have to start helping Ron more financially. I have to clean more.. I have to make things perfect around here.. Nothing I do feels like enough .. at least not to me.. no one else has made me feel this way.. no one else has even hinted that I am not doing all I can do right now.. this is all in my head.. I know that.. doesn't make it any better tho.. doesn't make it go away..

I have always been a perfectionist.. mostly because I was always afraid that I wasn't good enough for anyone or anything that I did wasn't good enough.... I don't feel that way anymore.. I know I am good enough ( thank you honey) I know that I can only do so much.. I just haven't ever been very good at limitations.. they piss me off..

I guess that is part of it.. I am pissed off at most of the world right now..I am pissed that I hurt.. I am pissed that I can't hide my pain better than I do.. I am pissed that this stupidity is keeping me from doing things I want to do and making me afraid that I won't be able to do them anytime in the near future.... I hate self pity.. I hate whining.. and lately I feel like I define the word "whiner"..

Well.. ok.. venting over.. that feels better.. There are so many wonderful things in my life.. I am blessed more than I ever imagined I would be.. I am thankful for all the things in my life that make me feel blessed.. I just get so frustrated.. OMG.. I told Ron last night he is human.. you don't supposed this makes me one of those humans too do ya?.. oh well .. gotta get kyle..

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another Old Friend..

I recently joined for a free 7 day trial.. I was going over all the names in my old highschool registry.. One name jumped out at me in particular.. Matt.. we were friends in Jr high and in high school.. I sent him an e mail and he wrote back to me.. it was great.. we are catching up on old times and what is going on in our lives now.. It seems so strange to me that we are in our late 30's I don't feel any older than I did when I was 20..

I think part of that is Ron though.. he makes me feel like the world is a great place and there are wonders still to discover.. ok.. before I get all mushy as usual.. I just wanted to say Howdy Matt.. glad we have gotten to talk.. and talking to you on the phone was great.. perhaps Ron and I can convince you to join us for Karaoke one night.. you can hear his great voice and can step outside when it is my turn to sing.. it won't offend me really.. heck we survived high school together.. surely one night of my singing won't kill ya..

Y'all have fun

Martians are Strange..

Ok.. Far be it for me to cabbage on my honey's blog post but this needs an answer.. Ron has his 3 pair of shoes that he wears.. he also has 3 pair in the closet that he does not wear.. that is fine.. I have shoes that I wear once in a blue moon.. but to a woman.. those shoes must remain in her position cause ya know.. Just about the time you get rid of them.. Boom.. there is a blue moon.. and there ya are without the shoes to wear for the occasion..

I admit... I have a "shoe thing" but I don't think it is anymore odd for me to think that 11 ( I went to the payless sale) pairs of shoes is bare minimum.. when Ron has 3 or more toolboxes full of tools in the laundry room that mostly just become lethal weapons to my poor toes.. every time I go out there one of those things will reach out maliciously and hit my lil toes.. My shoes don't abuse Ron.. ok.. not often anyway..

The real truth about me and shoes is this.. I have big feet.. when I find shoes that fit right.. and go with most of what I need them to go with.. I buy them.. Payless happens to be the one inexpensive place that I can buy shoes that fit my big feet (size 10 ) so when they have a sale.. I try to get to it.. I will keep a pair of shoes that fit well forever..

Oh yeah.. and one more thing.. the shoes that hurt yer feet the first day and you wear them a second.. then you never wear them again thing.. first.. women are supposed to be the weaker sex.. yet we can stand a day or two of painful shoes just to make sure we get a good fit without the safety net of old compfy shoes in hand.. ( we keep them in the car) .. Second.. it isn't like we will put the offending shoes in the closet and forget about them.. we take them back and get other shoes that will most likely hurt our feet at first too.. ( ok I know all of us have at least 2 pair that did hurt and are hiding in the back of the closet.. but shhhhh )

The 3 pair that I bought Sunday will last me for a while.. the thing that guys don't get.. our styles change everytime the wind blows.. most designers are MEN.. they do this to us on purpose.. just so our hubby's can pic on us and have something to take our minds off the fact they left their socks on the floor again.. whatcha think ladies.. back me up on the shoe thing.. even though at owning only 11 pairs I am barely qualified to call myself a woman..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, October 17, 2005

Off and Running

Today started out off and running.. I packed Ron's lunch.. sent him off to work with a kiss.. then I got everyone else moving.. I had to take Chris to work today he didn't get up in time to ride with Ron.. then Chelsea and Kyle off to school... then I needed to come back home to get my stuff for the lawyer.. My cell ph died over the weekend.. so I went out to the cell phone store, just for the guy to tell me that my phone is in fact DEAD.. as in.. buy a new phone.. with the money we spent this weekend it is a good thing we have E-Bay..

Then I dashed across town to the new lawyer's office.. I like him.. the so called damning video tape that the Insurance company took of me really doesn't show anything other than me doing things with my brace or TENS unit on.. so he wasn't intimidated by it..he said he is gonna draft a letter to the Dr. asking him how he can base a medical decision on a tape that shows me doing exactly what I told him I can do as long as I have a brace or TENS unit on my wrist.. he says this will give the Dr a chance to redeem himself before going to court and getting chewed a new one.. Did I mention I like this lawyer..

Chris will have to ride to work with Ron tomorrow.. I have a job interview.. the job that Ron found out about last week... the guy liked my resume' he wants me to come in for an interview at 9 in the morning.. and two trips to Winchester before 9 am is just a bit much for me.. not to mention I would have to drop Chris off.. then come back .. drop Chelsea off .. and get my butt back to Winchester all between 8 and 9.. not gonna happen in my old van unless I get some serious modifications done to it overnight.. like adding wings..

I have finally settled down for a few minutes.. thought I would fill ya in on my day.. how are things in your world?...

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Yes my love I know of the ache awakened.
I feel it in your every touch.
I know of the fire that never dies,
burning ever brighter with every heart beat, loving you.

The depth of love, desire and passion that you ignite in me,
knows no boundaries.
My heart is not enough to contain it all..
It spills forth covering you.

There are times I cannot tell you of my heart.
Times that no words created by man,
can possibly describe.

Our paths crossed many times unknown to us..
Until it was our place and time to find Us
So many memories we have created.
So many more await.

I came into loving you never expecting to find my heart's perfect fit,
Never expecting to find the place I didn't know I was missing.
Never expecting to find my safe harbor in your arms.

You have opened my heart and filled it with all I never dared to dream.
Today we celebrate the 2nd year of our joining as man and wife.
I need a lifetime more to return to you all you give to me..

Tammy J. Simpson
October 11, 2005
Happy Anniversary My Poet.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday, Monday

Today started off alright.. got up.. got kyle off to school.. Yay.. the boy is back in school pox free... Chasity called and wanted to know if I could watch Ian today.. I was all for that.. so I rush out the door to get back in time to get my lil guy.. and then the brat.(chasity) calls and tells me that she is taking off today and doesn't need me to watch him after all.. how much does that suck..

Chas was full of all sorts of good news this morning.. The job ( oh yeah I got the job), chas' hubby works for the same company in a different dept. He told Chasity that the company is requiring all work at home data entry people to purchase the software they will need to work with.. I'm thinking NOT.. so I put in a call to the hiring manager.. he hasn't called me back yet.. if it turns out to be true I will not be taking the job... Oh well so goes life..

Chelsea.. who I might mention is suspended again.. this time for skipping school.. and I went to her school to pick up her work.. by the time this suspension is over she will be begging me to send her to military school.. I have worked her tail end off.. My house is looking good.. my floors are clean.. the kitty litter is clean.. the laundry is done.. and my wrist is getting a much needed break.. anyone have any really lousy jobs they need done around the house? holler at me.. I have a servant available for the next day or so.. she will be cleaning out vehicles this afternoon.. I think she will rethink the whole school skipping thing next time.. at least I hope so..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Love, Life, Just General Stuff

Today I had another job interview.. this one is for what will eventually be a work at home position.. now don't get started on all the scams out there.. this is a reputable company and they don't want any up front money or anything like that.. Yep..there really are such things as reputable companies.. anywho.. the interview went well.. the guy went ahead and gave me the drug screening sheet even though I haven't been offered the position yet.. guess there is a lot to be said for long legs in a short skirt..

I called Ron on the way home from the interview to let him know how it went.. actually I call him most of the time just to hear that wonderful, rich, sweet voice of his.. he doesn't know it but when I hear his voice I still get that little shiver that you get when you first start seeing someone.. you ladies know the shiver I am talking about.. the one that goes down your spine yet makes you feel warm all over.. yep that's the one.. every time I hear his voice.. It is funny.. when he calls me.. I see his name on my cell phone.. or hear his ring.. I get all excited that I am gonna get to talk to him.. sickening ain't it..Oh well if you can't handle mushiness you are so reading the wrong blogs with Ron and I.. we aren't really mushy.. we are just us.. we express our love for each other in so many ways, and we are very open about the way we love each other..

He said in his blog today that he is unapologetic about the way we are devoted to each other.. and he is right.. I have loved deeply and passionately before as well and although those relationships did not last, they were complete unto themselves.. they were what I was and where I was at the time.. this love I have with Ron is so much different.. it isn't that it is more real or more deep.. it is a connection that I have with him.. and he with me.. that I just cannot explain.. it is like the world is brighter.. laughter is sweeter.. life is so much richer than it has ever been .. There is no place I would rather be than in his arms. I can't imagine a life without him.. I feel him with me even though we are miles apart.. It is a love that is tightly woven throughout the freedom we both have to still be ourselves as well as two halves of the same whole. If that makes sense.. I know it will to Ron.. he knows me so well that one look he can almost tell me my thoughts..

In other news.. Kyle has the chicken pox.. he has been home all week.. my nerve.. the only one I had.. is shot all to hell.. whew.. this kid is a non stop talking machine.. I love the lil dude.. but there are times I just wish he would have gotten laryngitis instead of the chicken pox.. he should be cleared up by the weekend.. and WILL be in school on Monday.. only thing is.. next week is a three day week for our school district.. oh well maybe he will talk himself out in the first three days.. ok ok.. I know that won't happen but , dang a mom can hope can't she?..

Time to get outta here and check on halloween costumes.. Y'all have fun.. and Ron.. My Poet.. I love you..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Honey..

Today is my honey's birthday.. I took him lunch and a cake.. I have presents and another cake waiting here at home..I know he says I give him everything he wants every day... but I believe that birthdays are special..

It is the celebration of being alive another year.. having Ron around another year is always a reason to celebrate.. I plan on having him around another 50 or so years and I hope to be here for every one of the future celebrations of his life.. he is a wonderful man.. he deserves to be pampered and spoiled and celebrated every day.. so on his birthday I can just do it a little more.. so there..

I sometimes don't understand the why's or how's of a man like him hooking up with a redneck like me.. but ya know what.. I'm just glad he did.. he makes me feel loved and precious every minute of every day.. there is never a time that I don't feel his love.. I want him to be able to feel my love like that.

So my love on this special day.. the day your parents brought such an extraordinary person into this world.. I want to tell you .. I love you more than I will have years to show you.. and even though you say it isn't necessary to mark this day any differently than any other day.. I think it is... so....Happy Birthday.. enjoy your day..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Thank goodness Ian is a good baby.. he is an angel.. no trouble at all.. and today.. I really need him to be the sweetheart he is.

I have the toothache from hell today.. don't know why.. last year I had so much dental work done that you would think I had gotten everything that could be wrong with my teeth fixed, but apparently me and Tommy ( my dentist) missed something.. this thing is weird.. it is fine for most of the day.. and boom all of a sudden.. it feels like someone is in there banging on this tooth with a sledgehammer.. I ain't exactly sure where I got my point of reference from but, I bet this is real close to what it would feel like..

The rest of the day has been really good.. Got to go to school and see my honey.. that is always the making of a good day.. got to hang out for a few with Ian showing off how adorable he is to everyone.. and why not.. he is adorable!!!... Sierra and I then came back to Lexington went birthday shopping for Ron and then to Wally World to pick up some pictures we had dropped off the other day and bought some chicken for lunch.. We then came home and I paid bills while Ian and Sierra ate lunch, then it was a quick visit from Angie and Billy.. soon as they left it was nite nite time for mr Ian... he is now in there sleeping like he doesn't have a care in the world and why should he.. Nanny is here..

Well I think I am gonna try to distract this tooth from hurting by folding 3 loads of laundry.. wonder if that will work? Oh well if not at least the laundry will get done..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nanny Day

It is official.. Ian now calls me Nanny... I was namaw for a while.. then nimaw.. but today when he and I were giggling and playing.. he hollers Nanny... at the top of his lungs.. I thought at first it was just something he was babbling about.. he does that a lot..but later on I was in the kitchen and Ian was in the living room.. he comes flying through .. "Nanny, Nanny".. I let him know I was in the kitchen.. he came in there and looked at me with those big blue eyes and says.. "Nanny" with one of the bigest smiles you have ever seen on his little face.. so.. I am now Nanny... I really don't care what name he has for me.. as long as he knows how much his nanny loves him..

He and I had a great day.. we went to the clerks office to do some business for me.. then to the store to get some much needed things.. then to McDonalds for lunch.. we came home and he ate his happy meal.. and then we took a nap.. I was a bit disappointed when Chasity came early to get him... He is a great lil guy.. and I don't get to see him nearly enough.. but at least I had him today..

Time to go into the kitchen and see what I can create for dinner.. Thank you honey for making me a Nanny...

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tragedy on Top of Disaster

I don't watch the news.. I rarely read the news.. This morning reminded me why..

There was a story about a bus full of elderly nursing home residents evacuated the Galveston area.. It caught fire on the interstate.. killing at least 24 of the people on board.. I just don't know how to react to things like this.. I can feel hurt, sorrow.. and even admiration for the heroic efforts of the bus driver that went back on that bus several times trying desperately to save his passengers.. but I just don't know how to get my mind around the why of things like this..

I used to watch the news with my ex.. he is a news junkie... I got so overwhelmed at times by the things that I saw and heard there that every news broadcast would bring me to tears.. No I don't hide my head in the sand.. I know that bad things happen all the time.. and I am usually pretty up to date on current events.. I just have so much emotion inside me .. I feel the pain of others.. Not a good thing to be.. an Empath watching the news..

I love being the way I am.. I am able to help people I love, because I feel what they feel and somehow find the words or the shoulder to comfort them. I wouldn't want to be any other way.. It just breaks my heart to watch the news.. to see the tragedies.. the cruelty.. the harshness of the world... but it does make me all that more grateful when I see my family and friends and am able to hold them close to me.. I hope they all know how much I love them ...

Again.. God watch over Texas.. and comfort and keep the families of the people who lost their lives trying to get to safety..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

If It Goes It Goes!!!

I was reading about the evactuation of Galveston TX due to hurricane Rita.. and it seems that most people are doing the right thing... Getting the heck outta there.. but there was one.. (ain't there always) .. this woman is staying in her wooden house.. her and her husband have food and water for 10 days.. they plan to take to the roof of their house if it gets too bad...what makes her think she will have a roof to take to? Her statement was.. "If it goes it goes." .. ok Lady.. at 175mph winds.. It's gonna go..

I lived in FL for 15 yrs.. I have been through several storms.. I was there for Andrew.. it hit 200 miles south of us and still managed to tear up parts of our town.. I was in the middle of Erin , Harvey .. and then there was Floyd.. he was a big booger.. stayed 150 miles off shore and our neighbor's shed still wound up in our pool, windows broken, no power for days, even the tree in our front yard was uprooted and thrown across the road.. yeah.. and that is from a storm that didn't even come ashore there..

I would stay through a catagory 1 or 2 hurricane.. given the right type of house and preparations.. a 3 or larger I'm outta there.. I mean.. did we see New Orleans people? These storms aren't playing.. they are not afraid to take your house.. your belongings or even your life.. you are not being brave to stick it out in one of these monster storms.. you are not protecting your home and possessions.. what you are doing is putting your life and the lives of the people who might have to come rescue you, if you live, at risk... basically you are being pig headed and stupid.. I am sorry if that offends anyone.. but as a friend once said about someone.. "stupid should hurt"

I just find it hard to believe that there are still people that think they know more than the "officials".. I mean.. yeah I have a problem with authority at times myself.. but, someone telling me to get outta the way of something that can kill me.. I'm gonna say "thank you gotta go"..

I know it is hard to lose everything you have worked for in your life.. but I am proof that it doesn't kill you to lose things.. You can and will rebuild .. that is what we humans do.. we persevere.. we go on.. we have this wonderful sense of life will go on as humans.. it gives us the ability to see that things don't matter.. we as humans do.. so lady.. get the hell outta the wooden house.. go to safety.. if you don't have a home to come back to.. so be it.. you will still be able to come back..

May God watch over you TX..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sweaty Palms!!!

Ok.. the outfit is ready.. shoes and all.. the makeup is in my mind just the way I want it.. I have gas in the van.. I have no reason to think it will not make it.. I have a great education.. I am well spoken.. I am great at sales.... especially when it comes to selling my self as a great asset to a company.. I have people praying.. So why in the world am I so dang nervous about this job interview???

Yes, I really want this job, I think I would be a great weight loss counselor/sales person.. I know the product.. I know the program.. it was one of the many I tried before Gastric Bypass.. It did work for me. I just ran out of money and couldn't afford to keep up the cost of meals.. and I do know how it feels to be morbidly obese, and what it feels like to work on losing weight... you need support. I know I can do this job.. and do it well..

The only thing that I have no control over other than their decision is my hair.. could that be it.. the red mop that resides on the top of my head? This thing that I have no control over.. No matter what I do to it... This stuff looks like it is going to take over not only my head.. but the entire world.. Eureka.. that's it.. I am nervous because of the hair from hell.. Ok.. I have a few hrs before I need to be ready.. should be plenty of time to beat it into submission.. I'm off here.. I have spray to find.. curling irons to heat..

Housework? Are you kidding.. with this head.. I don't have time for housework.. Hey honey.. If dinner is late today.. blame my hair..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Good News

Have ya ever noticed.. when you have good news to share.. there isn't a soul around to share it with.. but the minute something bad or not so good happens seems like everyone else knows about it before you do.. What's that about?

This morning I got a call about a job that I have been wanting and praying and begging for.. I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30.. I go to call Ron.. No answer on his cell.. so I'm like ok.. he is most likely in the lab.. I know.. I'll call Leigh.. again.. No answer.. then I sat here and brooded.. I just wanted to tell someone ( Ron mostly) about my good news.. this job won't make us rich.. it will help with paying bills and perhaps a car payment for me to get a newer smaller car.. but Dangit.. the most important thing is .. It is a job.. it will (if I get it) get me outta the house.. I'll be making money and helping people all at the same time.. that is my kinda job.. I finally thought to call Ron's class room.. he was there.. Yay.. I told him.. he is happy for me.. he knows how much finding a job means to me..

So.. I thought.. ok.. I can't find anyone else to share this with.. I will blog about it and pretend there is an army of readers that I am sharing my good news with.. Wish me luck.

Y'all have fun

Monday, September 19, 2005


Here it is Monday again.. the weekends go by way to fast.. I think we should have 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks.. would be more of a balance.. just my opinion.. anyway.. I got up, sent Ron off to work.. got the youngins up and off to work and school.. well with the exception of one... Miss Chelsea

It seems that Chelsea was accused of running down the hallway in her school and pushing/running into a teacher.. she swears it was not her, but another blonde girl with a pink shirt and khaki pants.. seeing as her school has a dress code and they must wear khaki or black pants and that pink is making a comeback it is possible.. at any rate she was assigned Saturday school.. now mind you this was on Friday afternoon.. I guess the school doesn't think that families make plans for the weekend anymore.. The policy is that if you don't attend Saturday school you are suspended for the following Monday.. Chelsea did not attend.. she is home today.. I have tried to contact the vice principal to discuss this situation.. Chelsea swears that she didn't do it.. so my solution is that I be allowed to view the video tape of the hallway in question.. if I can ever get in touch with this man that is..

I don't have a problem with Chelsea being punished for something she did.. I have never had a problem with a child facing up to the decisions and choices they make.. Chelsea has been known to lie.. I just believe her in this case.. she knows there is video tape that I can see.. she knows that if I find out she did do it.. that the punishment will be worse than anything the school can think of.. therefore, I don't think she is lying this time.. and the whole idea of sending her to Saturday school with not even a day's notice to me is a bit annoying.. I don't have a problem with her being susupended for something that she did..

I do have a problem with suspension in the first place.. hmm lemme think.. how can we punish a child for not attending a specific class.??? I know I know!!!! Let's keep them out of school for another day.. what kinda sense does that make..? In our county.. suspension days are counted as excused absences.. they are allowed to make up their work..they don't get any demerits for the one day suspension.. they go back to school the next day the same as if it were an excused illness.. so I ask .. where is the punishment from the school.. they get a free day off is basically all I can see from this.. It doesn't even go on their permanent school record.. yep.. sounds like a fine incentive for getting children to obey the rules..

Hopefully this principal will call me back and we can set a time to get together and discuss Chelsea's behavior and what we can do about it.. perhaps view a video.. and go from there.. I'll let ya know how it all turns out..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Twice in One Day?

Yep .. it looks like I am back for the second time today.. My boreditis is at bay for a while.. Leon stopped by for a visit.. that was fun.. we talked for a bit.. then it was Kyle time.. while Leon was here Russ called.. we talked for a bit.. fussed at each other for a bit.. and then made sure each other was well and said our goodbyes.. While I was talking to him he gave me permission to blog about the events that took place prior to his departure.

Russ was seeing a lady here.. things seemed to be going well.. they talked on the phone.. they went out a few times.. they seemed to enjoy each other's conversation and there was discussion prior to him moving about continuing the relationship.. both parties seemed to think that although there would be a distance they could continue to see each other and see if the relationship could develop.. A few weeks after he left and after several phone calls between them Russ came to town for a visit.. he was under the impression he would be spending time with said lady.. well apparently she had more pressing issues and couldn't get together with him.. ok fine.. Russ handled it well and with the utmost gentlemanly behavior.. a few more weeks go by and he makes plans to come to town again .. and again they were to get together while he was in town.. Friday night she had plans.. this was known to Russ and he was cool with it , her plans had to do with her child.. Russ understands that a woman's child comes first.. then Saturday they were supposed to meet up and do something.. again.. she was a no show.. no call.. no nuttin.. Russ was understandably upset by this.. he stayed the night here and went home in the morning.. He hasn't heard from this lady since.. I have tried to call her on other matters and have yet to have my calls returned.. I don't know if this is a personal thing or if it is because of my friendship with Russ..

Now.. My take on this.. I really feel that if she couldn't handle a long distance relationship then she should have been woman enough to tell him to his face.. he gave her every opportunity to get out of the relationship gracefully with no hard feelings between them.. he told her in a beautiful letter that he would understand if it were too much to ask to have a relationship with 182 miles separating them.. so.. what gives.. why can't she just tell him that she can't deal with it.. or that she doesn't want to see him again.. or go to hell or something. ya know.. I think as adults we have the obligation to explain our actions to another person if our actions can cause hurt to someone else.. just my opinion.. anyway.. in this case.. Her Loss.. Russ you are still one of the 2 sweetest men I know.. and you are a hottie as we all know.. so Ladies.. Russ is on the market.. better scoop him up while it lasts..

Y'all have fun..


I seem to be suffering from a severe case of boreditis today.. It is an affliction of the average housewife.. I clean house.. I transport kids.. I cook supper.. I make lunches.. and I love all of that.. but if I don't find something to do outside of this house I am gonna go crazy and take everyone with me..

I have been looking for a job.. I have a few good prospects.. with me part of the problem is.. I have very little patience when I want to do something.. I have to do it NOW.. I have patience with everything else in my life.. the only time that runs out is when I want to do something.. then I have to do it.. can't wait.. have to do it now.. you would think that living with a procrastinator we would drive each other crazy.. but it never interferes with us.. He is him.. I am me.. we both knew he procrastinates and I am obsessive compulsive going in.. so it works..

Grrrrrrrrrr I can't focus today.. think I'll get off here and clean something..

Y'all have fun

Monday, September 12, 2005


In one of Ron's blog posts last week he says something about being in a niche.. and that he needs to do some self improvement.. I support whatever he wants to do for himself.. I happen to believe fully in the concept If you feel you need to improve you, then do it.. anyway.. I got to thinking about niches.. I realized for the first time in my life I have found mine..

I really never fit into any catagory and I probably never will.. I was a really smart , fat, nerdy sorta kid.. My parents didn't know what to do with me even when they took time off from trying to kill each other to pay attention.. the school didn't know where to put me.. and well I did have a lot of friends.. but I never fit into any one group.. I fit into many..

Now.. I have a wonderful life.. my kids are growing up.. I know who I am .. and the best part I have the love of my life by my side.. I finally feel like I know where I belong.. I still need to do some things to improve me.. I still have goals.. but I sorta like this lil niche of mine.. I love where I am .. maybe it is because I can be me.. and still grow all at the same time.. Life is wonderful...

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 09, 2005

Got Grey?

I was watching TV this morning.. and the commercial that bugs me most came on.. you know the one .. there is a woman and a man out on a date.. on the side there are two commentators.. the woman doesn't invite the man in the house.. he has.. OMG a grey beard.. the commentators are going on about how this man got shot down all because of his grey... he sees an ad for "Just for Men" beard and mustache color.. apparently he uses it.. the next thing you see on the screen is the same man with the same woman.. this time she invites him in for a nitecap or whatever..

Now.. Im thinking.. If a woman is that shallow why would you go out with her the second time.. If you are worried about grey in your beard .. by all means do something about it.. but why do it cuz someone who is obviously only concerned with appearances didn't ask you in.. is that what it takes to get laid now days..? A non grey beard?..

I don't have a lot of dating experience.. I was married at 16 the first time.. and was divorced for 6 months before Ron and I married.. but I do know this.. I would not be worried as much about what color someone's beard is.. I would be worried about things like who they are... what they are like.. what they have in common with me.. you know.. the " normal" things.. but I guess that doesn't count anymore as long as there is no sign of a grey hair.. got loreal?

Oh yeah.. I am a bottled redhead.. I don't do my hair for other people.. I don't give a rat's tail about what others think if I have grey hair.. I do however give a great deal about how I feel about myself..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It was a good weekend.. Ron home for 3 days.. the kids behaving themselves for the most part.. cookout at Frankie and Mary's...

So far today hasn't been too bad... I got the youngins off to school.. Chelsea had a bit of a boyfriend problem last she wasn't feeling too chipper this morning.. but I think going to school and getting her mind on books instead of boys will do her a world of good.. teenage romance.. we all remember the days when we thought that it would be the end of the world if a relationship went south.. and wasn't it wonderful when we found out that it wasn't the end.. just another lesson in life.. That is pretty much what Ron and I told her.. I know she hurts right now.. and there isn't a dang thing I can do about it.. that part just sux right out loud.. but I do know that this too will end and she will be just fine.. she is a smart , beautiful, funny, and intelligent girl.. she will be ok.. I told her last night.. she may look like her dad.. but she loves like her mom.. that is a good thing.. I love with all that I am .. everything I have.. that is the only way I know how to love.. and although that kind of love can get ya hurt more easily the rewards far out weigh the hurts.. she seemed to understand that..

I can't wait for 4:30 or so.. that is about the time that Ron gets home.. I love having long weekends with him.. or going to see him during the week ( not gonna happen much at 3 bucks a gallon) but everytime I get to spend more time with him just makes me miss him more when we have to be apart.. yeah mushy I know.. but true..well I guess I need to get off here and go marinate the meat for supper.. we are having stir fry.. c'mon over.. dinner is about 5 ish..

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 02, 2005

3 Day Weekend..

For those of y'all that read Ron's blog I won't go into the Kyle story at great length..I am proud of my son for volunteering half of his monthly check for the victims of Hurricane Katrina..My children have been raised with a spirit of generosity.. they will for the most part give ya the shirt off their backs.. this is a good thing I think.. yes I know there are people who will take advantage of generosity but I would rather my children share than to be so afraid of being taken advantage of that they do not.. I am the same way myself.. I am not a sucker for a hard luck story.. (mostly) but, if I feel that I am in a position to help someone I will.. guess that is where all my strays come from..

Today is so far a pretty good day..The sun is shining.. Malcolm seems to be over his stomach ailment.. it is quiet here in the house.. I have gotten my cleaning done.. and have had a chance to curl up with a book for a while..and best of all I have gotten to talk to my honey today.. we usually talk for a few minutes every day.. I love our mid day conversations.. just a hi honey how is your day so far type thing.. works for me..

I am looking forward to having Ron and the kids home for 3 days.. I am glad that school is back in session most of the time.. but I miss them.. I miss having my family around me.. and I miss my honey in a major way.. I will be glad to find a job and get outta this house for a bit each day.. I put in a couple of applications a day so something should break soon..

Well my best friend is instant messaging me.. guess I should see what she wants.. have a great day y'all

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Old Folks?

I have noticed we have an abundance of old people around here.. I don't mean the ones that live on our street or the ones we see around every day.. I mean the ones living in the house.. not me and Ron.. but Chelsea and Kyle.. OMG these two are like two lil old folks with their frailties and hurts and tiredness.. it is amazing..

Kyle's best friend is a year younger than him.. He is hyper active and always on the go.. Kyle is laid back.. easy going.. (the only thing that is always in high gear with him is his mouth) anywho.. Caimon came over a couple weekends ago..He and Kyle played outside for hrs.. about 2 hrs into it Kyle comes in the house panting.. " I need to sit down" " I can't take this".. I'm thinking .. when I was 9 I could have and did stay outside for hours and hours and never take a break or breathe heavy.. and here is Kyle acting like he needs his Geritol..

Chelsea.. for the most part active for her is taking her daily trip to the store.. she mostly sits on the porch with J and listens to music and writes.. ( the kid can write) she has been complaining lately about her back hurting.. and walking around like she needs a cane.. she is going to the dr in about 30 mins.. I hope it isn't anything major.. anyway.. every ache and pain is loudly complained about with her.. I' m gonna sign her up for medicare next week...

A lot of people blame inactivity of children on early TV watching.. not my kids.. they rarely watched TV when they were younger.. they were always outside , running, reading, playing, doing something.. I dont' understand.. maybe they used up all that kid energy by the time they were 6.. and they are now ready for Social Security.. who knows.. anyway.. time for lil old lady Chelsea's appt.. lemme see now where did I put her walker..

y'all have fun..

Monday, August 29, 2005

Small Children

I have made a discovery over the weekend.. I am not young enough for small children.. don't get me wrong.. I like them and all.. I even have managed to have 4 of my own at one time or another.. and one semi small one still at home.. what I mean are the really small ones.. say 6yrs and under...

We had 3 of the 4 grandbabies all weekend.. and I am tired.. whooped.. and we aren't even gonna talk about what my house looks like... For all you women that wait to have children until you are in your 30's and 40's my hat is off to you.. you are better women than I..

I told my kids I have figured out why they left me with one nerve.. For the Grandkids.. Things are back to normal around here today.. Dude (the cat ) has come out of hiding.. Malcolm is annoying him as usual.. and my house is clean.. all is well..

Can't wait to see the grandkids again..

y'all have fun..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Old Home Month

I don't know how I have managed to leave people out of my blog but apparently I have been asleep at the keyboard or something..

About a month and a half ago.. Sierra came in the house and asked me if I would like to see someone that I hadn't seen in years.. an old friend of mine.. I was like "sure". She led me outside and said the name Pete.. I was floored.. I had not seen Pete in about 18 yrs.. We had been friends since we were 13.. and there he was standing in my front yard.. He looked the same.. same big blue eyes, same goofy smile.. same Pete.. as for me.. he was shocked.. The last time he saw me I was Blonde and really heavy.. I am thin and redhaired now.. needless to say it was an interesting reunion..We launched into what turned out to be a 3 hr conversation.. covering what we had been doing for the last 18 yrs... our new lives.. our loves.. our old friends..

He brought up Frankie's name.. turns out that Frankie ( one of the inseperable part of our crowd) lives just around the corner.. Pete lives on the same street as Ron and I... He went and told Frankie that he had found me.. and brought him over to the house.. It was great to see them and for a minute or two I felt like we were 13 again waiting for BK and Ginger to show up so that we could go find some trouble to get into... I met their girlfriends and kids.. it was wonderful..

Pete's girlfriend Angie, and I hit it off right away.. we got to talking one day about family.. and one thing led to another and we discovered much to our liking that we are 4th cousins.. wow what a small world.. OK OK.. not in KY where everyone is related but geesh let me get on with this already....

Pete and I dated years ago.. I was afraid that there might be some jealousy on Angie's part at first.. but the more I find out about her the more I like her and I think she feels the same.. It has almost become like her and I are better friends than Pete and I.. and I think that is all part of being an adult..

I am glad to have them both in my life and happy to have made a connection to my past.. When I moved back to KY I realized that most of my old friends were gone.. moved away.. dead.. or who knows.. I had a sense of being lost in my hometown.. and while I make friends fairly quickly it is always good to have someone around that remembers you from way back when... I haven't had that in a long time.. I didn't realize that a connection to my past was important to me until I made one.. Ron and I have a lot of friends and I love some of them more than I love family.. you know who you are.. Russ, Gary, and Steve for starters.. I wouldn't trade their friendship for the world.. but it is so nice to have someone in your life that has known you forever.. someone to talk about old times with.. things like that..

I guess part of it is that Mom has alzheimers and in her losing her memories I lose part of my past too... I can't say to her.. Remember when? Because she doesn't.. I don't have a lot of family still around here.. My brother is well.. hmmm looking for a good word,.. I love him but I guess the best word would be "stoned" and we really didnt grow up together because of an 11 yr age difference.. so to have some of my old friends around along with a new one and a new couple of cousins is a good thing.. and who says you can't go home again?

Well time to get up off my butt.. Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That's Over

Well another birthday has come and gone.. I am another year older.. don't know about another year wiser.. we shall see about all that as this 37th yr progresses...

I had a great birthday.. I know that a lot of people think that getting out and going to dinner with extravagant gifts defines a great birthday... I have never been most people.. Ron woke me at 5:30 with a sweet wonderful birthday gift.. (no details Russ)... then he was off for his day at work and I was off for my day of kids eye exams and just chillin.. I didn't even make the bed yesterday... a major accomplishment for me.. After the eye exams Chelsea and I stopped by the video store and picked up a few movies.. and I even got a free birthday rental.. woohoo.. We came home and sat in the waterbed and watched a chick flick together.. Just enjoying a mom, daughter afternoon.. Ron came home with flowers..( pink dasies) and a chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate frosting and pink writing .. The man knows me well.. Later in the evening Ron and I settled in bed to watch Hide and Seek.. a nice suspenseful scary movie.... that was a great birthday....

Thank you to all my friends and family that called to wish me a happy day.. your well wishes mean a lot.. and brightened my day...

So.. here I start my first full day of the next year of my life.. I love an adventure...

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pre Birthday Rambling

Tomorrow is my birthday... I don't have a problem with my age.. I don't have a problem telling my age.. I will be 37.. I still feel young enough to get out and have a good time and old enough to know what my responsibilities are and to handle them.. I have a pretty good grasp on who I am .. and what I am doing with my life..

For those of you that read Ron's blog as well as mine.. he seems to be evaluating his life lately.. I think that is a good thing.. I think we all need to evaluate our lives.. our thoughts.. who we are .. why we are the who we are and things like that.. I think it is a good thing to take an inventory every now and then.. I love reading his thoughts and feelings about his life, his past, his relationships...not that I didn't already know these things.. It is just that sometimes reading them you get a better grasp on what is being said than if you are just listening to someone tell you ..

There is one thing in his last post that I would like to clarify.. He mentions me taking care of him.. and that at times he has been afraid that I will tire or grow weary of that.. let me put this in perspective from my side of this equation..

Yes.. I do take care of Ron.. I do things for him that a wife does for her husband.. that is all just part of being a wife.. but what he doesn't realize is that for every little thing I do for him there are a million things that he has done or is doing for me..

He works every day.. he pays the bills.. ok.. so that is part of the things he does as my hubby.. but the things that he does that matter most.. are.. he comes home and looks happy to see me.. he kisses me hello and looks into my eyes and I know he means it when he says he missed me all day.. When he leaves for work.. he tells me goodbye with just a hint of regret that he has to leave me.. I know he loves his job.. so the fact that he is missing me while he is doing something he loves means a lot to me..

I know that when he tells me he loves me , he means it in all the ways he shows me.. It is hard to put into words how he makes me feel every minute of every day.. Even when he isn't here.. I feel him around me.. I feel his love surrounding me.. it is like a warm rain showering me with gentle caresses all the time.. for someone like me that has had so much turmoil in love relationships.. this calm, easy feeling is beyond words..

So.. the question is.. will I ever tire of taking care of him.. will I ever think of him as a burden.. Not a chance.. every day we have together is a gift of life and love that I will always cherish and feel blessed for having Ron in my life.. Honey.. I love you

Friday, August 19, 2005

Where I am

After reading my Honey's blog and bawling like a lovesick teenager.. I got to thinking bout where I was when I met Ron.. where I am now..

I was married the first time for 18 yrs.. Ronnie and I got married young.. started having kids young.. and started having issues young.. I am a fixer.. I think I have mentioned this before.. I didn't know how to be in a relationship with someone that didn't need my help.. that didnt' need me to fix them in some way.. I was 16 going on 50.. I thought I knew everything.. and no one was gonna tell me any differently.. Ronnie and I had problems... we had great times.. we had what most consider a normal marriage.. It had a darker side that I will not go into here.. but it did last for 18 yrs..

During the last 5 yrs of my marriage to Ronnie.. I started making small changes for myself.. things like cutting my hair the way I liked it.. buying and wearing clothes that I liked.. wearing makeup.. then in 2002 came the biggest change.. Gastric bypass surgery.. when I went through that I knew that I could do anything I wanted to do and take care of myself and my children without anyone beside me.. I could finally let go of a relationship that simply was not healthy for either one of us.. I still loved Ronnie.. I always will.. but I was about as far from being in love with him as a person can be and I had felt that way for a long time..

I met Ron at a luncheon.. the first few times we met .. we didn't talk at all more than the usual pleasentries.. then one day.. we talked for real.. we met somewhere and had a real conversation.. I knew this man was someone that I could trust...someone that would be a part of my life in some capacity.. and would have an impact on who I am.. what I didn't know is that he would become the Love of my life.. that he would be the one that allowed me to be me.. that we would have this unique and wonderful love that would allow me to finally grow.. I felt like I had been stuck in an 18 yr olds frame of mind for most of my life and was finally able to grow up and have grown up thoughts and conversations .. I could be the me that I always knew that I was..

We got married 17 months into our relationship.. the most wonderful part of us being us is that we still grow together.. we still talk.. we love being together.. I dont care if it is just him sitting at the computer (did I mention he is a computer hog?).. and I am sitting on the couch , or if we are out in the company of friends.. we still are individuals as well as a couple.. we just work.. I don't know why.. or how.. I just know that we do..

Ron has, without knowing it.. altered the me that I was into the me that I am.. and I found out that I am now the me that I always thought I was in the first place.. able to love.. able to trust.. able to just be who I am.. I don't have to earn Ron's love.. I don't have to earn happiness.. In our life.. love and happiness are as natural as breathing.. Ron is the air...

y'all have fun

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back To School

Woooohoooo the kids have been back in school for 4 days.. My life is getting back to it's normal school time routine..That basically means I kiss Ron off to work, take 25 minutes to get Chelsea out of bed, get them off to school and then begin my day..

Chris and Jordan both have good jobs now.. they are working for the same companies so I don't know how long that will last.. I know that Chris will work his butt off he is a good worker.. But Jordan tends to be a bit lazy so I don't know if he will work out or not.. I just hope that if Jordan screws up he doesn't take Chris with him.. It seems that Sierra and Jordan are starting to get their heads on straight about what they want out of their lives and what they want to do with their lives.. I am gonna withhold my thoughts on that until they show me something concrete, but I hope that they are sincere in their talking about what they are doing with themselves..

Ron is back at school and seems to be loving it as much this year as he did last year.. the man is a natural born teacher..

Seems like everyone has their lives in some sort of order but me.. I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.. I would love to go back to school and get an education in something that I can do without hurting this right hand of mine.. or find a job that won't injure me too much.. Right now I seem to be at an impass with myself.. I love staying home and taking care of the family and the house.. having dinner on the table when Ron gets home.. having everything around here running smoothly.. but I drive myself nuts thinking bout the fact that I am not contributing to the household finances.. I feel almost guilty every time I spend money on me.. I know that is strange but I am just used to paying my own way.. I have had some interesting job opportunities that I am looking into.. so maybe something will work out with that..

Time to get the house in order and get ready for the afternoon run.. Y'all have fun..

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Painting Has Really Begun

It seems as how I was unavoidably delayed in getting started on the painting yesterday.. I ate a bologna sandwich yesterday right before I sat down to blog.. and when I got offline to get my lazy butt upstairs to paint.. my stomach decided that it didn't like the bologna and I got a bit sick.. so.. there went painting for yesterday.. ah the joys of Gastric Bypass surgery.. you never know what is gonna bug you or when..

Today I got up, got Ron off to work, and promptly laid back down... I was awakened in hr by Audrey wanting a phone number.. then I almost laid back down.. but it was 8am by this time so I decided to stay up.. the phone rang again , this time it was a woman telling me she had found Sierra's wallet on the road and found my # in it.. I told her I would be there shortly to pick it up and return it to Sierra.. I woke Chelsea and we were off..

When we got to where Sierra and Jordan are staying I had planned to stay in the van.. I am glad that I didn't .. I got to thinking that it isn't good for me or for Sierra for us to avoid each other.. She is my child and I love her .. no matter what she says or does that isn't gonna change.. we did talk some.. I doubt that anything I had to say got through.. but I did my part.. all I can do now is leave her in God's hands and pray..

When we got home. I ate some lunch.. (no bologna) and rested from the heat for a bit.. then did the usual around here cleaning thing.. then I decided that the painting must begin.. oh how am I painting from here? Well it's called delegating.. I got em going up there and snuck off to blog.. shows where my priorities are doesn't it..

Ok.. I'm heading back up there .. If no one hears from me for a day or so.. someone come looking for me..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Painting We Will Go..

Yes it's true.. I have to get some painting done today.. by me I mean.. Chris, Becca, Chella, and maybe Kyle.. It isn't that I don't like to paint.. It isn't that I am lazy..and I will do some of it.. but in all honesty.. Ron is always telling me I do too much with my wrist and that I am too stubborn to not do too much.. OK Honey.. here goes.. You are Right.. ( I know I just betrayed women all over the world admitting that my hubby is right) .. I do over do.. this time I promise I am not gonna do that.. ( yeah well not much).. I want to get this done.. It needs to be done.. but I learned the last time we had to paint upstairs that my wrist won't take it.. so I am gonna be good.. delegate.. things like that..

So honey.. when you read this.. stop worrying about me doing too much.. sit back.. teach your kids.. have a good day.. and I'll see ya this afternoon.. I love you

Ok.. off to put on my best supervisor clothes..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Over Zealous?

For those of you that read my honey's blog you will understand what I am talking about.. for those that don't.. short version.. last year at the high school in front of where Ron teaches there was a kid that was planning a Columbine sort of take over.. he was arrested.. blamed it on a made up story.. released .. Rearrested on contempt charges.. and now has been released on shock probation..( smart judge)

There has been international coverage of this story.. .there have been preachings and hollering from groups such as the ACLU.. and other civil liberties such organizations that this young man's rights have been infringed upon.. that this is "Over Zealousness" on the part of the police and others in authority..

My take?.. I wonder if the parents, loved ones and others involved in the after math of the tradgedies at Columbine , Paducah KY and other school shootings would have considered it over zealous if they could have gotten to the young people that did the shootings there.. before they did it... I don't think they would think it over zealous at all...

This particular young man was released on shock probation on the contempt charges.. at least that way he has to abide by certain conditions for the next two years and someone can keep an eye on him... and the other charge of attempted terroristic threatening was dropped due to lack of precedent.. Im thinking exactly how does something get a precedent in the first place.. doesn't there have to be a first case somewhere?..

What about this kids recruits..? where did they go? did they disappear? I find that highly unlikely... Ya know what I keep thinking.. what are they gonna say to the families.. when this or some other kid does do something like shoot up the school.. sorry.. we didn't want to be over zealous.. your husband was shot because we didn't have a precedent to prosecute this disturbed , angry kid.. even though we knew what he was up to..

I don't want anyone's rights violated.. I am a patriot to my bones.. but I'll be damned if I want cops showing up at my house telling me that Ron isn't coming home because this kid finally completed his plans..

I would love to hear how y'all feel about this sort of thing.. leave me a comment.. and if your opinion differs from mine.. so be it.. imma big girl.. I can take it. .Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Bravada Workout

The Bravada is getting a workout this week.. I made three trips to Frankfort yesterday and one trip home this morning.. I am gonna cook supper.. pack it in the insulated thingymabob and head back to Frankfort this afternoon.. I don't think I have ever driven the Bravada this much.. Poor thing.. it will be glad when summer is over and Ron takes over driving it again.. he only goes to Winchester and back on a regular basis.. with me.. there is no telling where I will wind up..

Last night was fun.. I had to go out to get something for Ron's headache.. First I got lost .. honey.. there is no wal mart on that road.. looked to me like the last person that went down that road wound up a minor player in a "b" horror flick.. anyway.. I did finally find an open gas station and got the ibuprofen there along with a cup of coffee.. you know I have to have my coffee.. Kyle and I were heading back to the Bravada when my cell phone rings.. you would think after years of my kids I would know better than to answer my phone at 10 in the eve.. but oh no.. i answered it.. It was my former brother in law telling me that Sierra was in handcuffs by her car on his street.. he didn't know what or why and would call me later and let me know the details..Well being the me that I am.. of course this sent my worry sensors into overload.. I spent the next hr trying to find out if Chris was with them and what had happened in the first place. ... finally I couldn't wait any longer and called him back.. I got his daughter who informed me that the police had released Sierra and Jordan.. and that her dad had come home and gone to bed.. Gee thanks for calling and letting me know.. anywho.. I got here this morning.. Sierra and Jordan came by and told me what had happened.. It was all about this guy they have been running with.. I told her.. you are judged by the company that you keep..(as if that did any good).. I had things to do today so I left with everyone that lives here.. don't have a clue where they are now.. such is my life anymore..

And how was your night?????

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 01, 2005

Motel Heaven/Hell

The last hotel the state put us in for Ron's class thingy was like something out of Motel Hell.. if you haven't seen the movie.. trust me.. you will never want to rent a room again.. something along the lines of canabalistic rednecks .. not fun.. anywho.. this week he has a class in the great city of Frankfort.. ok so what if it is our state capitol.. it has never impressed me much.. This time we are staying in the Holiday Inn.. now that works for me.. they are nice.. clean.. and the staff seems to be able to talk without having to stop and remember how to do it in the first place ..

I am running back and forth between there and home this week.. which is cool.. we have things to do here that I can handle.. and I can still sleep with my honey every night .. that is always a good thing. .. I can't sleep without him even when he is in another room.. I am thinking it would be awful to try it if he were in a different town..

The kids (kyle & Chelsea ) are going with us.. they are using this time for swimming in the indoor pool.. they are fooling no one with their " we just want to be with our parents" thing.. yeah right.. indoor heated pool or time with mom and dad.. I was a kid once you know..

Well time to get off here and finish cooking dinner I will be taking dinner with me all week.. no fast food this time..Yeee haw.. I hate fast food..

Y'all have fun... Oh yeah.. Hiya Russ.. didn't want you to think I had forgotten to mention you in the blog..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a Minute

I haven't disappeared again... there are just too many things going on around here for me to have much time to blog.. that and the fact that my wonderful hubby is a puter hog.. I don't get the chance to blog in the daytime because I have too much to do.. too many places to go.. too many people that need me to do this or that or the other thing.. and then in the evenings I am either reading.. ok.. usually reading... or watching what little bit of tv I watch.. and Ron.. well the sweet man that he is.. is almost always on the computer.. so.. just a minute of time to tell y'all I haven't disappeared.. just don't have time to blog.. I'll catch up later..

Oh yeah.. Russ.. was great to see ya over the weekend..

Y'all have fun

Friday, July 22, 2005

Pretty Good Week

It has actually been a good week.. no major drama.. no kidtastrophies...the house is mostly clean.. and I got to go to work with Ron 2 days this week.. that is always a good thing..

I am thinking about going upstairs and getting started on cleaning the apt that the kids moved out of.. notice I said thinking about it.. I am not looking forward to the job.. I asked Chelsea how bad it was up there.. her first answer was .. it ain't good.. Then I asked how bad it was according to my standards of clean.. her answer was.. Horrible.. this does not sound like a good thing..

I know it needs to be done.. but I have sorta overdone myself this week cleaning my own house... moving boxes.. cleaning out laundry rooms and closets.. my body is telling me that there will be serious rebellion if I attempt to make it do something else it shouldn't be doing.. OK sometimes I forget that I am not 20 anymore... geesh..I still think that I am super woman.. I can do everything and anything.. and not have to pay for it.. What? you mean it doesn't work that way?..

As for now.. I think I will go get a carton of cigarettes.. come back home ( hide them) and lay down for a bit.. yeah I hear you calling apartment upstairs.. you just hush and let this lil ole' lady rest for a spell.. I'll get to ya sooner or later..

y'all have fun..