Friday, February 23, 2007

WOW.. Where to Start?

Ok.. first things first here.. I don't like being forced to do things.. I don't like being told I can't do things the way I have been doing them.. and what happens today?.. I was finally forced to change to the new blogger.. I have been avoiding it like the plague.. I don't really know why.. I don't have major problems with change.. in fact I am really rather good at it.. I would have never made it through childhood if I couldn't handle complete and utter change at a moment's notice.. my parents were a bit touched and things changed frequently with them.. Oh Lord I don't even want to try to go down that particular road this morning.. lets just end that train of thought now.. anyway.. here I am google blogging away.. Lets just see if it will grow on me..

There have been so many things going on around here I really am not sure where to start or if there is actually a starting place.. I think most of what has been going on basically started a while back and has just continued.. Ron told y'all about Chris being moved and about buying the trailblazer so I won't bore ya with that stuff.. one thing he didn't tell you about the trip to see Chris was the roads were bladder locking up bad and he did a great job navigating them.. I used to be able to drive in just about anything .. rain, sleet, snow, wind, who cared.. but ever since the trip from hell last April when I had to drive that 24ft truck back up here to KY from FL by myself while pulling a trailer with a van on it through the mountains and in the rain. I think my confidence has waned.. It is not a matter of thinking I cant do it.. It is more a matter of I get sweaty, wheezy, and scared half to death at the slightest hint of a skid or a slide now days.. that truck tried to slide sideways with me and the kids on a really bad part of the road in the middle of the night and I think now when something skids with me it just triggers a panic type reaction in me.. thank God my honey was driving last Saturday.. I don't know that I could have done it. The weather looks good for this weekend so I will be going up there to see Chris on Saturday. I don't think Ron is going this time because we are going to be having some work done on the Bravada .. nothing major.. just some basic maintenance things that are a bit overdue.

Sierra's pregnancy is progressing well.. she is finally over the morning sickness part of it and is starting to show a bit.. it looks funny she is such a tiny little thing and any amount of belly at all looks strange on her.. it all shows.. but she is handling the lost of her cute lil shape pretty well.. she wants this baby and knows she will get her shape back later.. not that it matters all that much to her as long as her baby is healthy..

Ron's Dad has been in the hospital for a little over a week. He had his kidney taken out and some gall stones removed last Thursday.. He was doing well.. he had a difficult night on Tuesday with his breathing.. and wasn't responsive to the nurses and family.. Wednesday morning Ron took off work to go to the hospital. While he was in the room his dad was more himself. The medical staff had scheduled a CT-Scan to see if the breathing/disorientation problem of the night before was due to some sort of blockage. As they were taking him down to do the procedure Ron heard his dad tell them if they would sit him up a bit he could breathe better.. when they got him down to radiology he stopped breathing and his heart stopped for about 5-10 mins.. They got him going again and he is now on a ventilator. The doctors are worried about brain damage, they called in a neurology consult yesterday the neurologist did an EEG and we should get the results of that today. The neurologist did tell the family that if he has any damage at all it is mild to moderate.. Ron says his faith leads him to believe that when we were praying for God to heal him while they were trying to get his heart started again that God heard us and he doesn't believe that God would bring his dad back just to be a drooling old man sitting in a chair.. I believe that too.. I have a simpler way of putting it.. I don't believe that God heals us half way.. He doesn't practice medicine..He has it perfected. God knows how much healing we need to make us who we need to be it is hard for me to believe that he would fall short of giving us all that we need.. that is just how my faith works... If you pray please include Ron's dad and the rest of the family in those prayers.. He is a wonderful man, a great father, a faithful husband and a long time servant of God. This family will not fall apart if we lose him but there will be such a huge hole in it from his loss.. the strength to survive his loss is just one of the many gifts he has bestowed on his family but we just really don't want to have that strength tested. I have only been a part of this family for a few years. I have mentioned time and time again what a wonderful group of people they are. I have never once felt like an outsider I have never been treated like I am not good enough.. I have always been just included as any member of the family would be.. I think that is pretty great.. Ron's sister told me the other day.. There is no probation period in this family we just pretty much accept you as family when you become family. That about sums it up.

I have to take Kyle and Chella to the Dr today.. Kyle has had a swollen, red, sore throat all week.. I have been having one heck of a time trying to get an appointment for him.. Chella has done something to her back again.. who knows.. the child is as bad as I am when it comes to hurting her back.. I want to get an MRI done on her back soon to find out if she has inherited all of the bone problems I have inherited from my mom and grandmother.. it is a family thing for the women to have back problems.. I have been out of work for another week with mine and am now on light duty for another week .. my boss is having some sort of mental block in understanding the NO part of lifting, bending, stooping and squatting.. she asked me to unload several boxes that I couldn't lift and was unable to unload without having to be bent over for sometime .. I told her "NO".. she didn't like it.. but oh well I am not gonna hurt myself for 6 bucks an hour at the Dollar Tree and she really needs to understand what can happen to the company if she insists on trying to make me do things I am not medically able to do.. but oh well .. she'll get it eventually..

Well now that I have written a novella here I think I will go hunt up some food.. I just realized I haven't eaten a thing all morning.. and my lil belly is hollering away in there.. time to quiet the beast..

Y'all have fun.