Thursday, September 29, 2005


Thank goodness Ian is a good baby.. he is an angel.. no trouble at all.. and today.. I really need him to be the sweetheart he is.

I have the toothache from hell today.. don't know why.. last year I had so much dental work done that you would think I had gotten everything that could be wrong with my teeth fixed, but apparently me and Tommy ( my dentist) missed something.. this thing is weird.. it is fine for most of the day.. and boom all of a sudden.. it feels like someone is in there banging on this tooth with a sledgehammer.. I ain't exactly sure where I got my point of reference from but, I bet this is real close to what it would feel like..

The rest of the day has been really good.. Got to go to school and see my honey.. that is always the making of a good day.. got to hang out for a few with Ian showing off how adorable he is to everyone.. and why not.. he is adorable!!!... Sierra and I then came back to Lexington went birthday shopping for Ron and then to Wally World to pick up some pictures we had dropped off the other day and bought some chicken for lunch.. We then came home and I paid bills while Ian and Sierra ate lunch, then it was a quick visit from Angie and Billy.. soon as they left it was nite nite time for mr Ian... he is now in there sleeping like he doesn't have a care in the world and why should he.. Nanny is here..

Well I think I am gonna try to distract this tooth from hurting by folding 3 loads of laundry.. wonder if that will work? Oh well if not at least the laundry will get done..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nanny Day

It is official.. Ian now calls me Nanny... I was namaw for a while.. then nimaw.. but today when he and I were giggling and playing.. he hollers Nanny... at the top of his lungs.. I thought at first it was just something he was babbling about.. he does that a lot..but later on I was in the kitchen and Ian was in the living room.. he comes flying through .. "Nanny, Nanny".. I let him know I was in the kitchen.. he came in there and looked at me with those big blue eyes and says.. "Nanny" with one of the bigest smiles you have ever seen on his little face.. so.. I am now Nanny... I really don't care what name he has for me.. as long as he knows how much his nanny loves him..

He and I had a great day.. we went to the clerks office to do some business for me.. then to the store to get some much needed things.. then to McDonalds for lunch.. we came home and he ate his happy meal.. and then we took a nap.. I was a bit disappointed when Chasity came early to get him... He is a great lil guy.. and I don't get to see him nearly enough.. but at least I had him today..

Time to go into the kitchen and see what I can create for dinner.. Thank you honey for making me a Nanny...

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tragedy on Top of Disaster

I don't watch the news.. I rarely read the news.. This morning reminded me why..

There was a story about a bus full of elderly nursing home residents evacuated the Galveston area.. It caught fire on the interstate.. killing at least 24 of the people on board.. I just don't know how to react to things like this.. I can feel hurt, sorrow.. and even admiration for the heroic efforts of the bus driver that went back on that bus several times trying desperately to save his passengers.. but I just don't know how to get my mind around the why of things like this..

I used to watch the news with my ex.. he is a news junkie... I got so overwhelmed at times by the things that I saw and heard there that every news broadcast would bring me to tears.. No I don't hide my head in the sand.. I know that bad things happen all the time.. and I am usually pretty up to date on current events.. I just have so much emotion inside me .. I feel the pain of others.. Not a good thing to be.. an Empath watching the news..

I love being the way I am.. I am able to help people I love, because I feel what they feel and somehow find the words or the shoulder to comfort them. I wouldn't want to be any other way.. It just breaks my heart to watch the news.. to see the tragedies.. the cruelty.. the harshness of the world... but it does make me all that more grateful when I see my family and friends and am able to hold them close to me.. I hope they all know how much I love them ...

Again.. God watch over Texas.. and comfort and keep the families of the people who lost their lives trying to get to safety..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

If It Goes It Goes!!!

I was reading about the evactuation of Galveston TX due to hurricane Rita.. and it seems that most people are doing the right thing... Getting the heck outta there.. but there was one.. (ain't there always) .. this woman is staying in her wooden house.. her and her husband have food and water for 10 days.. they plan to take to the roof of their house if it gets too bad...what makes her think she will have a roof to take to? Her statement was.. "If it goes it goes." .. ok Lady.. at 175mph winds.. It's gonna go..

I lived in FL for 15 yrs.. I have been through several storms.. I was there for Andrew.. it hit 200 miles south of us and still managed to tear up parts of our town.. I was in the middle of Erin , Harvey .. and then there was Floyd.. he was a big booger.. stayed 150 miles off shore and our neighbor's shed still wound up in our pool, windows broken, no power for days, even the tree in our front yard was uprooted and thrown across the road.. yeah.. and that is from a storm that didn't even come ashore there..

I would stay through a catagory 1 or 2 hurricane.. given the right type of house and preparations.. a 3 or larger I'm outta there.. I mean.. did we see New Orleans people? These storms aren't playing.. they are not afraid to take your house.. your belongings or even your life.. you are not being brave to stick it out in one of these monster storms.. you are not protecting your home and possessions.. what you are doing is putting your life and the lives of the people who might have to come rescue you, if you live, at risk... basically you are being pig headed and stupid.. I am sorry if that offends anyone.. but as a friend once said about someone.. "stupid should hurt"

I just find it hard to believe that there are still people that think they know more than the "officials".. I mean.. yeah I have a problem with authority at times myself.. but, someone telling me to get outta the way of something that can kill me.. I'm gonna say "thank you gotta go"..

I know it is hard to lose everything you have worked for in your life.. but I am proof that it doesn't kill you to lose things.. You can and will rebuild .. that is what we humans do.. we persevere.. we go on.. we have this wonderful sense of life will go on as humans.. it gives us the ability to see that things don't matter.. we as humans do.. so lady.. get the hell outta the wooden house.. go to safety.. if you don't have a home to come back to.. so be it.. you will still be able to come back..

May God watch over you TX..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sweaty Palms!!!

Ok.. the outfit is ready.. shoes and all.. the makeup is in my mind just the way I want it.. I have gas in the van.. I have no reason to think it will not make it.. I have a great education.. I am well spoken.. I am great at sales.... especially when it comes to selling my self as a great asset to a company.. I have people praying.. So why in the world am I so dang nervous about this job interview???

Yes, I really want this job, I think I would be a great weight loss counselor/sales person.. I know the product.. I know the program.. it was one of the many I tried before Gastric Bypass.. It did work for me. I just ran out of money and couldn't afford to keep up the cost of meals.. and I do know how it feels to be morbidly obese, and what it feels like to work on losing weight... you need support. I know I can do this job.. and do it well..

The only thing that I have no control over other than their decision is my hair.. could that be it.. the red mop that resides on the top of my head? This thing that I have no control over.. No matter what I do to it... This stuff looks like it is going to take over not only my head.. but the entire world.. Eureka.. that's it.. I am nervous because of the hair from hell.. Ok.. I have a few hrs before I need to be ready.. should be plenty of time to beat it into submission.. I'm off here.. I have spray to find.. curling irons to heat..

Housework? Are you kidding.. with this head.. I don't have time for housework.. Hey honey.. If dinner is late today.. blame my hair..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Good News

Have ya ever noticed.. when you have good news to share.. there isn't a soul around to share it with.. but the minute something bad or not so good happens seems like everyone else knows about it before you do.. What's that about?

This morning I got a call about a job that I have been wanting and praying and begging for.. I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30.. I go to call Ron.. No answer on his cell.. so I'm like ok.. he is most likely in the lab.. I know.. I'll call Leigh.. again.. No answer.. then I sat here and brooded.. I just wanted to tell someone ( Ron mostly) about my good news.. this job won't make us rich.. it will help with paying bills and perhaps a car payment for me to get a newer smaller car.. but Dangit.. the most important thing is .. It is a job.. it will (if I get it) get me outta the house.. I'll be making money and helping people all at the same time.. that is my kinda job.. I finally thought to call Ron's class room.. he was there.. Yay.. I told him.. he is happy for me.. he knows how much finding a job means to me..

So.. I thought.. ok.. I can't find anyone else to share this with.. I will blog about it and pretend there is an army of readers that I am sharing my good news with.. Wish me luck.

Y'all have fun

Monday, September 19, 2005


Here it is Monday again.. the weekends go by way to fast.. I think we should have 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks.. would be more of a balance.. just my opinion.. anyway.. I got up, sent Ron off to work.. got the youngins up and off to work and school.. well with the exception of one... Miss Chelsea

It seems that Chelsea was accused of running down the hallway in her school and pushing/running into a teacher.. she swears it was not her, but another blonde girl with a pink shirt and khaki pants.. seeing as her school has a dress code and they must wear khaki or black pants and that pink is making a comeback it is possible.. at any rate she was assigned Saturday school.. now mind you this was on Friday afternoon.. I guess the school doesn't think that families make plans for the weekend anymore.. The policy is that if you don't attend Saturday school you are suspended for the following Monday.. Chelsea did not attend.. she is home today.. I have tried to contact the vice principal to discuss this situation.. Chelsea swears that she didn't do it.. so my solution is that I be allowed to view the video tape of the hallway in question.. if I can ever get in touch with this man that is..

I don't have a problem with Chelsea being punished for something she did.. I have never had a problem with a child facing up to the decisions and choices they make.. Chelsea has been known to lie.. I just believe her in this case.. she knows there is video tape that I can see.. she knows that if I find out she did do it.. that the punishment will be worse than anything the school can think of.. therefore, I don't think she is lying this time.. and the whole idea of sending her to Saturday school with not even a day's notice to me is a bit annoying.. I don't have a problem with her being susupended for something that she did..

I do have a problem with suspension in the first place.. hmm lemme think.. how can we punish a child for not attending a specific class.??? I know I know!!!! Let's keep them out of school for another day.. what kinda sense does that make..? In our county.. suspension days are counted as excused absences.. they are allowed to make up their work..they don't get any demerits for the one day suspension.. they go back to school the next day the same as if it were an excused illness.. so I ask .. where is the punishment from the school.. they get a free day off is basically all I can see from this.. It doesn't even go on their permanent school record.. yep.. sounds like a fine incentive for getting children to obey the rules..

Hopefully this principal will call me back and we can set a time to get together and discuss Chelsea's behavior and what we can do about it.. perhaps view a video.. and go from there.. I'll let ya know how it all turns out..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Twice in One Day?

Yep .. it looks like I am back for the second time today.. My boreditis is at bay for a while.. Leon stopped by for a visit.. that was fun.. we talked for a bit.. then it was Kyle time.. while Leon was here Russ called.. we talked for a bit.. fussed at each other for a bit.. and then made sure each other was well and said our goodbyes.. While I was talking to him he gave me permission to blog about the events that took place prior to his departure.

Russ was seeing a lady here.. things seemed to be going well.. they talked on the phone.. they went out a few times.. they seemed to enjoy each other's conversation and there was discussion prior to him moving about continuing the relationship.. both parties seemed to think that although there would be a distance they could continue to see each other and see if the relationship could develop.. A few weeks after he left and after several phone calls between them Russ came to town for a visit.. he was under the impression he would be spending time with said lady.. well apparently she had more pressing issues and couldn't get together with him.. ok fine.. Russ handled it well and with the utmost gentlemanly behavior.. a few more weeks go by and he makes plans to come to town again .. and again they were to get together while he was in town.. Friday night she had plans.. this was known to Russ and he was cool with it , her plans had to do with her child.. Russ understands that a woman's child comes first.. then Saturday they were supposed to meet up and do something.. again.. she was a no show.. no call.. no nuttin.. Russ was understandably upset by this.. he stayed the night here and went home in the morning.. He hasn't heard from this lady since.. I have tried to call her on other matters and have yet to have my calls returned.. I don't know if this is a personal thing or if it is because of my friendship with Russ..

Now.. My take on this.. I really feel that if she couldn't handle a long distance relationship then she should have been woman enough to tell him to his face.. he gave her every opportunity to get out of the relationship gracefully with no hard feelings between them.. he told her in a beautiful letter that he would understand if it were too much to ask to have a relationship with 182 miles separating them.. so.. what gives.. why can't she just tell him that she can't deal with it.. or that she doesn't want to see him again.. or go to hell or something. ya know.. I think as adults we have the obligation to explain our actions to another person if our actions can cause hurt to someone else.. just my opinion.. anyway.. in this case.. Her Loss.. Russ you are still one of the 2 sweetest men I know.. and you are a hottie as we all know.. so Ladies.. Russ is on the market.. better scoop him up while it lasts..

Y'all have fun..


I seem to be suffering from a severe case of boreditis today.. It is an affliction of the average housewife.. I clean house.. I transport kids.. I cook supper.. I make lunches.. and I love all of that.. but if I don't find something to do outside of this house I am gonna go crazy and take everyone with me..

I have been looking for a job.. I have a few good prospects.. with me part of the problem is.. I have very little patience when I want to do something.. I have to do it NOW.. I have patience with everything else in my life.. the only time that runs out is when I want to do something.. then I have to do it.. can't wait.. have to do it now.. you would think that living with a procrastinator we would drive each other crazy.. but it never interferes with us.. He is him.. I am me.. we both knew he procrastinates and I am obsessive compulsive going in.. so it works..

Grrrrrrrrrr I can't focus today.. think I'll get off here and clean something..

Y'all have fun

Monday, September 12, 2005


In one of Ron's blog posts last week he says something about being in a niche.. and that he needs to do some self improvement.. I support whatever he wants to do for himself.. I happen to believe fully in the concept If you feel you need to improve you, then do it.. anyway.. I got to thinking about niches.. I realized for the first time in my life I have found mine..

I really never fit into any catagory and I probably never will.. I was a really smart , fat, nerdy sorta kid.. My parents didn't know what to do with me even when they took time off from trying to kill each other to pay attention.. the school didn't know where to put me.. and well I did have a lot of friends.. but I never fit into any one group.. I fit into many..

Now.. I have a wonderful life.. my kids are growing up.. I know who I am .. and the best part I have the love of my life by my side.. I finally feel like I know where I belong.. I still need to do some things to improve me.. I still have goals.. but I sorta like this lil niche of mine.. I love where I am .. maybe it is because I can be me.. and still grow all at the same time.. Life is wonderful...

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 09, 2005

Got Grey?

I was watching TV this morning.. and the commercial that bugs me most came on.. you know the one .. there is a woman and a man out on a date.. on the side there are two commentators.. the woman doesn't invite the man in the house.. he has.. OMG a grey beard.. the commentators are going on about how this man got shot down all because of his grey... he sees an ad for "Just for Men" beard and mustache color.. apparently he uses it.. the next thing you see on the screen is the same man with the same woman.. this time she invites him in for a nitecap or whatever..

Now.. Im thinking.. If a woman is that shallow why would you go out with her the second time.. If you are worried about grey in your beard .. by all means do something about it.. but why do it cuz someone who is obviously only concerned with appearances didn't ask you in.. is that what it takes to get laid now days..? A non grey beard?..

I don't have a lot of dating experience.. I was married at 16 the first time.. and was divorced for 6 months before Ron and I married.. but I do know this.. I would not be worried as much about what color someone's beard is.. I would be worried about things like who they are... what they are like.. what they have in common with me.. you know.. the " normal" things.. but I guess that doesn't count anymore as long as there is no sign of a grey hair.. got loreal?

Oh yeah.. I am a bottled redhead.. I don't do my hair for other people.. I don't give a rat's tail about what others think if I have grey hair.. I do however give a great deal about how I feel about myself..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It was a good weekend.. Ron home for 3 days.. the kids behaving themselves for the most part.. cookout at Frankie and Mary's...

So far today hasn't been too bad... I got the youngins off to school.. Chelsea had a bit of a boyfriend problem last she wasn't feeling too chipper this morning.. but I think going to school and getting her mind on books instead of boys will do her a world of good.. teenage romance.. we all remember the days when we thought that it would be the end of the world if a relationship went south.. and wasn't it wonderful when we found out that it wasn't the end.. just another lesson in life.. That is pretty much what Ron and I told her.. I know she hurts right now.. and there isn't a dang thing I can do about it.. that part just sux right out loud.. but I do know that this too will end and she will be just fine.. she is a smart , beautiful, funny, and intelligent girl.. she will be ok.. I told her last night.. she may look like her dad.. but she loves like her mom.. that is a good thing.. I love with all that I am .. everything I have.. that is the only way I know how to love.. and although that kind of love can get ya hurt more easily the rewards far out weigh the hurts.. she seemed to understand that..

I can't wait for 4:30 or so.. that is about the time that Ron gets home.. I love having long weekends with him.. or going to see him during the week ( not gonna happen much at 3 bucks a gallon) but everytime I get to spend more time with him just makes me miss him more when we have to be apart.. yeah mushy I know.. but true..well I guess I need to get off here and go marinate the meat for supper.. we are having stir fry.. c'mon over.. dinner is about 5 ish..

Y'all have fun..

Friday, September 02, 2005

3 Day Weekend..

For those of y'all that read Ron's blog I won't go into the Kyle story at great length..I am proud of my son for volunteering half of his monthly check for the victims of Hurricane Katrina..My children have been raised with a spirit of generosity.. they will for the most part give ya the shirt off their backs.. this is a good thing I think.. yes I know there are people who will take advantage of generosity but I would rather my children share than to be so afraid of being taken advantage of that they do not.. I am the same way myself.. I am not a sucker for a hard luck story.. (mostly) but, if I feel that I am in a position to help someone I will.. guess that is where all my strays come from..

Today is so far a pretty good day..The sun is shining.. Malcolm seems to be over his stomach ailment.. it is quiet here in the house.. I have gotten my cleaning done.. and have had a chance to curl up with a book for a while..and best of all I have gotten to talk to my honey today.. we usually talk for a few minutes every day.. I love our mid day conversations.. just a hi honey how is your day so far type thing.. works for me..

I am looking forward to having Ron and the kids home for 3 days.. I am glad that school is back in session most of the time.. but I miss them.. I miss having my family around me.. and I miss my honey in a major way.. I will be glad to find a job and get outta this house for a bit each day.. I put in a couple of applications a day so something should break soon..

Well my best friend is instant messaging me.. guess I should see what she wants.. have a great day y'all