Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A New Week Begins

You can always tell when a week has started out normal around here.. Things start screwing up.. This morning.. I took my car to Ron's school to have the automotive students look at it for a 3rd or is it 4th opinion on whether or not I have a blown head gasket.( I have thought so all along was just in denial about it) anyway.. at the school I left my car and took Ron's truck.. I dropped Chris off at work and headed to Lexington, about 5 minutes into the drive, Sierra asked to use my cell phone. That is when I discovered I had left it in my Camaro.. so.. I turned around and drove the 8 or so miles back to the school .. got my phone and we were off again.. we get to Jordan's Dad's house where I was letting them out.. (Whew!!!) and they can't get in.. they knocked and hollered and called Jordan's dad from my phone.. and nuttin.. then they knocked some more.. Jordan looked in the mail box and found a key to the front door.. that got me to thinking I might make a clean getaway after all.. they go to the screen door and find it locked from the inside.. so back to the knocking and pounding.. and me thinking I am gonna have them for the rest of today if not the rest of the week.. finally Jordan's dad comes to the door and lets them in.. I left ( in a hurry) .. just kidding.. anyway.. I called the doctor..I needed to get the dr. to look at my foot.. the one that I broke the toe on.. and to look at my back which doesn't seem to be in the best of moods right now.. they tell me .. come in at 10:40.. So I went to the parts store and got Ron's oil and oil filter so he could get the automotive students to change the oil in his truck.. then I went to this store I have been trying to find for the last 2 weeks.. I found it finally totally by accident.. I did get some good deals on cologne for Ron and perfume for me.. I have a perfume problem.. it is an addiction.. anyway..I went to the doctor.. waited.. waited.. and then I waited a while longer.. they finally called me to the back.. the dr. looked me over, checked my foot, which he declared (bad) his term not mine.. then he checked my back.. he did new x-rays then he asked me what I do for a living.. I told him I work at Dollar Tree.. he asked me if I am on my feet a lot.. I told him yeah.. I am on my feet 6 to 8 hrs a day .. depending on how many hours I am scheduled to work.. then he asked if I lift anything over 20lbs.. I told him some but not many of our boxes weigh that much and yes I do have to lift them from time to time.. he then told me "not this week you don't" and gave me a note to be off work til Saturday and a shot of cortizone in the butt along with a prescription for prednazone and muscle relaxers.. and told me to have a good day.. yeah.. sure.. no problem doc.. as I was waiting for the nurse to come in with the 4 ft needle.. Chelsea's school nurse called me to tell me Chelsea was throwing up continually and had pain in her right side.. I needed to come get her "NOW" .. I told the lady that I couldn't come get her "NOW" I was 40 miles away.. and that I would be there in about an hour.. she then asked me if I didn't have parents .. or relatives that could come get her.. I told her.. "my mom has alzheimers, my dad is incapable of taking care of himself and I have no one else to get her" " If you would like to make her walk home while puking then go ahead... otherwise I will be there in about an hour" she said " Ok that will be fine" I thought she might see it that way..anyway..I rush back to Winchester to Ron's school.. to get my car and the news that yes in fact it does have a blown head gasket.. and to go get the chella.. I leave there.. get chelsea.. and go to the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions.. while I am there I walk next door to my job and talk to Donna, my boss.. I told her what the dr said.. I told her I would be willing to ignore dr's orders and come in.. that I just can't lift anything.. she said no.. I would have to be off until Saturday and then told me she would have to hire someone.. not like she wasn't supposed to do that a month ago or anything but, now that I have to be out it is all my fault she has to.. ok.. whatever.. Chella and I got my meds and headed home.. where it looks like I will be until Saturday.. oh well at least there will be a home cooked meal on the table every day.. speaking of which, I need to get in the kitchen and kiss my honey and get started on supper..

Y'all have fun

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

My back hurts, My feet hurt, my eyes are dry and itchy, I am covered in cherry juice, apples, cinnamon, sugar and eggs.. but.. I am loving every minute of it.. Kyle and I have been baking pies for tomorrow. He is a great little helper. He does whatever I tell him to do and he tries so hard to make sure everything he does is perfect. Honestly for the most part he is a great little kid..

I love the cooking and bustling around the kitchen for the holidays. I don't turn down any kid that wants to help out but I do love doing it all myself, I don't understand people that have their Thanksgiving dinner catered.. maybe it is just me but one of the things I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving is my family sitting down to this meal that I fixed for them and enjoying themselves.. I don't know how many of the kids will be here tomorrow, 2 of them for sure ( they live here) I wish they could all be here.. I do understand they have lives and plans of their own and things to do with the in- laws and other set of parents. Still it would be nice to have all 7 kids with the 4 grandbabies in tow.. no matter how many are actually here I will be thankful for all of them in my heart. When the 4 I gave birth to were little I loved them coming running through the house hollering we are hungry every 5 minutes on Thanksgiving, one wanted a cherry pie, one wanted pecan, they all wanted pumpkin, they could never wait until it was all done and set up on the table I would always catch one or more of them picking at the food as I put things on the table, I would fuss at them but I loved every minute of it.. these days with them all a bit older, one still wants cherry, one still wants pecan and none of them can have Thanksgiving without one or more of mom's pumpkin pies (yuck) and I still love every minute of it.

Ron and I have only been married 3 years but, his girls are my girls and building new traditions with them and my kids are just a small part of the things I am thankful for.. I love each and every one of his kids as I love my own and I am so thankful they are a part of my life and my heart. Ron gave me his heart, and chooses to share his life with me, he also gave me a precious gift in his beautiful girls in allowing me to get to know and love them as my own.

The pies are all done, Kyle and I are quite proud of our selves, they look really good. Tomorrow I will get up early, get Ron to get the turkey out of the fridge in the garage ( I can't lift the thing) and start cooking the rest of our meal. I am so thankful for the life I have and the people in it.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all and have fun..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Last Few Weeks

I really need to make myself notes or set an alarm or something to remind me to blog.. I haven't written anything for a while and I am paying for it now.. I have so much on my mind that I don't know where to start or how to get it all out of my head and on to the screen but I am gonna give it my best shot..

Not that it is news to anyone but my stupid car is still not driving me anywhere but up a wall.. now it isn't starting again.. Ron says that he thinks when it did this last time and the guy fixed it that we only fixed the symptom.. I agree with him but the problem is .. that symptom seems to have returned and is now the leading problem.. I don't even know if we can find out what the source of the problem is.. oh well J. is supposed to be down here this weekend to look at is so hopefully he will remember what he did last time and where to look from there to find out what is causing all the problem in the first place..

I am still working at the Dollar Tree.. I like what I do.. I love the people.. not just the ones I work with but my customers as well .. I have always been a people person.. a cubicle works for me just not for very long stretches of time.. anyway.. My main problems with this job are the pay.. which couldn't suck much more if it tried.. and the standing for long periods of time.. Hmmm thinking what can a people person do sitting down.. Ahahhhh Telemarketing.. ok.. just kidding.. not that I haven't done it for a living just that I have a pretty distinctive voice and this is a small town.. I would get lynched.. It would be like.. " hey you sound like the lady that keeps calling during dinner trying to sell us widgets..".. I see that turning out badly..

We all seem to be recovered or in the process of recovering from whatever this plague was that Chelsea just had to bring home to share.. nice of her eh?

We are getting ready to go to a class/party thing tonight.. I am not terribly interested in the subject matter being taught but it will be good to see our friends and talk to people that can talk about other things besides kids, farming, and hanging tobacco..those are the main topics of conversation around Mt. Sterling.. I have learned more about farming while working at the Dollar Tree than I would have had I gone to agriculture school.. it is a bit strange.. but I like the town itself.. and I enjoy small town life.. not so much traffic.. and the people for the most part seem to be friendlier than in Lex.. maybe it is just that they are not in such a rush here and can take time to be nice..

I know I have been sorta a nag and a pain for the last few days.. I guess all this stuff in my head is just building up to a point of frustration.. I have been grouchy and irritable for a while.. I don't like being this way.. I just don't seem to be able to change it .. So Ron.. Kids.. sorry .. I am trying to work through all the crud in my head without whining or sounding like too much of a bitch.. I don't know how to vocalize what is going on in here.. and y'all know I don't ask for any help when I should.. so just bear with me for a bit.. I have gone crazy.. I will return to my normal state of insanity shortly..

Y'all have fun..