Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New and Improved Week..

The new week has begun in earnest.. I have paid bills...Gone to the Dr... I have to take Kyle to the Dr. later today..I have returned library books.. done Chris' taxes.. and many many other things.. The improved part is that I am not sick this week and no one is in jail.. these are both good things..My poor honey is still fighting a cold so it isn't a great week yet..

The Dr appt. for me was a follow up on the kidney infection that kicked my butt a couple weeks ago.. everything is fine.. In fact the doc said my urine was pristine.. Isn't that special... My back however is in a foul mood still.. seems the kidney infection was not the only thing causing the back to hurt.. it was partly responsible.. but now the herniated disk back there is doing it's thing.. oh well at least that won't put me in the bed for 4 days..

One thing I have managed to do this week is pick up the police reports against John.. I am thinking by the time this thing is over we will have enough of those to paper a room in our house.. he isn't gonna stop his antics and I am not going to stop filing reports on him..

We are house hunting.. Not because of the jerk .. but because we want to.. there are some really cute places in Winchester.. closer to Ron's work.. better schools for the kids.. things like that.. we aren't seriously hunting yet.. but we are going to look at a couple places tomorrow.. there is one that I am in love with just from the outside.. and the fact that the ad. says "walk in closets".. that is about enough for me to invest thousands of dollars in a home.. I NEED closet space.. my shoes have no where else to go..

On one other note.. I am wondering who do I have to sleep with around here to be allowed to know the location of envelopes.. every time I look for one it is like a scavenger hunt.. I swear people around here hide them just to hear the things that come out of my mouth when I can't find one.. any way.. I am off to get lunch and take Kyle to the Dr.

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chris Is Home

Yesterday began another day of waiting and making phone calls.. I called Chris' attorney, I called the judge's secretary, I called the prosecutor's office.. then around 11:30 I got a call from Chris' attorney telling me there will be an emergency hearing for Chris at 1pm.. and yes I can be there.. soon after hanging up from that call I get another from the judge's secretary telling me about the same hearing and that the judge has cancelled the rest of his docket for the day for this hearing.. I thanked her several times and got ready to head to the courthouse..

A note on this.. I can hear the conversation between Chris' attorney, the judge and the prosecutor... Atty: " Your honor, we need to fix this, this young man's mother is calling me every 15 minutes she is driving me nuts." Judge: " Oh yeah, she is calling me too." Prosectutor: " She has called everyone in my office, Twice." All three: "Let's get this kid outta jail so his mother will go away" ..

Anywho.. the hearing commenced a few minutes after 1.. the Judge gave the prosectutor's office hell for not doing their job correctly and not making sure that Chris had in fact committed a violation.. then he gave Chris' attorney hell for not knowing about the original motion to revoke the bond and not knowing that his client had a warrant issued for his arrest..then he said the magic words.. Reinstate the bond and release this young man as soon as possible.. I picked Chris up around 3pm yesterday.. Now I can get some sleep..

Thank you Lisa at the judge's office.. thank you Mr Larson at the prosecutor's office.. thank you little clerk dude for going out of your way to be nice to me.. and the biggest thanks is to my hubby.. Honey I couldn't have dealt with this without your unending and unconditional love and support.. not to mention some dang good ideas about people to call for help.

I was hoping to have a quiet evening at home last night.. I should have known that wasn't gonna happen.. first we had Becca and Michelle come over to welcome Chris home.. that was fine.. I like Michelle and look forward to talking to her.. then Sierra and Jordan stopped by.. don't know exactly why .. but at least they took their laundry that has been here for the last 3 days.. then the jerk down the street John.. had to start something with Tommy.. Tommy and Chella were walking to the store.. John pulls up and jumps out of his car and makes it his mission to run into Tommy.. we called the police to make a report about this.. I am tired of him harassing us and no one seems to want to do anything about it.. so every time he pulls one of his stunts I call and make a report.. at least that way there is a paper trail.. finally about 10pm everything was done and I got to go cuddle with my honey.. that is always a good thing...

I am so glad that my son is home and perhaps there will be no illness this weekend.. no jail this weekend.. maybe just maybe we will have a drama less weekend.. oh what am I saying.. drama is just part of who I am.. it will find me no matter what I do or don't do..

Y'all have fun

Monday, January 23, 2006

Slaying Dragons

I have had it up to here ( hand at my forehead) with people who are either not in, don't know, or otherwise find creative ways to avoid talking to me.. Ron has informed those of you that read his blog of what happened with Chris this weekend.. long story short for those of you not reading his blog ( who wouldn't read his blog).. Chris was arrested on Friday for violating his bond release.. I spent the majority of Friday afternoon and all weekend wracking my brain to find out what the supposed violation was.. This morning I spoke with someone who seemed to have answers.(miracles never cease).. She works for the County Attorney's office and was the person who filed the violation with the Judge. She told me that the so called victim in this case reported seeing Chris at home.. OMG.. you don't mean it.. he was at home.. one of the two places he is allowed to be.. say it ain't so.. so instead of checking the conditions of Chris' bond release this product of modern legal thinking goes forth to get a judge to sign a warrant for Chris' arrest.. Hello Moron.. you are the people that imposed the conditions in the first place.. wouldn't you think you would know that by being at home he was complying?. Just a thought..

This morning.. I dressed in my judicial dragon slaying attire and prepared to kick some legal eagle ass.. I have called Chris' attorney.( the guy that didn't even have a clue his client had a warrant on him) and informed him of not only what the warrant was about but also the supposed violation while suggesting to him in no uncertain terms that I thought it was time for him to get off his butt and get my son out of jail NOW!!.. I was friendly.. firm.. ok.. pushy.. but friendly.. My next call was to the County Pretrial office where I told her what was going on.. they are the people that are in charge of people on bond release.. they are the ones doing the drug testing and giving permission for people on release to do things.. they also didn't have a clue why Chris is locked up.. they have a couple clues now..

Then it was on to the courthouse.. where I do believe there is a clerk needing to go home and change his shorts.. I really didn't do anything other than tell him what I wanted and let him know that I wasn't leaving until I got it.. the fact that he was less than 5 foot tall and wearing a bright pink sweater ( on the advice of queer eye for the straight guy no doubt) and that I have a certain smile that tends to chill even the most hardened civil servant into remembering they are there to serve us.. at any rate he got the information for me and even put the letters and documentation I had for the judge in the right place for me.. I thanked him and wished him a great day..

Now I am playing the waiting game.. I don't wait well .. I am patient when it comes to my kids, hubby, lines at the grocery.. but when it comes to an injustice of this magnitude.. I just can't seem to muster a lot of patience.. they weren't patient in putting him in jail for nothing why should I be patient in waiting for them to fix their mistake..

I just want my son out of there.. he did what he was supposed to do and still there he is in a cell.. what kind of message does that send.. No matter what you do you will wind up in trouble? .. that isn't what I am trying to teach my kids.. I do believe in our justice system for the most part.. I think a lot of it is bullshit.. but I do believe in the promise that justice is for everyone.. I do I do I do.. but lately it seems justice is a shadow lurking just around the corner so that things like this can come along and bite ya on the ass.. just my opinion..

I will keep ya updated as this situation develops.. but to leave ya with a laugh.. picture.. a 5ft 8 in 146lb redhead standing in front of a 5 story courthouse saying " Bring it".. I can take whatever they dish out.. just hope they are ready for me..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crawling Slowly Out Into The Sunshine

I know I haven't been blogging as of late.. I really have had a good reason..

It all started Friday.. I didn't feel good.. My back hurt and I just generally didn't feel up to par.. didn't think much of it.. It could have been anything.. I went about my normal routine as usual.. doing anything and everything I needed to do.. Running all over town like an idiot.. doing housework.. that kind of thing..

Saturday, the backache was still there.. I still felt funky.. still I pottered around the house.. Ron and I did some much needed shopping.. as the day progressed the sickness progressed with it.. by 5pm I was not a happy camper.. I felt like my insides were trying to get out.. and they were on fire at the same time.. this was decidedly unpleasant.. I took my temperature.. It was 101.8.. this was again.. not a good sign.. Ron and I had discussed going out singing , that plan was abandoned fairly quickly.. by midnight my fever was up to 103 and I was one hurtin unit..

Sunday..Ron called our doctor's office to get the on call Dr. to call back.. we waited about an hour and still no call.. Ron called again.. when he hung up the phone the Dr. called right back.. I told the Dr. what was going on.. he told me .."Get to the ER or Urgent Treatment Center NOW".. Ron took me to the UTC.. the doc there checked me out.. and tested me.. the tests showed that I had a kidney infection of the worst order.. he said that I had had this thing for at least two weeks and had been lucky to have not had more symptoms.. he wanted to put me in the hospital.. I didn't like that idea.. he reluctantly agreed to let me stay home and rest as long as I wasn't doing anything.. and by not doing anything he meant nothing at all.. he was adamant about that.. I agreed.. ( I don't like hospitals) he finally found an antibiotic that was strong enough for the infection and that I am not allergic to.. and sent me on my way..

Monday is pretty much a fevered blur.. Tuesday I can recall with effort.. Wednesday I felt somewhat better and went with Ron to an Awards ceremony for the tech schools of our fine state.. I probably shouldn't have gone.. I still felt like hell.. I slept the entire way there.. but I am glad I did go.. I got to spend the whole day with my hubby, and I got to hear a wonderful speaker who almost convinced me to become a teacher..( he was really good)..

Today.. I managed to get dressed.. Take the kids to school and I have done one load of laundry.. I am taking it way easy today though.. I am not going to push myself..( hush Ron and the rest of ya that know me) I am taking this seriously.. I have not been incapacitated by illness very often in my life.. I don't like it.. and even as stubborn as I am I am not taking any chances with this thing.. I am up to about 75% feeling like me again.. I want to do more than I can do.. but I am not gonna push.. so.. here I sit.. looking around seeing all the things I could be doing.. and not doing them.. It will make me crazy I am sure.. It has already made me grumpy.. ( sorry Honey, sorry kids) but, I will just have to deal with it.. I want this infection gone completely..

I think I am gonna apply for this job Ron sent me and take my happy little butt back to the couch, move the dogs and lay down for a bit..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Highly Ticked Off

This will not be a pleasant blog.. I am pissed right the hell off.. I am glad AOL screwed up while I was trying to get to my blog this morning or this thing could be filled with all sorts of vile invective.. Anyway.. on to the story..

The guy that Chris got into the fight with on halloween has been harassing us.. he does things like walk around with a baseball bat swinging it at the people living in this house.. he grabs his testicles and penis and shakes them at Chelsea.. he threatens Kyle.. he blows kisses at me at the girls.. he also has made pelvic thrusting motions at Chelsea, Sierra and me while grabbing himself.. white guy's impersonation of Michael Jackson? I think not.. this guy is dangerous.. Chris' atty told us to call the police and document everything he does.. we have been doing that.. the thing is.. when he does these things he does them and then gets in his car and leaves.. by the time the police get here he is gone..

Yesterday he was grabbing himself and dancing like a chicken in his front yard all for Chelsea's benefit.. she came in and told me.. I called the police.. they took a report and gave us a case # then they told me to go down this morning and file a criminal charge against him.. Chelsea and I went down there this morning and talked to the County Attorney.. He tells us we can't file a cross complaint against him due to the pending charges against Chris.. He outlined our options.. we can call Chris' attorney everytime this jerk does something, we can document all the things he does with video and written documentation.. we can move..

I cannot believe that I can't file a criminal case against this guy because of the pending case against my son.. what he is doing to the rest of us has nothing to do with the case against Chris.. are we supposed to give up our home, our peace, our comfort all because he and Chris got into a fight?.. I don't have any case against this guy.. my son is an adult.. he is harassing me and my other children .. why do we suddenly lose our rights?.. I just don't understand it.. I honestly wouldn't understand it if it were Chris wanting to file a complaint against him.. just because they got into a fight doesn't mean this guy can't harass him.. ya know.. it is almost like this dude became an entity the moment he filed charges against Chris.. and is now untouchable.. that isn't what I think our system of justice was intended to do.. but what the hell do I know..

All I can say for him is he might wanna put on a smile when he is doing his little charades.. he will be on candid camera.. I am tired of this bullshit.. I am not gonna put up with it anymore and I am not one to give up.. I will catch him in the act.. I don't know if it will do any good but there will be tape.. there will be written documentation.. and the police will get to know me by my first name.. I don't cower to anyone.. and this guy isn't gonna make me have to move.. he is not going to make me give up my home.. he is not going to scare me.. and he is not going to terrorize my children.. hmm does it sound like I have had enough?...

I will be back when I am in a better mood.. I think I am gonna go find some housecleaning to take my frustrations out on..

Honey.. I am fine.. just pissed.. you know me.. I don't stay pissed long..don't worry bout me.. (like that will stop ya)

Y'all have fun..

Monday, January 09, 2006

Just Another Monday

The kids are at school..Ron is at work.. Chris is sleeping on the couch and talking to himself.. and I am doing my regular thing.. Nuttin.. I have cleaned already, typed up a resume' for Mary.. done laundry, and laid out the chicken for dinner.. I have now completed most of what I have to do today.. The only have to's left on the list are picking up kids this afternoon and taking Chris to work at 5.. woo hooo.. sounds exciting don't it?

I don't know what my problem is lately.. I feel so dang restless.. I know part of it is wanting a job.. I am looking.. I put in 4 applications this morning alone.. Most of my days I put in from 2 to 10 resume's or applications.. I know, based on the law of averages alone I should find something soon.. the problem is until then.. I am here doing nothing but vegetating.. I don't feel like keeping the house and feeding folks is such a big thing.. I have been doing that all of my life.. I started taking care of the entire household when I was 12.. so now it is nothing for me to clean and cook.. just an ordinary part of life.. Ron always comments on how well I take care of him.. I don't see it as me doing anything spectacular.. I just do the things a wife and mother does.. it is that simple..

I know I bitch a lot about not having a job.. but truthfully folks.. it is making me a bit nuts.. I long to put on nice clothes and go to the office, store, whatever.. and put in my hrs doing whatever job I have to do.. and bringing home a paycheck to not only help out around here, but to feel like I have accomplished something..

I have always been a classic overacheiver.. I had to get the best grades.. I had to work twice as hard as everyone else, just to get personal satisfaction from my job.. I still feel this way.. but ya know.. there is only so much satisfaction you can get from having a clean toilet.. Ok.. whining is done for the day.. I can cross that off my to do list..

My honey is sick today.. I really wanted him to stay home.. but being a workaholic/perfectionist like him.. I knew he would go in.. I even tried to guilt him into staying home by bringing up the old " you don't wanna get your students sick" argument.. but that was the good part of him going in for him..Just Kidding..

I just worry about him.. He was running a fever this morning.. and has been feeling pukey.. I just don't think teaching electricity today is as good a plan as staying home and being pampered by me.. but what do I know..

I guess I will get back to my job hunting.. who knows maybe I'll find something today..

Y'all have fun..

Friday, January 06, 2006

Nanny Day

First thing this morning.. I was sitting here checking my e mail and basically doing nothing.. My phone rings.. It is Chas wanting to know if I would mind watching Ian today.. I was like are you kidding.. Mind???? I never mind watching my lil Ian... I love having the little guy around...I told her.. bring him on.. she says " sorry about it being such short notice" I told her.. you don't need to give me a lot of notice to bring Ian.. Just make sure I am home.. So.. Ian and I are watching "Gremlins" and playing with Lacey.. for some reason she loves Ian and he loves her.... Malcolm is another story .. He is so big , he sometimes scares Ian.. we have taught him to tell Malcolm to " go away" it seems to be working, although Malcolm has no idea why he has to go away.. he loves kids and doesn't understand that kids are sometimes intimidated by his size..

There really doesn't seem to be much else to blog about today.. and I won't be doing a whole lot else today.. My wrists are hurting.. and Frankly.. it is just too dang cold out to do much.. I do need to go get dog food later.. I am sure Malcolm and Lacey would agree that is a good plan.. too bad neither of them can drive..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Year Begins..

Wow.. I just looked at my last post .. Has it really been that long.. Oh well so goes life.. I could say that I have been busy.. and I have.. I could say Ron has been on the computer.. which he has.. the whole truth is I don't think I really have that much to say..

New Year's Eve was wonderful.. we went out with friends.. one of them is a girl we don't know too well but she turned out to be a trip when she drinks.. who knew.. I just had a ball watching and listening to her.. we of course sang our butts off..well maybe not off.. just sang a lot..

The first week of this exciting new year has started off strangely.. Those of you that read Ron's blog know about the waterbed disaster.. I am happy to tell ya it is fixed.. there was a little tiny elephant earring stuck under the mattress causing the leak. Yeah Honey I know that is exactly what you said it was gonna be that caused it.. After retrieving my earring and patching the tiny little hole we filled the mattress back up with water and got to sleep in our bed last night.. I didn't even mind that it was cold.. I was just happy to not have 3 ft of me hanging off the end of the couch.. Ron can sleep sitting up.. Not me.. I can fall asleep anywhere.. but to stay asleep I have to have somewhere to put these long legs of mine..

The "bug" has been making it's rounds around here.. Chris, Sierra, Kyle, and Ron have had the worst of it.. I have felt nauseous.. but nothing major.. Chelsea seems to be immune.. The brat.... I think if your entire family is gonna be sick you should at least pretend to be sick with them... It is only fair that everyone suffer..

Today is my mom's b day.. I will be heading to the nursing home soon... I don't know if she knows it is her birthday or even if she knows what a birthday is.. but I know.. and I think after all she has been through in her life.. we should celebrate her 74th with her or for her..Maybe it is just me trying to keep her more with me than she can be.. maybe it is just that I can't face the fact that she isn't the person she used to be.. but, a part of me thinks that she is in there.. she knows.. she can understand on some level that I am still here and that I won't ever let her just fade away in that place.. I want my mother back.. I know I can't have that.. there is nothing that can keep me from hanging on to her for as long as I can..

I still have about a million things to do today.. I have managed to clean the bedroom after all the waterbed mess.. and to do a bunch of laundry.. I took Chris' boss his work excuse so he won't lose his job.. I am supposed to take Sierra to the Dr. and I still have to take the mattress back we bought and didn't need.. so.. I guess I should get off here and get going..

Y'all have fun..