Sunday, March 27, 2005

Me in a Nutshell

Ok.. with all the all about me blogs going on thought I would jump on the bandwagon.. here goes everything you wanted to know about Tammy but were afraid to ask.. you will most likely be bored to tears by the end of the list.. my apologies in advance..
1. I am 36 a fact I don't have a problem with.
.2. I am not a natural redhead I should have been with my personality so loreal makes the corrections
3. My children mean everything to me..
4. I love the people I love with all that I am.
5. Music is as much a part of me as breathing
6. I miss Florida
7. I am a native of Kentucky (Lexington) to be exact
8. I love my hometown...
9. I was married at 16 the first time and was married for 18 yrs.
10. I spoil my kids.
11. Ron is my angel.. My heart.. My Poet..
12. I feel 20 most of the time
13. I am fiercly independent..
14. I am strong willed
15. I don't like inactivity
16. I actively hate liars and sneaky people
17. Laziness bugs me
18. I will go out of my way to help someone..
19. I think mostly with my heart
20. Number 19 gets me into trouble
21. I am a democrat on most issues
22. I am a feminist
23. I am also old fashioned
24. I don't like TV for the most part
25. I do love movies
26. I read about 4 to 5 novels a week sometimes at the same time
27. I have owned more cars than I can count
28. I currently drive a Chevy Astro, Lincoln Towncar, or Oldsmobile Bravada
29. My first car was a 1969 Grand Prix
30. My favorite color has always been pink
31. I believe in magic
32. I believe that children need fantasy
33. I am a Kentucky Wildcats fan
34. I love basketball and football
35. My favorite football team is the Denver Broncos..
36. My favorite basketball team is the Orlando Magic
37. I hate depending on someone else to pay my bills or support me
38. I am grateful that Ron understands this
39. I do not fit any mold
40. I am a redneck
41. I am not a rasist
42. I hate to ask for help
43. I don't like not working
44. I am prone to depression
45. I don't let it get me down long
46. I am happy about having a grandbaby in Nov..
47. I am not happy about my 16 yr old daughter being pregnant
48. I think my mother was one of the most beautiful women ever
49. I think my daughters are going to be even more beautiful
50. I am stubborn
51. I am a bit ditzy at times
52. I used to be fat
53. I am not fat now. but I am still me
54. I am glad that my ex husband and I don't fight all the time anymore
55. I wish he would be more in contact with the kids
56. I understand why he isn't
57. I have 7 children I love them all ..
58. My nails are fake.. but I have really short fingers so they look better with nails
59. I am 5'8 inches tall..
60. I love being tall
61. I love rings..
62. I don't wear much makeup even when going out.
63. I have 2 degrees one in Business Admin.. and one in Computer Science
64. I am also a licensed hairstylist and nail tech
65. I wear a 34a bra..
66. I don't have a butt either
67. I have enough hips to make up for it
68. I love to snuggle with Ron
69. My favorite food is whatever we make in the kitchen
70. I still love food.. just can't eat much of it
71. It sometimes pisses me off that I can't eat much.
72. I am a loyal friend and a formidible enemy
73. I often act based on feelings rather than logic
74. I believe in the possiblity of UFO's
75. I believe in the bible.
76. I think the world is over all a wonderful place
77. I have been homeless, hungry, and at rock bottom
78. I am still here.
79. I know there is more to me than this list.. but my wrist is killing me.. anything else anyone wants to know.. keep reading my blog or hell e mail me and ask.. I am overall pretty friendly.. Have a good one all..

Friday, March 25, 2005

Not Repeating Myself

Oh yeah.. I was not repeating myself yesterday.. the www.. really did eat the original post.. don't know what is up with it.. my apologies..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Synopsis of A Lost Blog

I blogged earlier today.. apparently when the www said that the page couldn't be found.. the monster that is AOL ate my blog.. not that there were any words of wisdom there or any profound messages or insights to be found.. I am just an average housewife after all.. It just ticked me off that I lost it..

Basically.. it was this.. We found a good doctor for Sierra.. Chelsea has an injured knee. she has a good doctor too.. The kids at Kyle's school love Ava.. the teachers do not.. and this has turned out to be a good week after all so far.. ok.. that's the synopsis.. have a good one all...

Doctors.. Daily Events.. So on and So Forth

It has actually turned out to be a good week.. after Monday's doctor visit.. I hoped that was not a forboding of the week to come.. thankfully it wasn't..

I scheduled an appointment for Sierra with a different doctor.. we went yesterday afternoon.. They are wonderful.. they took time to explain things to Sierra.. to get a complete history... and to make sure she was comfortable.. they also gave her a wealth of information on child birth.. and did not look down their noses at her for being 16 and pregnant.. she was treated the same as any other patient.. I liked that..

Doctor # 2 of the week was today.. apparently Chelsea has done something to her knee.. we don't know what.. I tried to get her in with her regular dr yesterday , by regular doctor I mean the one that her insurance says is her primary care provider.. not that they have ever seen her.. anyway.. I was told there were no appointments available.. then I called the UTC (urgent treatment center) where my kids are supposed to go if they can't be seen at their doctor's office.. I was told they cannot see my children because the insurance has not paid for the last few visits yet.. so.. I called the insurance provider and yelled at them for a bit.. telling them that yes .. I could take her to the ER and that would cost them 3 times as much.. if that is what they preferred.. ok.. they told me they would get back with me..

This morning.. I called the primary care provider.. and miraculously.. they had an immediate opening.. and got her right in... We got there.. filled out forms.. and were called back.. the doctor was very nice.. very personable.. and looked like my brother.. it was a good visit.. he took time with chelsea.. he doesn't know exactly what is going on with her.. but at least I felt like he does care..

Then we came home .. picked up Sierra and Jordan and took him to open a bank account.. from there it was off to Wally World for a knee brace for Chelsea.. as I walked in the door I knew the checking account was in danger.. they had all the Easter baskets lined up along a huge wall on the right.. I saw the perfect one for Kyle.. and got the girls one too.. yeah I know honey.. off spending your money while you are working so hard to educate young minds.. anywho.. I got all the required Easter things.. and we made our way back home.. I decided to blog a bit..

We are almost ready to go off again.. gotta get Chelsea's prescription, get a mouse for Ava, and pick up the Kyle.. wow.. it has been a bit of a busy day.. the funny thing is...the tiredness that has been plaguing me for the last few weeks seems to be MIA today.. hopefully it stays gone... well .. that is about it for the day.. y'all have fun..

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Under The Pier

Looking out over the expanse of violet blue..
Warm breezes caress my skin in an embrace..
Salty kisses from the ocean's mist gently touch my face..
The breath of the sea blows it's fingers through my hair..

Cool waters rushing in to tickle my toes..
Melting the sands like brown sugar..
To carry it over to some distant shore
On the other side of the horizon..

Is there some other lover of the night..
Gazing across the magnificent water..
Seeking solace, finding comfort..
Peeking out from under their pier

Smiling back at me..

Tammy S.
March 23, 2005

This was brought about by a picture on another blog..

Ron told me that she wanted people to write about the pic and post it to their own blogs and leave her a link .. so here ya go.. hope you enjoy...

Have a good day...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Scary Schools

I have been reading all the latest developments about the school shooting yesterday.. It saddens me to think of all the loss of life and the loss of the sense of security that these children and teachers now have to face..They will never be able to go back to school without looking over their shoulder..

What happened to these kids that make them so indifferent to life.. why do they not care if they live or die or who they take with them.. I remember being a teenager.. I had the usual teenage angst.. boyfriends.. friends.. dramas.. but nothing in my experience could have made me even think of ending the life of my school mates or myself...

The ones that are left behind always say.. "he was picked on" ya know.. so was I .. I was a fat kid with curly hair, pimples, glasses and an IQ of 152.. if that doesn't get ya picked on nothing will.. and I was tormented by some of the kids at school.. I came home in tears at times.. I spent whole days crying in school.. but never did I think the solution was to get an AK and take out the student body..

Maybe it is just me..maybe I just don't understand how empty a person would have to be in order to even think like that.. My son sometimes scares me.. he seems to care about nothing.. he seems to want nothing out of life.. and the really scary part is.. most of his friends are the same.. this generation of kids don't seem to have any joy in their lives and if they do they don't know how to appreciate it.. if they are our future.. frankly.. this country is screwed.. there is nothing Mr. Bush can do to screw it up as badly as if one of these lost kids gets in a position of power.. and he is really trying..

I wish I had an answer for why these kids think this way.. TV? bad parenting? environment? genetics? who knows.. maybe it is a combination of all of these things.. do we spare the rod/spoil the child.. do we give them time outs.. do we award them for every little thing they do.. do we teach them old fashioned values? what can we do..??

And to think.. I didn't have a thing to blog about today..

Monday, March 21, 2005

Paging Doctor Slug

Dr. Garden Slug.. Paging Dr. Slug..Ok.. I know that doctors get old.. I know they sometimes get burned out.. I also know with all of the HMO and Insurance things going on the practice of medicine ain't what it used to be.. but OMG when did all of that make it illegal for a doctor to have a personality.. I took Sierra for her first prenatal appt today.. we got there 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.. there was only one sheet..I thought that was a bit strange for an OB appt but it has been 9 yrs since I had a baby.. maybe things have changed a bit.. we got called to the back where Sierra was weighed and asked a few preliminary questions about her health.. then we were told that the doctor had not arrived to work yet and that we could wait out in the lobby or back in the room whichever we chose.. we chose to wait outside in the van..

We went back inside.. waited about 10 mins and Sierra was called to the back once again.. I did notice that this was the least busy OB's office I have ever seen in my life.. but then again.. I thought.. could just be a slow day.. anywho.. we were seated in the cubicle and waited for the doctor.. he came in about 5 minutes later.. He introduced himself to Sierra.. asked and received my name and relationship to her.. and promptly sat down to ask a series of questions... now.. I haven't mentioned thus far that this man could have easily delivered my mother.. he was about 110 yrs old.. he proceeds with his questions.. in extreme slow motion.. Sierra does not know a lot of the family medical history so I answered the questions that she couldn't.. he seemed annoyed at that..

Then he asked her when she dropped out of school.. she didn't drop out.. she is homeschooled.. he then informed us that he does not believe in homeschooling.. I said.. Ok.. and let it drop.. then he tells us that most girls never amount to anything when they drop out.. I told him.. I got married when I was 16.. I was told I would never graduate or go to college.. and I managed to do both.. receiving degrees in both business admin and computer science.. If I can do it.. so can my daughter.. he didn't like that.. then he told us that a GED is not the same as a diploma.. I wanted to say no.. In the state of KY it is better.. KY ranks about 47th in education nationwide.. the GED is a nationally standardized test.. In KY the GED is actually proof of a better education.. but I held my tongue.. (not an easy thing for me).. he asked a few more questions and told Sierra she needed an ultrasound and with that we were dismissed...

I have had 4 kids.. I have been pregnant 5 times.. never have I been to an intial prenatal visit where they didn't take any blood/urine tests or do a pelvic exam.. what kind of doctor is this guy.. we left with an ultrasound appointment and the determination to find her another doctor..

The first thing I did when I got home was get on the phone.. I called a couple of places.. one has a nurse midwife.. they said they would take Sierra.. so we are gonna try again Weds.. That was the strangest doctor I have ever met.. I was really creeped out by him .. Sierra said he made her skin crawl..

I don't want this man anywhere near my grandbaby. or my daughter for that matter.. I am not a picky person.. I can deal with almost anything.. but if someone makes me feel that uncomfortable in that short a period of time.. It is time to move on.. The rest of the day has been fairly good.. the usual kid running and housekeeping.. I am getting ready to go get the Chella .. and come home to fix supper.. I hope today's doctor's visit is not an indication of the week to come..

Oh yeah honey.. I am working on that picture you showed me.. watch for my take on it in an upcoming blog.. I love you..

Friday, March 18, 2005

Good Day

It has been a really good day.. well as good as a day can be with Ron being at work.... Jordan got a job.. this makes a lot of people happy.. we didn't think the day was going to be good today.. after applying at one construction place and being told that peircings were not acceptable to be a laborer.. and later trying to apply for a position with another construction company and being told that his pants were immature he really was starting to get discouraged and more than a bit pissed.. but I have to give him credit.. he handled it maturely and with a lot of self control..

We then decided to go check on his application at the local U Haul ... he filled it out online yesterday.. on the way we stopped at a yard sale.. Oh yeah.. It has been a yard sale weather day.. anyway.. we stopped and looked around.. they didn't have much that peaked my interest and we were starting to leave , there was a young couple trying to fit 3 chest of drawers in an oldsmobile cutlass.. I didn't see that working so I offered to haul a couple of them for them.. they were only going a few blocks.. they were really grateful.. we got the chests to the couples house and Jordan mentioned to the gentleman that he was looking for work.. the guy told him that he would let him know this afternoon about a labor position with his carpentry company.. see it is good to be nice sometimes..

We then went to U Haul and he went in.. talked to the manager.. and got the job.. he starts tomorrow.. at 7:30 am.. there is no way he is waking me up that early... Ron and I agreed that we would pay for bus fare for Jordan til he got his first check no matter where he started working.. so instead I put gas in my Lincoln.. and told him he can drive it to work tomorrow.. I don't mind taking him through the week..but oh no.. I am not getting up early if I don't have to...

We had another minor good thing happen today.. when I got in the Lincoln to go get gas.. I pushed the button for the passenger window which has been stuck in the down position for months.. and low and behold the thing just rolled right up.. The 3 of us just stared at it like a UFO was landing or something.. to us.. it was just a continuation of what turned out to be a pretty good day after all...

We all three wound up going for coffee with Russ... the kids talked to each other.. Russ and I talked about work.. and the unbloggable subject.. then he got involved in a conversation with a co worker.. we hung out until it was almost time for Kyle ... said later.. and rushed back across town to get the kiddo.. Gary was supposed to join us today.. but he was a no show.. Gary likes beer.. they don't sell beer at starbucks.. hence no Gary.. just kidding Gary.. anyway.. I came home to a bit of a mess from the dogs but nothing like yesterdays cyclonic activity... so they will live another day..

Time to get ready to cook dinner.. I don't have to get chelsea today.. I sent Jordan and Sierra to do it.. wooo hoo.. a few minutes off for me.. Y'all have fun..

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Really Hate Dogs..

I am not gonna kill the dogs.. I am not gonna kill the dogs... that is my mantra for today.. It is amazing to me that the dogs can manage to tear up so many things in such a short period of time.. we were gone about an hour.. and in that time there was mass destruction in my house.. the phone book.. the trash.. egg shells everywhere..toilet paper.. and a candle.. It is a wonder they didn't try to eat each other..

I know that Cleo is just a puppy... but what is Malcolms story? He is almost 2 yrs old.. and he never did things like this before.. I know he is involved.. I caught him the other day...I came in and he had a stuffed toy in his mouth.. He dropped it the moment he caught sight of me.. but that didn't take care of the fluff sticking out the sides of his mouth...and then he had the nerve to try and look innocent..yeah right... that is like Kyle when he was little.. he got into my hersheys kisses.. and with a chocolate covered face tried to tell me he had not been eating candy..

Ok... that is mostly out of my system.. the rest of the day has been fairly good.. not doing much of anything.. cleaning.. job hunting and the norm. I did do something for me today.. I went to GNC and got my protein supplement.. I am supposed to take in about 100 grams of protein a day ..that is dang near impossible to do with the limited amount of food I can eat.. So I have to drink the shakes.. that stuff is not only expensive..but all of it tastes like would think something that costs that much would at least taste good.. not so with protein.. yuck.. but I like the alternative even less .. a slow painful death from protein starvation starting with the loss of muscle mass and progressing to the loss of muscle control.. anyone that says losing weight by having gastric bypass is taking the easy way out is simply out of their mind..

Well it is almost Kyle o'clock..I need to get a few things done around here.. like laying something out for dinner.. I have no clue what I am going to cook.. I am sure it will be something.. oh well wish me luck.. and pray for the dogs..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Honey's Fix

Ok Honey.. here's yer Tammy blog fix... I don't really know what there is to blog about.. you have all the good words.. and use them well...

There hasn't been much of anything going on around here today.. same ole take the kids to school.. take Jordan job hunting.. get the house straightened up boring day.. My day doesn't really get going well until about 4:00pm when my honey comes home and I start the dinner cooking.. cleaning up after dinner.. winding down the day time.. I love having my kids and my honey home all at the same time..

I am getting ready to take Jordan on another job hunting foray and then it will be Kyle time.. he looks forward to the 40 minutes between him and Chelsea coming home.. he has mommy pretty much to himself.. that works out well for both of us.. he is a great kid..

Right now I am sitting here trying to pull myself away from this movie.. "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" that is a really frightening movie.. remind me not to tick off the wife of an OB.. anywho.. time to get outta here..

There ya go baby.. there is your Tammy Blog fix.. now come home and get a Tammy in the waterbed fix..

Monday, March 14, 2005

It's About Time

I realized something in reading over past blogs.. I tend to tell time by what kid needs me to drop them off or pick them up .. I don't need a watch.. I seem to have this internal clock that tells me.. Kyle time.. or Chelsea time.. I am not sure when this happened.. I don't know when I started living my life according to everyone else's schedule.. It might have been when I first became a mom...It could have been when I still had a professional life.. I don't know.. but it is getting pretty bad.. sierra asked me a little while ago what time it was.. My answer was.. 10 minutes til Kyle.. I need serious help..

Ok.. now that that is out of my system... today has been a busy run around town sorta day.. My dryer had a heart attack over the weekend.. spewed lint all over my laundry room and refused to dry any more clothes.. With doing the laundry for 6 people I do feel for the thing.. however I need it to work.. so first thing this morning I was off looking for another dryer..dang those things are expensive... anyway.. in the midst of that.. Ron's dad called me to go downtown and get an eviction notice for one of his tenants.. growing up poor.. being on the other side of an eviction is new for me.. anywho.. I went downtown (looney lex drivers) and got told that I cannot file without his written permission.. so I had to go get him to sign a POA for me to do this for him.. and get it notarized.. the girl at the bank thought i was a little crazy asking her to come outside and do the notarization.. Dad didn't have his walker with him and couldn't make it inside.. but she was cool about it.. it is a beautiful day today.. That done we rushed back downtown.. (more idiots) and finally filed the paperwork.. I get to appear in court for him next week... I don't know if i got promoted from daughter in law to apt mgr.. or if i am being punished for something.. ok. I'm kidding.. I don't mind doing it at all .. I get tired of cleaning and running all over town for nothing....

None of this however solved my dryer dilema.. so.. I stopped at a few more places on my way home.. one place I stopped there was a really nice man.. he told me how to check my dryer to see if it was clogged.. I pulled the hose off the back and.. well all I can say is GROSSSSS.. that was disgusting.. the good news is.. I found 3.74 in change I gave it to Jordan for helping me pull the dang thing out from the wall... and for sticking his hand up in the hose.. and for helping me clean up the mess that was left after all the change sorting was done..I started it up and put some clothes in it.. they should be done in about 10 minutes or so.. actually I guess that would be Chelsea time.. hopefully they are dry and we won't have to buy another dryer.... uh oh.. there is the buzzer.. wish me luck..

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Great Weekend

It has been a wonderful weekend so far.. Ron is feeling better.. other than sounding like he is about to hack up a lung every now and then he is better.. The kids have been mostly well behaved over the weekend.. no major drama for anyone..

Other than Sierra is trying to quit smoking.. Jordan has been supportive of her quitting.. he doesn't want her smoking while she is pregnant.. and since this is his child too.. I have to support his decision to not provide her with cigarettes.. and I won't provide them either..she is ticked about this decision on our part but she will get over it.. I quit with all 4 of mine..

Anyway.. Ron and I went to dinner Friday night and then watched part of the KY game with Russ and Gary.. then we came home to bed where we have pretty much stayed the entire weekend.. It has been like a mini vacation for us.. I like it.. but then again what woman wouldn't like staying in bed most of the weekend with the man that she loves and him telling her how beautiful she is.. how loved she is, all weekend long.. the man has a way with words..

He is sleeping right now.. and I am doing laundry ... cooking dinner.. cleaning house.. getting ready for the upcoming week .. I feel recharged.. I hope this doesn't mean that I will need this energy for the week.. But it is nice to know I have it if I do need it..

Well off to get my house in order.. Hope your weekend went as well as mine.. Y'all have fun..

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ok.. I Guess I'm Crazy..

I don't know what happened... but apparently the blog I thought I lost yesterday has miraculously appeared ..... don't know how or why.. but there is it... so for those that thought I had lost my mind when I said I tried and couldn't blog yesterday.. I ain't really crazy.. it said it was lost.. honest..

Daily Events and Coffee With Russ

I tried to blog yesterday but the beast that is the world wide web wouldn't let me.. I lost my post twice.. and no.. I didn't bother to back it up before attempting to publish I just gave up.. there really wasn't that much to blog about anyway.. Just the days events.. and blah blah blah..

Not that there are any amazing things going on today.. I have just gotten into the habit of writing everyday and I sorta feel naked if I don't... not that naked is a bad thing..

Today started off in the usual rush around, hurry up way.. I came home and tried to take a nap.. but that wasn't in the stars for me apparently.. first the dog woke me.. insisting that there was someone or something at the door.. I got up to check.. nada... Then Sierra came through the house fussing at the dog.... then Chelsea called telling me of the dire emergency in her life.. she desperately needed her purse at school and had left it on the sofa in the living room.. and apparently her very life depended on my taking her purse to school.. so being the good mom that I am.. I gave up all hopes of a nap and took the purse..

From there Jordan, Sierra and I went to my In - Laws so Jordan could talk to my father-in-law about renting the upstairs apt by himself when the guy that is in there moves out.. He presented his case in an adult and responsible manner.. and was rewarded with the opportunity to rent the apt..

We came home and had lunch.. and as I was getting ready to blog Russ called.. he asked me out for coffee.. sounded like a good plan to me..( coffee always does).. not to mention I like Russ' company... we met at Starbucks and sat in the cool purple chairs drinking our coffee and talking to the entertainment of the other customers.. I left about 15 minutes til Kyle time.. picked him up and came home... Where I am finally able to write.. I feel better..

Well it is almost 20 til Chelsea.. so I had better get off here and get a few things done.. y'all have fun..

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Almost the Weekend

It has been a pretty good day.. I didn't really have anything on my agenda to do to day other than pay one bill and clean house.. I knew that my daily plan could and would most likely change before the morning was half done.. but I still figured I might be able to sneak in a nap today..

The morning started out in it's usual way.. with one exception.. I didn't pack Ron's lunch last night so I had to do it this morning.. no sweat.. other than that I got up.. let the dogs out.. sent Ron off to work.. begged, pleaded and threatened Chelsea out of bed.. got them off to school.. and then my day's plan changed..

Jordan needed to go get his paycheck from the company that he was working for.. so we went out there only to find that the checks were not in yet.. I know I know.. I should have called.. but I don't always do what I should do... from there we went to pay the gas bill.. of all of our bills this is the one that I hate the most.. From our bill alone we could finance the government of a small third world company.. anyway..that done.. we returned home.. where I did a little.. and I mean very little housework.. and basically bs'ed around online for a bit.. then I realized.. Nap time...

After an hour and a half I awoke.. we headed back out to get Jordan's check..(yes we called first this time)... from there it was a quick stop at Walmart only to find that they don't cash checks from this company.. boy that is encouraging.. so we wound up driving all the way across town to the bank it was drawn on.. Jordan got cat and dog food.. and some other essential things that he needed for himself and Sierra.. and we rushed back across town to get Kyle from school..

We have now made it home.. and I did a bit more cleaning..(guilt set in) and decided to sit down and blog a bit.. If I miss a day's blogging now days I feel like I have forgotten an important part of my day.. anywho.. It is almost time to pick up miss Chella.. so.. for now.. I'm outta here..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And Justice For All?

There has been a recent incident involving one of our other online groups.. Ron is a board member of this group.. and I am a moderator of the group.. so we are both in a position of authority for the group. He and I do not agree how this incident has been handled by the rest of the board.

The incident is as follows.. There is a man and a woman.. they were involved in a relationship.. she alleges that he didn't handle the break up well and has been stalking, threatening and harassing her.. from what I understand this has been going on for quite some time and she has just recently taken legal measures.. the man has been arrested..OK.. there is the back ground..

The situation is now that the group wants to rescind his membership and not allow him to attend group functions and to continue to allow her to have privileges of the group.. this is being done in the name of group safety..

Ron and I have a different view of this.. If one of them is suspended from the group because he poses a threat to a member.. the other should be suspended as well.. we do not have the right to condemn this man without benefit of a jury trial.. so far.. he has only been charged.. not convicted..If the charges are true, he poses a threat to the group, as well as the individual.. therefore, her presence at group functions poses a threat to the group as well.. that sucks but if the charges are true.. who knows what he might do at a function that he knows she is attending.. if group safety is really the issue.. this has to be considered

There is another side to the story.. we have heard from a source close to him that her version of events are not necessarily the way it went.. that the allegations are false.. If that be the case there is even more reason to suspend her membership as well.. false allegations can be just as devastating to the group as if the charges turn out to be true..

Wrongfully accusing someone of committing a crime like this against you ruins the life and reputation of the person you accuse.. trust me.. I have first hand knowledge of just how devastating it can be. Details of which I just don't feel like going into right now.. maybe another blog...

My point is.. this group is based on individual freedoms.. and for us as a group to exclude anyone based on allegations alone.. which are basically just one person's word against another.. and a few e mails.. (which can be altered) is going against all of the values for which not only our group stands for but our country as well .. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? If we are going to protect the group, which is what our job is.. we cannot take sides.. we cannot be judge , jury and executioner and the only way to assure fairness to all involved is to suspend both.. or neither..

The board voted 5-1 to revoke his membership.. and to further make an announcement to the group that any member charged with certain types of crimes will have their membership revoked as well .. Ron was the hold out vote.. I am considering resigning my membership to the group. I cannot in good conscience continue to support a group that is this willing to just believe everything they hear and be one sided on the issues without allowing both parties equal time to state their position..

Ok.. putting away my soapbox once again..

How was your day?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Life Goes On

Today has proven to me that no matter how stressed out a week like last week can be.. there is always something funny in it if you look for it..

On my way back from my parent's in laws house.. I was reaching into my coat pocket to find something.. it is a pocket I don't normally use.. and what do I find.. The Missing Debit Card.. lotta good that does now.. but glad I found it.. ok.. yeah this is the same coat that I have been wearing since the thing turned up missing.. and the one I was wearing when I lost it over a week ago.. and yes... I have checked the pockets over and over again looking for the thing.. but, this morning.. somehow.. there it was.. I had no choice.. I just busted out laughing..

Personally.. I don't think I would have made it through most of the things in my life without the ability to laugh at just about anything.. Thank God for knowing the healing power of humor..

Anyway.. we have one home sick today.. tummy ache.. head ache.. throat sore..slight fever.. Yes honey.. the Kyle is ill.. we have a rule in our house.. if you stay home from school.. you don't go out.. you don't play.. you stay in and rest so even though he is already grounded and this is sorta a mute point I don't think he was faking this morning (well not much) can't fake the fever.. I am hoping this will only be a 24 hr thing.. I don't think I am ready for someone else in this house to be down for a week again..

Glad my honey is back on the road to recovery and feeling more and more like himself.. C'mere baby lemme feel ya again.. ok.. Sorry again Russ.. can't help myself... OK.. thinking it is time for me to go do some laundry.. or dusting.. or something.. Have a good one my blogging friends...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Let the New Week Begin

Wow I am so glad last week is over.. It was sorta the week from hell.. I lost my debit card.. found out my daughter is pregnant.. lost my cell phone.. (chelsea actually lost it) .. Ron was sick.. It just wasn't the best week of my life..

This morning didn't start out too well.. Ron tried to sign on to AOL and it wouldn't let him.. so after calling the totally useless AOL customer service # and being put on hold and hung up on.. We discovered that it was our keyboard that was causing the problem..So after restarting the computer he finally got online only to discover that the mail he had really wasn't worth all the hassle in the first place..

Jordan came downstairs on time.. we loaded up the van .. Me , Sierra, and Jordan.. and we were off the same time that Ron departed for his first day back at work in a week.. ( Feel better baby).. we got Jordan to work .. and headed back here for the second wave of passengers for the morning.. Chelsea.. in her usual style .. did not want to get up.. Kyle was up and raring to go.. but he usually is.. finally.. I convinced Chelsea.. that after the week I had last week.. she really needed to cease and dissist or I could not be responsible for my actions... she thought that it might be a good idea to hurry after that point was made.. don't know why..

After dropping them off at school.. Sierra and I made it to the grocery store where her beginning cravings put a few extra items in the cart.. This is looking like it is gonna get expensive.. anyway.. we got our food.. and ran and errand.. and returned home .. I did some housework.. and put away the groceries.. wow .. it almost feels normal around here..

Ron called me a little bit ago.. he had my phone turned back on.. oh yeah.. we got a call last night.. a lady had found my phone in the middle of the road and actually called to return it.. OK.. so there are still honest people in this world.. that's good to know.. anyway.. Ron got it back on this morning.. I am back in communication.. yeeehaww... anyway.. I still have a million things to do.. I'm outta here.. Hoping for a nice boring week..(yeah right).. Y'all have fun..

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday , Sunday

Ok.. well I guess today will be the day that determines if Ron has sufficiently recovered enough to go back to work tomorrow.. I know how much he hates to miss work.. but when you are as sick as he has been.. you are sick.. and that is just all there is to it.. you can't make yourself be better when the germ has ya and wants to keep ya.. you just have to deal with it and fight it until it surrenders..

He is feeling better.. he doesn't sound as congested.. his voice is stronger.. however, he was running a fever last night.. and he is still coughing all night.. I went in to get his check Friday and his boss told me.. to not send him back til he is well.. so that is exactly what I am gonna do.. keep him here until he is better.. even if I have to tie him to the bed ( sorry Russ)..

The rest of the house seems to be re-settling and adjusting to the other situations that have been going on around here.. everyone seems to have gotten back up off of the floor from the pregnancy news and it is pretty much back to life as usual.. Kyle is still talking 90 miles a minute.. Chelsea is still being Chelsea.. the dogs are still making me and the DUDE crazy.. I think the only critter in this house that was totally unaffected was Ava.. she just kept right on being a snake.. guess being cold blooded ain't always a bad thing..

Well I guess I am gonna go see how my honey is feeling.. see if he needs anything.. hmm thinking.. he is feeling better.. wonder how he would like a nice sponge bath.. hmmmm .. (oops.. sorry Russ).. y'all have fun..

Friday, March 04, 2005

Time to Breathe

Whoa... It has been days and days since I have entered the kingdom of Blog.. sorry to have been away so long.. There have been issues.. and Drama.. and intrigue.. ok.. issues and drama.. no intrigue.. just basic life..

Ron is still sick.. poor thing.. ya know as intelligent as he is.. you would think that going to the dr. in the first day or 3 would have occurred to him.. finally today he went to the doctor.. here is the scoop.. both ears are infected.. he has congestion in his chest.. he has sinus issues.. hmmm I don't know bout you but .. sounds like the FLU to me.. he got a bunch of prescriptions.. over 200.00 worth.. and hopefully taking them he will be on his way to recovery...

The rest of the weeks drama revolved mainly around Sierra.. It seems.. well .. I'm going to be a grandmother come early November.. No this was not the news I wanted from my 16 yr old daughter.. but it's not like I can make them take it back.. It means that Sierra will have to grow up faster.. Jordan will have to grow up faster.. they will both become adults whether they like it or not.. they will have to take on the responsibility of another life besides their own.. Ron and I are both supportive of them.. we don't see the need or the value in getting upset about the situation.. It is what it is.. the best we can do now is support Sierra and Jordan and help them become the best parents they can.. I know a lot of people would not understand our take on this .. and that is ok.. I have this outlook due to the fact I have basically been on my own since I was 12.. I got married at 16 (no I wasn't pregnant) and I became an adult way too soon.. I didn't want this for my kids.. but I refuse to make her feel like she is not the same young woman that I admired and respected earlier this week .. I want her to know that I still love her just the same.. I still think she will be whatever she wants to be.. I just think it will be a lot more difficult..

Ron and I have explained all of this to Sierra and Jordan.. they understand they have our unwavering support and love.. This baby , while ill timed is still my grandchild.. and will be born surrounded by love.. Not all babies born to two adult parents can have that..... The difficulties that lie ahead I have faced myself and I will do everything in my power to help my daughter face them in a way that I didn't have.. With support and love..

They want to get married.. they have been wanting to get married for the last year of their now 2 yr relationship.. I don't know what decision to make about this part of the situation.. I'm going to wait a little while til the emotional part of me calms down enough to make an educated, thought out , talked out decision.. Right now.. deciding what to cook for dinner is a difficult process..

I am basically ok now that the majority of the shock is over.. I have had wonderful support from Ron.. he is my angel and my rock.. I have had support from Ronnie.. he took it rather well for him.. I have had support from Russ.. thank you my friend.. so with all of this support for me.. I can devote all of my support to my daughter.. she needs her mom in ways that she doesn't even realize yet.. and when she does..I will be there..

ok.. time to stop.. the wrist is hurting.. and I am about exhausted.. y'all have a good one..