Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have debated about posting our upcoming news. I have thought about it and thought about it. I have concerns due to I know that some of the people that might want to cause trouble used to read my blog but you know what.. I really don't care. I am excited and happy about it and want to share it here with people I care about and with people I have come to care about through my blog and Ron's ..

OK no more beating around the bush.

Ron and I have been talking about it for a while now. With Kyle and Chelsea's consent and with the acceptance and consent of all of the kids Ron will be adopting my kids. He will be adopting Kyle and Chelsea. Even though she is 18 she wants him to adopt her too.. and that is fine with him. This is just something we all want. I don't know how long the process takes but I understand that it isn't that long or that expensive when it is a step parent adoption and when there is no need to have parental rights terminated. As the kids biological father is deceased there will be no need of any of the usual legal steps.

My kids will always love and remember their biological father, they will always consider him "daddy" but they have a wonderful relationship with Ron and although this adoption is in no way necessary to solidify the relationship they have with him it is something that we all want.

We would in no way prevent them from contact with any members of their father's biological family that they want to be in contact with. I know they want to still see their papaw and they will of course still be able to do that. They will also still have the large extended family they have had since Ron and I got married. Nothing will change in any of that.

Just thought I would share that with y'all.. When things get moving I will keep y'all updated and when the big day arrives I will definitely let everyone in on the celebration.

Y'all have fun

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Newest Grandbaby

We are getting a new grand baby in September. Tuesday we went with Sierra for her full ultrasound. The tech did a good job of finding fingers and toes and bottom and top, she even got what looked like it waving, being Sierra's child that is entirely possible Sierra has never met a camera she didn't like, then we asked if she could tell if it is a boy or girl. She found the genitals and we all saw something that looked a lot like a penis. She wouldn't commit to saying for sure that is what we were looking at because Sierra isn't quite as far along as her records had her seems someone wrote a number incorrectly on her chart when she was 14 weeks along and made her 18 weeks. When in fact she is only 16 1/2 weeks now, anyway the next day Sierra was talking to her doctor at her follow up appointment and mentioned the appearance of what we thought was a penis, so the Dr did a quickie ultrasound right there and yep sure enough there was a penis. So it looks like we are getting a grandson. I am so excited.. I would be excited either way girl or boy.. I just love my grand babies.. We did get a DVD of some of the ultrasound pics so.. here they are.. oh yeah his name will be Isaiah Christopher.. well that is what she says right now .. Cloe was supposed to be Olivia Rose.. no matter.. Mamaw will call him anything his mommy names him as long as I get to spoil him...

I love the face pic.. wow have ultrasounds changed since I had my last baby.. of course that was 13 yrs ago.. OK now I feel old my baby is 13.. the fact that my oldest daughter is making me a mamaw again doesn't make me feel old.. but Kyle being a teenager does.. I know I'm a weirdo..
Y'all have fun

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spoiled and Other Things

OK.. So I am spoiled we all know this.. but, last night we found out I am not the most spoiled creature in this house, Not even close.

We finally got our bed back together, those of you that read Ron's blog know about the water bed side popping off and subsequent repair efforts. Last night I was laying in my bed enjoying having the comfort of my water bed back and not having to sleep in Chella's rock hard bed, I was reading a book and minding my business, Ron stuck his head in the door and started chuckling. I didn't have a clue what he thought was amusing until he said "Look at Dusty" and there he was, under the cover with his big furry head on Ron's pillow peeping out as if to say " Yes I am so happy to have MY bed back." I turned on my other side and he put his paw on my shoulder and dozed happily back to sleep. That is spoiled!! Both of the dogs are happy to have the bed back they are even willing to let us sleep in it.

In other things. I was approved for my disability. It isn't much per month but at least I will have some feeling of contributing to the household financially. The best part in a way though it the vindication. I have known that my back is unstable, I have known what type pain I deal with on a daily basis, I haven't been sitting on my butt because I am lazy or because it is all in my head. Finally the SSA has determined what I already knew.

I am still not smoking and still not missing it. I feel really good about quitting and I have discovered a bonus, if I had known that my voice would improve from quitting, I would have done it a long time ago. I started smoking so young that I don't remember how my voice sounded back then but I do know what it sounds like now. Not that I am a superstar by any means but I love to sing and I have noticed a big improvement.

Well can't think of much else to write about today. So I think I will get off here and go back to reading my book. Lake News by Barbara Delinsky. It is really good I just started reading her last year and have found most of her books to be good. I would highly recommend The Vineyard though it is one of the best books I have read in a really long time.

Y'all have fun