Monday, February 28, 2005

Still Sick..

My poor honey still has the bug.. He didn't go to work today.. (good Ron) had he tried to get in the Bravada and traverse the highway this morning I would have flattened his tires and lost the keys to the other 2 vehicles.. he hates to miss work.. but there are days that you just can't and shouldn't go in .. today was one of those..

It has been a mostly quiet day..I took the kids to school and came home to sleep on the couch for an hour or so.. I didn't sleep much last night.. I never sleep much.. but last night I was worrying about Ron.. He felt like he had a fever of 102 or better.. so what did I do.. what I do best of course.. I worried...

He seems to be feeling a bit better as the day wears on .. I keep poking pills down his throat.. ya have to be firm about this with Ron.. he doesn't like meds of any kind.. and doesn't like to take them.. I am all for prayer and healing.. My personal philosophy is that God created the people who make the drugs therefore, giving them the brains to make the drugs to make us better.. that is just how I look at it.. not that I want anyone to stop praying.. just that the two can work together.. Not that God needs any help.. but , ooh forget it.. I'm digging a hole here that my wrist is not gonna allow me to be able to type my way out of..

Anyway.. It has been quiet.. and rainy all day.. It is supposed to snow tonight.. I wish that it would.. I am so tired of hearing.. we are gonna get 2' of accumulation..and then Nuttin.. it is annoying.. if it is gonna snow.. then snow already.. geesh... if not.. then quit talking bout it.. I guess that is just part of me being me.. I don't like to talk about doing something.. I am the type that if I say I'm gonna do it.. I do it..I don't need to sit and think about it for a while.. I just do it..
To say the least I am not a procrastinator.. oh well.. Im off to get another kid from school.. and to check on Ron for the 1000th time today.. Poor man.. he will be glad to get better just to keep me from bugging him to death taking care of him.. Y'all have fun..

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Got the "funk"

Well dangit.. My poor honey has gotten the funk.. I have been teasing him .. telling him that he waited til we were all over it until he got it so that he could get all the attention.. But, I really feel bad for him.. He is stuffy, coughing, sneezing..the whole works.. I wish he would let me take care of him..

He is funny that way.. he tells me that I take such good care of him.. but I don't really see that I do anything spectactular.. I fix dinner.. I make his lunch.. I rub his back when it hurts.. things like that.. to me that is all part of loving someone.. and part of being the kind of wife that I want to be.. I don't know.. maybe it is all part of me being old fashioned..

Anyway.. the day has been pretty good all sicknesses aside.. we got up and took the grandkids back to their rightful owners.. that is a good thing.. Don't get me wrong.. I love having them over.. I love spending time with them.. I think I am just getting too old for a 6,4, and 2 yr old.. I don't have the energy or the patience for it anymore.. and for me to not have the energy with my natural hyperness makes me wonder exactly how much energy little ones have in the first place..

We did have one interesting development last night and this morning.. It seems that Kody(4) is fascinated with Ava..our python.. this is a kid that according to his mom and dad is afraid of a ladybug..He begged to play with her.. he wanted to have her around his neck.. he loved it.. His mom couldn't believe it so we took Ava with us when we returned the children.. Kody walked into where his mom works with Ava around his neck.. I thought Audrey was gonna faint.. it was really funny.. here he is this lil fella.. with a 3 foot snake around his neck.. acting like she is a cuddly puppy.. she is rather lovable at that..

The rest of the day has been pretty laid back.. we were supposed to go to a dinner tonight but decided to cancel due to Ron feeling funky... well I hear him coughing again.. gonna go check on him.. y'all have a good evening..

Friday, February 25, 2005


Well.. I finally get to sit down for a few minute.. It seems like I have been running all day long.. and still haven't accomplished much.. Kids..Breakfast with friends.. Job Interviews for Jordan.. Kids again.. maybe I'll get to sit here and write for a while before the next thing I have to do comes up.. Russ came over for dinner last night.. this was a good thing.. I like it when Russ comes over for dinner.. he raves about my cooking.. Ron does it all the time.. but he is biased....

Russ and I got a chance to talk about some things that were on his mind.. the un bloggable subject.. as he took Chelsea and I to the video store to return a movie.. He dropped us off here at the house and I came in to find my honey in bed already.. 7:30pm.. I thought.. wooo hooo.. get some real rest for a change..I did the MOM things that still needed to be done around here.. you know.. the make the lunch.. set up coffee.. kiss kids good night.. take the dogs out.. that sorta stuff.. and got in bed to cuddle with my baby .. he wasn't feeling well and promptly passed out on me.. I managed to make it all the way to 9:00 before succumbing to sleep myself..

The next thing I knew it was 6am and the alarm was doing its usual bellowing.. so another day began.. (yes honey..i do remember you being up in the middle of the night.).. I have gone out for meals with friends twice in the last 2 days.. and while I have had a much needed get away from the house good time.. this can't continue.. it gets costly... I just get tired of being at home so much.. I don't do much of anything but housework and I can't do a lot of that with my wrist the way it is.. the only alternatives that leaves is TV.. reading .. or sleep.. none of which I want to do in the daytime.. so what I do most of the time.. is teach Sierra.. and get on this box to share my day with my blogging friends...

Oh well looks like it is time for going to get another kid.. have a good day y'all..

Thursday, February 24, 2005


It is another Thursday.. which translates into another Ian day.. Chasity showed up with the cute lil guy just as Ron was heading to work.. He went out.. she came in.. after she left.. Ian and I got the other kids up and ready for school.. and headed out the door.. poor kid doesn't actually stay here when I have him.. we are usually too busy running up and down the roads..

We got back just as Jordan's dad was calling for him to come help him with some moving.. so we got him up and out the door.. that left me , Sierra, and Ian.. I can see a spoiled rotten baby day coming.. as if that is different from any Ian day..

It gets a little boring just being here at the house doing housework and such.. so Sierra and I did a tour of the Thrift shop circuit and found a couple of treasures we just couldn't live without.. OK..sierra always finds something she can't live without.. I have to drag her out of the store.. Don't know where she gets that from..

We then went to the grocery.. had to get something good to fix for dinner.. got Russ coming over this evening.. can't serve him just anything ya know.. and now.. I am blogging.. talking to an old friend online.. and folding laundry.. such are the days of the average (sorta average) housewife.. y'all have fun.. I'm gonna get some things done around here..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sitting here.. I have been reading my honey's blog..he seems to be a bit reflective today.. that is a good thing..

I love the person that he is.. I don't know the person that he used to be.. and that person sounds so much like a stranger that I am not sure I would know him if he were still that way.. I have always been somewhat of an empath.. I feel what others feel.. when I met Ron.. there was this feeling of overwhelming love.. and warmth that just radiated from him.. still does.. I can't imagine him any other way..

There is a current song that sums it us.. "God blessed the broken road".. My life has been a series of heartbreaks.. disapointments.. sadness .. and the greatest joys that life has to offer.. I have loved.. I have lost.. I have laughed and I have cried.. but all of the things that make me who I am and led me to where I am now.. are all that I have experienced in the past.. The mistakes are learning devices.. the sadnesses are keys to how to be happy.. the heartbreaks are directions to how to love the right way..

Even if Ron was the compassionless person he says.. and I believe him.. (unimaginable) but I believe him.. who he is now.. is a direct result of him being that person.. and who knows.. if he had stayed that person.. I don't think I would have felt the instant.. WOW.. when I met him.. which made me want to find out more about this person(no it was not stalking).. and perhaps I would not have this love in my life.. so.. I owe a prayer of thanks to God for touching Ron's heart in the way He did.. and allowing Ron to be the person he is..and I say thank you every day..

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Weighty Issues..

I was sitting here after a morning of running all over town.. I was watching TV.. There is this show that I can't stand.. It is Home Delivery.. It isn't the show itself that I don't like.. It is the over dramatized way they do things.. anyway.. there was nothing else on.. so as I was chatting in the chatroom and listening to the kids.. and watching Ian eat chicken nuggets.. I over heard the TV talking about this woman that was over 600lbs.. It caught my attention..

I used to weigh over 300lbs myself.. I didn't eat a lot.. but I ate a lot of the wrong things.. I was and still am a carb junkie.. I would eat all day.. just graze.. I never sat down for a real meal.. I didn't have time for that.. so I would eat the wrong things all day long.. I realized one day that a 4x was too small for me.. I was getting dressed to go to my best friends daughter's wedding.. and I found I had nothing that would fit me anymore.. It wasn't bad enough that I couldn't play with my kids.. I couldn't get out in the yard and do things that mom's do.. I would run out of breath.. I would get rashes from the fat .. but when I couldn't even get into something to wear.. I had reached the "gotta do something" point.. My doctor told me that I would not live to see 40 if I didn't get the weight off.. So my choice was to have gastric bypass surgery.. it saved my life..

The show this morning bothered me.. They were showing this woman eating 5 burgers.. plates of candy.. donuts.. you name it.. and all I could think of was.. This woman knows what she looks like.. she knows what she feels like.. and showing all this food is just fueling all the stereotypes of overweight people.. that all they do is sit around and eat.. they are all lazy.. they are all pigs.. that kind of thing makes me so angry.. That type of sensationalism was not doing a thing to help her lose weight.. it didn't do anything to make her feel better about herself.. therefore it most likely caused her to eat more.. They did get her a nutritionists to help her change her eating habits.. but this woman was more like a drill sergeant.. that doesn't help either.. having been on that side of the fence.. I know that berating someone for eating won't work to get them to change.. making them feel like they are lazy and pigs won't work either.. support and love help.

I hope the woman on that show learns that she is much more important than her weight.. that she is valuable big or little.. then she will be able to lose the weight to be healthy and happy..

Ok.. I am climbing down off my soap box.. and sliding it back under the bed..

Monday, February 21, 2005

Back to School

Today has been a really good day.. I got up this morning at the usual way too early time.. Got dressed, let the dogs out.. and instead of sending my honey off to work.. I sent myself with him.. Today is a student holiday which means that Ron had to work.. but he would have no students so, I thought i would tag along and keep him company.. and I have done such a good job of it..

He had to go to Lowe's this morning and spend state money on materials and such.. so I stayed here with a good book and a tv remote.. when he got back we worked in his tool room for a few minutes.. then I got hungry .. We ordered from one of my favorite places in the world.. The Great Wall.. I got the Sesame Chicken.. Yummmmmmmmmmm.. But I didn't realize there is a really high sugar content in that.. well could be a moderate sugar content.. combinded with the M&M's I had earlier it was enough to knock me out for about an hour.. I don't digest sugar.. If i get too much.. Out like a light I go.. If I have too little.. I get sweaty and shaky and short of breath.. so I walk a thin line with the sugar thing..

When I woke up Ron was coming back up from his lab and we sat and talked while he did some of his teacher work.. then he disappeared down to the lab again.. I haven't seen him since.. so I thought I would get on his puter and blog away..

We haven't spent every moment together but just knowing he is downstairs instead of another town works for me.. It is funny.. often even when we are home we are not talking.. not doing much of anything.. not even in the same room but, the connection is still there and the comfort of knowing he is around is all I need..

Well the teacher just returned.. I guess I should get away from his desk and back to my own.. I am probably already in trouble for sleeping in class.. Oh yeah.. I even Squeaked my tennis shoes in the hall.. I am just a rebel that way..

Friday, February 18, 2005

Another New Toy????

Well I did it.. I finally got another new toy... ok.. well this one isn't as much fun to play with as my van.. or as my favorite toy.. Ron.. but.. it does do what I need it to do.. and it soothes one of my obsessions..

I am a clean freak.. I don't like clutter.. I don't like messy.. It makes me a bit.. well obsessive... I know Ron, with his sweet, wonderful way won't complain about my obsessiveness.. but I know I must get on his nerves at times... I am constantly picking up.. constantly getting up and down to do something.. It isn't that I love cleaning.. It is that I don't love mess....I know there is a certain amount of clutter involved in everyday living.. I do have children.. they are just little clutters looking for a place to happen.. generally they happen where ever they are.. but, there is no need for a house to be dirty.. We have very limited space here .. so.. one thing where it isn't supposed to be makes the house look dirty.. so... I clean.. I don't work myself to the bone or anything like that.. I just do a little.. all day.. that is so not obsessive.. geesh..

Anyway.. the new toy is a vacuum.. I bought a broom vac not too long ago.. easier on my hand and wrist.. but a little too easy on the carpet.. doesn't get the job done.. so today I bought a monster vacuum.. the problem now.. I can't push the stupid thing.. I tried left handed.. it just stood there and looked at me like.. "Is that all you got?" then I tried both hands.. the pain factor kicked in with the right wrist and informed me that yes.. that is all I have... so finally I found a way.. get it going by pushing with my left foot and left hand.. and pulling it back with the left.. it seemed to work well .. right up until Malcolm developed a very unatural attraction to the new toy... I don't even want to know what that was about.. but he likes the thing a bit too much.. anyway.. I did get the carpet clean.. and got a lot of other work done around.. here.. hmmm what is that sound.. the quieting of the obsession fairy.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh .. ok.. I know there is something left to wash, wipe, scrub, launder or otherwise make neater.. til later y'all .. have fun..

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yesterday while Ron was off work sick, and the rest of us were lazing around with the same funk that kept him home.. we watched a really cute movie.. "Without a paddle"... It is a coming of age movie about four friends that signed a blood oath as children to find DB Cooper's treasure.. one dies as an adult and the other three go on an adventure to fulfill the oath.. The movie itself was cute.. I enjoyed it.. but it got me to thinking about my own childhood friends..

Jan and Sissy are the first two that come to mind.. We met when I was 7 , Jan was 8 and Sissy was 5.. they knocked on our door wanting to know if we wanted a dog.. along side them was the biggest English Sheepdog I have ever seen in my life.. From that day on we were inseparable.. Jan and I grew closer than sisters.. we allowed Sissy to trail along behind us.. There was nothing we didn't do together.. Jan was gonna be an actress or a veterinarian.. I was gonna be a doctor or a singer.. heck maybe even a singing doctor.. I don't remember what Sissy's plans were but, I know she wanted to be Me or Jan most.. We had sleepovers.. campouts.... skating trips.. movies.. you name it.. it lasted a couple yrs then I moved back to KY.. when I was 11 we moved back to FL and Jan and Sissy and I became the unstoppable trio of trouble once again.. (sorry bout locking you outta the house in your underwear Sissy).. again there was very little that we didn't do together..

Then there was Barb and Tracy.. and Dawn and Jimmy.. and Ruth, Ricky, and Barbara Jean.. these are the ones that stick out in my mind as friends that I had with me almost all the time.. we moved around a lot so every neighborhood I had different friends.. But, Jan and Sissy were the constant.. they were there always..

When I turned 13 we moved once again back to KY.. that is where I met Brenda and Ginger.. forever to be known as BK and LA... by me.. and each other.. BK and I lived in the same neighborhood.. we also became sisters by choice... LA was brought in about a year later and became our group silly one.. BK was always the quiet one.. I was the loudmouth, outgoing, in your face one.. (imagine that) and LA.. was the silly one.. the one that would make us laugh until we cried.. and wow did the three of us cry a lot.. I shared my first real love and heartache with these two incredible people .. they told me what a jerk the guy was for losing me.. and I did the same for them when their hearts had been broken.. It didn't matter if we were the cause of the breakups.. we were there for each other..

When BK started dating a guy that I really liked .. and who liked me a lot more than he liked her.. BK gave me her blessing and her boyfriend.. He and I later married and he became the father of my four children.. It was never a matter of jealousy between us.. it was never an issue.. we just did what we thought was right and still kept our friendship.. BK eventually married the brother of the guy I married.. and LA married a guy that none of us liked but her.. I introduced her to him.. I didn't like him.. but she did.. and that was what mattered..

We grew up.. had kids.. I lost touch with LA .. BK kept up with both of us... I was easy to keep up with BK and I were family.... We did the having babies around the same time thing.. the comparing growth of said babies.. the our men are driving us crazy thing.. and we still cried on each other's shoulders and laughed at each others jokes..

When my ex and I split.. BK took the family's side of the break up and she and I no longer speak.. we live about a mile from each other.. I have spoken with her on the phone briefly from time to time , mostly calling when my ex is there with my kids.. but no real conversation.. I hurt everytime I think about her.. everytime something good happens in my life.. I want to share it with her..since I can't do that in reality.. I tell her what is going on in my life by just talking to her.. I know she doesn't hear me.. but it makes me feel like there is something of that connection left..

During the 18 years that Ronnie ( my ex) and I were married..We moved to FL... I reconnected with Jan and Sissy.. the childhood closeness was still there.. but we also developed a strong adult friendship as well.. Jan isn't an actress or a veterinarian.. I am not a doctor or a singer.. (Karaoke doesn't count) and unless Sissy wanted to be a manager of a seafood store and restaurant.. she didn't become whatever it was she wanted to be either.. But we are all doing things that we love doing... We all have lives.. kids.. marriages.. 2 of us have 2nd marriages.. but the connection that made us the trio we were.. still exists..

I have made some adult friendships that I wouldn't trade for all the world.. Mauritha.. I love you !!!! y'all all know about the Russ... love you too man.. and there are several people that I hold dear to my heart that I know deserve mention here.. but with the tears blurring my vision.. it is a bit difficult to think.. My point is.. the friendships that I have made as an adult are every bit as rich and wonderful as any I have made in my life..

The ones that I made as a child, however, shaped the me that I am .. were the ones that supported my dreams.. made my home life bearable.. and got me through what otherwise would have been a nightmare childhood.. and I guess I just want to thank them all..

Hey Y'all wanna get together and see if we can go find bigfoot.. how bout that UFO we saw that time Jan? .. BK.. I still love you as much as I ever did.. and LA if you read a blog one day by someone with a troublesome name..think TJ.. I'm still around..I'll even sing for ya.. anything by Journey...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentines Day.. The Morning After

I had a fun Valentines Day for the most part.. A friend needed help delivering flowers so I thought it would be a good way to make a little money and have a little fun too.. not to mention getting outta the house for a while..

So.. at 8:30 Sierra and I got to the shop and loaded up boxes and boxes of flowers to be delivered.. before we loaded.. Angie..(the boss) asked if I know downtown well.. and the nutcase that I am.. says.. "yeah".. bad bad plan.... Sierra and I get started.. DOWNTOWN.. not good.. this town is the strangest designed town... there are one way streets every block and none of them are going the one way you need to go. I swear the original plans for this city were drawn up by the town drunk.. There was, at the end of the day, one place we couldn't find.. I know where it is now.. having been born and raised in this town you would think i would know my way around pretty well.. for the life of me I had never heard of Shoreside Dr. It was an adventure finding that one.. If you are ever in town and need to find that street.. look me up.. I can help ya now..

For the most part though Sierra and I had a blast.. She is a lot of fun to spend time with.. I couldn't have done the job without her.. I can't carry the vases.. and she can't drive without me.. so we helped each other make a little money... and we got to enjoy some really good mom/daughter time together.. that is a great thing..

After we got all of our runs done and then the daily runs .. (kid picking up) we headed to Rite Aid to get some change and for Sierra to purchase a little something for Jordan for V-Day.. I didn't know I was gonna run into my honey and unknowingly almost mess up plans of his for the 2nd time in one day.. He made a quick exit and beat me home.. he had the sweetest little teddy bear waiting for me on my pillow.. and of course the chocolate that I can't control myself with.. I loved the card he got me too.. It sounded like him.. I hate cards that sound like someone else is talking .. With Ron and I it is hard to find a card that sounds like something we would say.. we both sorta have an interesting way of putting our feelings into writing.. he wrote a poem once "Cloud Walker" if he will share it ...then you will know what I mean..We can say what we want to say to each other without saying a word most of the time.. so finding a card that even comes close is an accomplishment.. he did well.....

The rest of the evening was spent in relative quiet together.. the usual kids running in and out... and the animals wrestling around.. but, that for the most part is just background noise.. I can block it out.. we didn't do much of anything.. just be together.. that works for me..

I was telling Ron last night.. the people that know us.. tend to think we would do all this outrageous romantic stuff to show our feelings on Valentines Day.. they think we are the "perfect couple" and being such we would go all out for each other.. what they don't realize is.. every day we go all out for each other.. we give all of our hearts to each other every day.. we don't need to go overboard on special days because every day that we share is special to us.. our love grows continually.. in order for it to grow we have to nurture it.. that is our daily life.. So for those of you that feel disappointed in my teddy bear or in Ron's compass.. just remember... we always share our hearts and those are the most precious gifts that two people can share..

Today is get the house in order day.. I haven't done any real cleaning in days.. just picking up here and there and keeping up with laundry.. (that is a never ending chore) so I will be offline most of the day.. working my little butt off.. Yeah I know honey.. there ain't much back there to work off .. anywho.. I'm outta here.. y'all have a great day.. and I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and that you share that feeling of love with that someone special everyday..

Oh.. Honey.. I love you..

Friday, February 11, 2005

Today.. Yesterday.. Tomorrow

Well .. I don't really know what to write about today... My life is pretty much the same .. day by day.. I sometimes go different places and do different things... but for the most part.. it is same old me doing the same old things.. that is not to say that I am bored with my life or that routine is a bad thing.. I tend to be an organized person by nature.. so routine is something I am comfortable with.. Gives me a sense of order...

Today has been pretty good.. got up.. got Ron off to work.. got the kids off.. went to Ron's parents to work on his dad's printer.. ( not fully fixed) and came home.. A friend is supposed to come by for her and I to do some shopping for a friend that is expecting this month.. and to do lunch.. That should be fun.. she is one of the people that was Ron's friend first.. and slowly .. slowly came around to liking me..

His friends are very protective of him.. Several of them just accepted me when we first got together.. but most all of them are my friends now too.. they realize that I have no intention of hurting Ron.. and I would never want him to give up his friends for me.. I love the people he has brought into my life.. some are just friends.. some have become more than that.. they are genuine people that I am honored to call good friends.. Becky ( the one coming over) is one of those.. she is a sweet person with a great personality and a wicked sense of humor.. she fusses at me at times.. says i wear fat chick clothes still but other than that.. she is a great friend.. and i am thankful to have her in my life..

I am finally (thank God) over the flu.. still feeling a bit dragged out.. but getting back to my old self.. which means I will be bouncing all over the house as usual in no time.. I just can't sit still.. I have more energy than anyone my age should have.. and this flu has kept me down way too long.. Look out Honey.. she's back.. well almost..

I guess I should get up and go find out why it smells like someone is burning down my kitchen.. Sierra and Jordan are cooking lunch.. but.. I really don't think I want to know.. think I will go out and have a cigarette before Becky gets here.. have a good day y'all.. blog ya later..

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Monday on Thursday

It feels like a Monday... I overslept.. Ron was up.. doing his morning Ron thing.. and I missed it.. dangit...I would probably still be asleep if I hadn't had kids to take to school and a grandbaby to watch today.. Then the roads were all icy.. lots of accidents.. I'm a worrier by nature.. so naturally I worried about Ron all the time it takes him to get to work.. he called me and told me about the roads and told me he was gonna call me when he got to school.. but .. no call.. bad Ron..
Just kidding.. I called him just to make sure..

I can't help my worrying nature.. I worry about Ron driving to work and back.. not because of his driving.. but because every other driver on the road.. we have some seriously bad drivers around here.. I think they took lessons from the tourist in Cocoa Beach.. I lived close to there for 15 yrs.. and those are without a doubt the worst drivers in the US..I worry about my kids being out and about.. If they are walking.. I worry about people bothering them.. If they are in a car with anyone other than me or Ron I worry about traffic.. I worry about my friends when they are down.. I worry about so many things that if I had to make a list I would worry about how long it is..

With most things.. I am pretty easy going.. but this part of me.. this worry gene.. I inherited from my mother.. and I seem to have passed it on to Sierra.. she is the same way.. sorry kiddo..

Anyway.. I finally got the kids off to school.. and made it back home.. to my mom.. who was doing.. Can ya guess???? She was worrying about me.. she was worrying about what time she has to be back at the nursing home.. I calmed her down and decided that it would be a good time to blog..

While trying to blog I have had to stop 5 times to yell at a puppy that won't seem to leave Ian alone.. and I have had to clean up one major spill .. so I am thinking this blog might just take the rest of the day to finish.. I am watching Ian.. Sierra is watching Ian.. and between the two of us you would think that he wouldn't be able to get into so much.. I don't remember babies being that fast.. apparently he inherited some super speed gene.....Hmmm thinking I had better get off here and corral this boy before he gets into something else..

Oh yeah.. In my Russ blog I was seriously remiss in pointing out one of Russ' best qualities... I was reminded of this omission by the Russ himself last night.. I apologize for any inconvienence this may have caused to Russ' fans... The thing I left out.. Russ Is HOT!!!!!!!!... there ya go Russ

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


ok.. I'm ticked.. madder'n a wet hen as my mom would say.. I got a TOS violation.. I was in the chatroom that we frequent and I told a friend (as a joke) to bite my ass.. there was this person in the room that has had issues with me for a while now.. she reported me.. I have read the terms of service for adult oriented rooms.. mild profanity is not a violation..

The thing that has me ticked is the incident of last week with the jerk sending out the pics of his girlfriend.. this guy still has the same screenname and is still online.. he was reported several times by many members of our group.. yet.. no TOS for him.. and what he did is considered a criminal offense in many states including KY.. I don't get it.. I say something as a joke to a friend.. and I get TOSed .. he breaks the law and is still online.. hmm I guess he pays more for his AOL than I do..

Ok.. now that is outta my system.. Today has been an otherwise good day.. got up.. cleaned.. went to the grocery..then we went to get my mom.. she is spending the night with us.. My mom has alzheimers and as much as I would love to have her home with me on a full time basis I know that I cannot take care of her properly , not to mention the kids, animals and all the other things going on here.. I just don't think we have the room .. so she is residing in a great nursing facility.. I like the way they take care of their residents but lets face it.. it is still a nursing home.. I miss my mom... so I like to bring her home at least once a week if i can for an overnight visit and shopping, sometimes we go to breakfast the next day.. she enjoys her stay here.. and we enjoy having her..

We stopped at the thrift store on the way home.. she loves to look around.. it is hard for her to get around fast.. she has severe arthritis in both legs but she won't stop going no matter what.. I think that is a good thing.. I picked up a couple things for Sierra.. and for Ron.. and then we came home... Mom loves the puppy.. and her and Malcolm are old friends.. Mom has always loved animals.. and they like her.. so it works out well.. Malcolm is funny with her.. he seems to know that she is fragile and he is very gentle with her..

I don't know how gentle Ron is gonna be with the dogs when he gets home.. they tore up a bunch of stuff while I was out.. including his handsfree for his cell phone.. and it was on the desk.. the only one that could have reached that was Malcolm.. I wouldn't want to be in his fur when Ron gets home..

So .. that was about it for my day.. I guess I should get offline and see if my chicken is thawed yet.. we are having honey mustard glazed chicken.. rice.. and corn.. c'mon over.. i cook enough for a small army most of the time.. there is plenty...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's a day

Didn't know if I was gonna blog today or not.. Guess I am.. It has been another day.. the same get up way too early time.. same drive Jordan here or there.. same trying to get to drive my own van.. but there was a great change in my daily routine today.. I have been wanting to take the van on a little road trip, just to see what it would do.. Ron gave me a wonderful idea.. he called me and reminded me of what time he has lunch.. and what a good road trip that would be to come and join him for lunch.. so.. Sierra (of course) drove us to his school and we got to sit together and have lunch while she and Jordan drew all over the dry erase board in Ron's classroom.. It was great to get to see my honey in the middle of the sit and talk together.. not like we don't talk enough at home.. but it was really cool to have lunch with him.. may have to do that again sometime..

I did get to drive home.. I don't know what to do with myself.. lunch with my honey and getting to drive all in the same day.. thinking I might just have to play the lottery the way my day is going.. We got home and I had all intentions of taking a nap when I got in the house.. little did I know that I was walking into a war zone.. there was shredded bath mat all over my living room.. some sort of sponge like material.. and toilet paper from one end of the house to the other.. anyone want a slightly beaten puppy?... and I know she is not doing all of this by herself.. she can't reach some of the things that she is tearing up.. I know Malcolm ( her daddy) is helping her.. I am thinking of setting up a video camera to see them in action when we are gone.. needless to say by the time I got the house looking like a house again.. I was out of the mood for a nap... so I did something I almost never do.. I curled up on the couch and watched a lot of mindless television..

By nature Ron and I are not TV people.. we tend to like to read or talk or just about anything else.. so if the TV is on.. we are either watching a movie.. or the kids are watching something.. for me to curl up on the couch and watch 2 hrs of TV all by myself is not only a rare thing.. it is a mindless thing.. sometimes ya just need a little mindless downtime.. kept the puppy alive at any rate..

I have done absolutely nothing in the way of housekeeping today other than making my bed and doing 2 loads of laundry.. (well the puppy cleanup).. so I guess I had better log off AOL and get busy.. wouldn't want Ron to think I just sit around watching TV for hours now would I? Y'all have fun..

Monday, February 07, 2005

The mid day strangeness

I am sitting here.. bored.. tired.. and watching Sierra shave Jordan's head.. yep told ya it was mid day strangeness.. Jordan has this headful of thick curls.. and for some reason.. Sierra has the clippers and is cutting them all off.. I really need a life.. this is entertainment??

I think part of my problem is that I have worked all of my life and not being able to work is making me just the slightest bit nuts.. I clean.. I blog.. I spend time with the kids.. but still it is not enough to keep my brain busy.. and then there is the missing Ron factor.. it is a wonder I make any sense at all..

For 10 months of our relationship he was in Indiana working.. I only got to see him on Tuesday nights and on weekends.. and we would try to cram so much into our weekends together that we rarely got to spend just Ron and Tammy time.. then that job ended and he came back home.. we got married and we were together every day.. for the most part all day.. that was wonderful.. so now that he is back at a regular job.. It is like I am missing a limb.. I go to tell him something.. and I remember he is at work.. I go to show him something.. and I remember .. he is at work.. I know he loves his job.. and that makes missing him easier..but I miss him terribly anyway..

He is like the part of me that for the longest time I didn't know I didn't have.. now that I do.. I don't know what to do with me when he isn't here.. I know that sounds like I am whining .. hell maybe I am.. most of the time I am not like this.. I have a full life.. I do all sorts of things with the kids.. but there.. in the back of my mind.. even when I am too busy.. there is that missing part.. I never knew that you could love someone like this.. I never knew that loving someone could be this overwhelming at times.... I know I know.. I sound like a love sick teenager.. There are just days that the missing gets to be too much.. Told ya this was mid day strangeness..

I just don't know what to do with me.. Think I will go clean something and see if my down mood improves.. I guess that is one good thing about being a woman.. we can get in blue moods and don't have to have a reasonable explanation as to why.. later y'all..

One little postscript here.. have you ever noticed how you can start off writing about one thing.. and it take on a life of it's own and lead you into an entirely different direction.. more strangeness..

Who is this Russ guy anyway??

Last night I got to enjoy spending time and watching the superbowl with 3 of my favorite people on the planet.. Ron of course.. Gary.. and the Russ.. While we were talking .. the subject of mine and Ron's blogs came up and Russ said.. Ya know..there have to be people reading y'all's blog going who the hell is this Russ guy that you two keep talking about? So I thought this morning would be Russ 101.

Russ was a bouncer at the place where we used to sing karaoke.. he would cut up and kid with us when we came in on Friday nights.. We used to get together to watch UK play basketball every weekend at another bar/grill place so we started inviting Russ to join us.. We got to know him over the course of those games and Sunday brunches.. We found out there is a lot more to Russ than being the big bear of a guy that he is..

Russ is one of those people you just instantly like. He is funny.. charming.. intelligent.. He is a great listener and just generally someone you know you can count on.. the type of friend that you can call in the middle of the night and cry on his shoulder.. (any single women out there you are missing a good one).. There is much more to Russ than these few lines.. but to sum it up.. I wrote a poem for him.. it is called There is a word.... it says it best..

There is a word

There is a word that describes you
it speaks of the heart that resides inside
of the side that you don't show to everyone
it tells of the love that you have to give

There is a word for all that you do
it encompasses the kindness you show
it embraces just who you are
telling without overwhelming..

There is a word for how you make me feel
how i know i can count on you
that you will have a ready ear
or a dry shoulder.

There is a word for you.
that wonderful word
one that not many can be truly called
the word that fits you best is..


Tammy J
January 20, 2005

So now for all of you that were asking that burning question.. Who is Russ? There he is in a nutshell.. (where he belongs)

Any way.. The Superbowl was fun.. hanging out with friends was even more fun.. we did have a couple of others stop by for a bit.. Hiya Cynthia, Susan and Jason..they didn't stay very long.. I am afraid I was a little rude.. not meaning to be.. I just didn't feel well, still having the crud in my chest and all that good stuff.. and there was too much good free food there as well and brilliant me.. I never know when enough is enough.. After my gastric bypass I can only eat about 3 ounces of food at a time.. I always try for 3 and 1/2.. which inevitably makes me sick.. someday I will learn..

We left a few minutes into the 4th quarter, came home.. watched the Patriots win.. Oh Joy.. and went to bed for my favorite part of any day.. cuddling with Ron.. neither of us slept well so I don't think there will be a lot of activity in our house tonight.. there will however be much sleeping..( I hope).. Well time to wake the youngins.. y'all have fun..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Too much coughing to blog

It's here to stay apparently.. This bug/ virus/crud that has invaded my body seems to like it there.. I have coughed myself right into what feels like cracked ribs.. I can't sleep.. I can't eat.. heck I got choked trying to take vitamins.. As much as I hate to admit it.. I think it is time for professional intervention.. yeah yeah.. I know .. who has taken over Tammy's brain.. she is voluntarily talking about going to the Dr.. I just can't deal with this mess anymore.. some nice friendly antibiotics sound good right about now..

Oh great here comes another coughing spell.. time to go .. think I'll tape my ribs while I'm at it..
Later y'all...

Friday, February 04, 2005

Long Long Friday...

Wow has it been a long day.. I am not sure if it is the lack of sleep last night.. The whole staying awake coughing thing.. or if it has really been this long of a day..

Like I said.. I stayed awake all night coughing.. I don't know how my poor honey managed to get any sleep at all .. In a waterbed every movement is felt.. and he is usually a light sleeper..I tried to cough quietly.. anyway.. the alarm has no respect for those of us that don't get any sleep it started it's usual wailing at the usual time.. i dragged my poor body.. aching ribs and all outta the bed and saw my hubby and Chelsea off to work.. yeah Chelsea went to work with Ron today.. Career day or something like that.. getting out of her school and getting away with it is more my way of looking at it.. She was up and ready at the crack of dawn.. proving once again, if it is something they want to do.. teenagers ARE capable of getting up early..

After taking Kyle to school I came home and tried to get some sleep.. not gonna happen today I guess the coughing began it's unrelenting barrage on my body the minute my head hit the pillow.. I am hoping this doesn't go through tonight.. I am fine sitting up .. hey there's a plan.. I can sleep sitting up.. I did that before.. when I was pregnant... when I had a toothache.. guess the flu is a sit up and sleep thing too..

When I realized that sleeping was out.. I got up and got on my way with the daily activities.. which included a nice visit with my mom.. I talked to her yesterday on the phone and told her about the van.. she remembered the talk about the van but not about the coming to see her today part.. she is always surprised to see me.. I can go in another room and come back to where she is.. and she is still surprised to see me.. but the visit went well she is looking fit and healthy..and seems to be in very good spirits..Then it was off to my least favorite place in the world.. the dreaded grocery store.. I hate to shop.. I don't like grocery shopping.. I don't like clothes shopping.. I don't like shopping period.. I know I am a traitor to my species.. I just don't like it.. if given the choice between shopping and a root canal.. I would have to think long and hard for a reason to not have the dental work.. The only shopping I actually enjoy is thrift store or garage sale shopping .. and I think that is more about the bargain hunting than the actual shopping... After spending too much money on too much food it was time to go get the Kyle from school..

Jordan asked me if he could drive the van.. he hadn't gotten to drive it yet.. well his first drive in the van may be his last.. we were going down the street towards Kyle's school and there was a huge rental moving type truck parked on the side.. it is a really narrow street but, apparently Jordan didn't realize just how narrow.. he clipped the mirror of the truck with the mirror of the van.. breaking my side mirror and not damaging the big truck at all.. we had no room to stop so we went around the block and came back to find a really nice woman and her husband moving into the house where the truck was parked.. they were cool about the whole thing and there was no damage at all to the truck.. the woman then asked Jordan if he would like to make a quick 10 dollars helping to unload the truck he hit.. that will be a good start on his replacing my mirror.. so other than some good natured ribbing .. and a scared moment or two.. everything is ok..Sierra and I continued on our way to get Kyle leaving Jordan to unload the truck..

I opened the door and had murderous intentions towards the puppies.. there was trash from one end of the living room to the other.. after cleaning that mess up and putting away the groceries.. I decided to turn on the TV for some relaxing re runs of Jerry Springer and to get in here and write all this down for posterity..Hey my honey just walked in.. time to go.. have fun Y'all...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The New Toy

I got my van.. I got my van... wooooohoooo.. I went this morning and got the cash.. then I called the man that had the van.. he met me at the clerks office to do all the transfer paperwork.. then.. the big moment.. I drove out to get the van.. Jordan drove my old Lincoln home.. I followed behind... we get it home.. Sierra wants to drive.. so being the considerate mom that I am.. I said.. ok.. Well I had my toy.. She won't give it back..she wants to drive it everywhere.. I don't know if it is the van or if it is just the driving.. but I can see now.. I am gonna have to keep the keys hidden when she is allowed to drive without me..

Today started out great.. I woke up to my hubby..that always starts my day out right.. and we got to spend a little time together.. (cleaned that up for ya Russ)... Then it was off to work for Ron and time for me to get dressed.. as i was doing that.. Chasity called to tell me she was outside to deliver the IAN.. I haven't had him for 2 weeks.. i missed the lil guy.. he cried for about 3 minute when she left.. but he remembered grandma.. and soon was giggling..and being his sweet charming little self.. poor little guy.. we have dragged him all over the city today.. but he takes it all in stride..

Stopped to get lunch somewhere between picking up the van and getting the kids checks cashed.. and then stopped at a novelty store and got the best smelling incense i have ever smelled.. I have a thing about incense.. i love my house to smell good.. it must be a olfactory addiction.. who knows..

It is getting close to pick up kids time.. I am trying to type and have Ian climb my leg all at the same time.. so if my spelling sucks today that is the reason.. I think i should just give up and let him type.. He might make more sense than I do.. anyway.. maybe if I leave quietly I'll get to drive my own van to get the kids.. shhhhhhh Im sneaking out the door..

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Private lives

Grrrrrrrrr .. why is it that people cannot keep their private lives private?.. The day time talk shows are enough to make ya think that people have no sense of privacy or morality anymore.. but what happened this morning is enough to make ya just fighting mad..

The AOL group that Ron and I manage has been for the most part a good group of people.. we get a lot of jokes through the group page.. a lot of political opinions.. and we use it to announce events, things for sale.. things of that nature.. but today it was used for a vindictive, cruel purpose..

One of the resident morons decided to post explicit pics of his ex girlfriend on the page.. He thought it would be a good way to get back at her for supposedly cheating on him.. First if she did cheat.. that is a private matter..

Second.. sending out pics that she obviously trusted him enough to take is not gonna do a thing toward righting whatever wrong he things she has done to him.. It is a vulgar betrayal of trust at best.. and immature at worst.. this girl did not deserve to be humiliated in this way no matter what relationship problems they had..

Third.. because the group page is used to announce events and so forth there are many kids under 21 that are members of it.. My own daughters have been members for a while.. what happens when they open this sort of mail... I think that it is reprehensible that one individual can care so little about the feelings of others and the concerns of parents that he could send out something so disgusting and not worry about who's hands it may fall into.. and this is a person that considers himself to be a good parent.. this is not what good parents do..

Ron removed this person from our group and we both sent a report to AOL.. as did many members of our group.. but my fear is that this person won't care about any of that.. he is one of these people that doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets what he considers his "revenge".. totally without a conscience..

Ok.. Im over that for now.. On to another subject.. any subject... hmm I could talk about Ron .. he is my favorite subject.. but Russ wouldn't like it.. would say we are making him ill again..
Well heck can't think of a thing that I would rather talk about than i guess i will leave it where it is right now.. and go clean house.. wow that seems like all i ever do around here doesn't it.. but when ya have as many kids and animals roaming around as we do.. there is never enough cleaning.. until next time.. have a good one.. and play nice.....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Good Moods..

Have you ever just gotten up in a really good mood? That is me today..I don't know why I am in such a great mood.. I just am.. The kids usually sense this and take advantage of it.. They all got up this morning Sierra too.. poor thing she coughed herself awake.. but once she was up she asked and was granted permission to drive the kids to school .. Driving always makes her happy..

I know one reason I am in a great mood ( other than the waking up next to my honey) I don't have a thing planned today.. just housecleaning.. no errands to run.. well i do need to see my in-laws today but that is a pleasure all the time.. I love my in-laws, they are just great people..
Of course most all of Ron's family is that way.. they are just down to earth, genuine folks.. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful bunch.. anywho.. as I was saying.. I have no appointments today.. no running.. no grocery shopping..and shhhhhhhh but my cold seems a bit better today.. I still have the "crud" as my dentist called it.. but it doesn't seem as bad today..

Oh yeah speaking of my dentist.. (love ya Tommy Lee) he fixed my broken tooth.. actually he fixed four of them.. one was visibly broken.. the other three had small cracks and were going to break soon.. he fixed them all.. I have a much better smile now..It is amazing how much having a tooth fixed boosts your confidence.. I feel better about the way I look now.. and that is always a good thing..

My teeth paid the price for my weight loss.. I have lost over 174lbs in the last 3 yrs..with all the lost nutrition the teeth and hair paid.. the hair has come back.. it is about the same as it always was now.. and we are working to get the teeth back.. I would have the gastric bypass all over again even knowing what i know now about the things that happen to your body with such a drastic change.. I needed drastic to get rid of the weight.. losing a little hair and having to have a bit of dental work is a small price to pay for being healthy.. I was in danger of dying from my obesity.. and well if teeth and hair have to go.. it is better than that whole Death thing..

There really isn't much else to talk about this morning. .doing the regular pet watching thing.. Dude.. ( THE CAT) is playing with the kitten.. he looks at us while he is doing this as if to say.. "this is not playing, I am too dignified to play.. this is training" as he is "training" her.. she is loving it.. she rolls around and climbs on him.. it is really cute.. one of his favorite exercises with her is to sit in the window sill and dangle his tail for her to swat at and catch in her paws.. it is adorable.. ( we won't tell Dude that).. and the puppies are doing their morning thing.. rolling around on the floor with Malcolm..all 80lbs of him.. growling and barking... they have too much fun with him.. they seem to be winding down now.. getting ready for their morning naps.. hey there is an idea.. a nap.. Yawnnnnn hmm heading to the bed.. later y'all