Friday, December 29, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Today is the first time in 5 days I have checked my e-mail... it is the first time in 24 days I have posted to my blog.. bet ya'll thought you were rid of me.. no such luck.. actually things have been a bit nuts for me lately..

Around the first of December my back went out.. and it went out good.. I lived with the pain for about 3 days and then went to the dr. he put me on drugs.. wahoooo... then about 2 days after the pain in the back went away or mostly away I came down with a terrible cold.. this thing is still holding on a bit.. but when most of the symptoms had gone away and I felt more or less like me I got to thinking ok. everything that could have gone wrong with my body has.. I am done with this mess.. not so.. I went to work on a normal Wednesday afternoon about 2 weeks ago.. I was fine.. I was cutting up with co-workers and customers when all of a sudden I got the worse cramps I have ever had in my life.. I went down to the floor.. the manager on duty at the time sent me home.. I couldn't drive so I called Jordan to walk to the store and drive me home.. when I got home I called the nurse help line through our insurance company and was told that if the cramping got worse or the bleeding which had begun by that time got worse to go to the ER.. neither of those things happened so we went to the doctor the next day.. this led to blood tests..ultrasounds.. uncomfortable exams and ultimately to the diagnosis of "we don't really know what is wrong with you .." they gave me some birth control pills and sent me home.. with a note for work that I can only work 6 hrs per day and cannot lift anything for at least a month.. which my boss took to mean reduce my hours to one day per week.. I am feeling somewhat better now.. the cramps are still a daily part of my life but nothing like the ones that started this mess... My regular doctor has suggested that a partial hysterectomy might be in order.. I asked her if we could do it now.. other than all of that.. Life has been wonderful..

Christmas was great.. I love going to Ron's parent's house for Christmas Eve. There is so much love and joy in that house you can't help but to feel at home.. they have always made me feel like I am a part of the family .. that means so much to me.. My family did Christmas but to them it was always about having the gifts and worrying about not having the money for the gifts rather than enjoying the greatest gift of all.. Having our family together.. I was telling Ron one of my favorite Christmas memories is of the year that Chelsea was born.. She was born on Dec 8 so she was just a tiny little thing that year.. My mom and dad were there.. My kids were there.. My ex and I were getting along.. and most of all my grandparents were both alive then and were at my house for Christmas.. It was one of the first and last times I remember having a real family Christmas with my family.. When Ron and I were still dating I went to my first Christmas at his parents house.. I mostly sat in a corner and watched this amazing family.. they didnt make me feel left out.. I did that on my own .. I wasn't used to a family that really does enjoy being together.. This year I was all up in the middle of everything, sitting next to Ron while he and his brother passed out gifts and teasing all the newcomers.. it is amazing to me how much I feel at home with all of them.. But that is just another gift Ron has given me.. this wonderful family...

There are other things going on around here.. Jordan is looking for a job.. Sierra is sorta looking for a job and mostly thinking that pregnancy is a reason to sleep all day.. Chella is looking forward to getting her drivers permit.. and Kyle is just well.... Kyle..

I really need to keep up with this blog more often.. this playing catch up thing is murder on my poor wrists and fingers... I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you all the happiness and love you want in your life..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grandbabies, colds, and Sweet 16

We have got the cutest lil ole grandbaby this morning.. I had to go to Lexington this morning to do some shopping at Sam's.. ok.. we all know I was gonna find some reason to go to Lexington today when we heard last night that Chas had our granddaughter.. shopping was just the first thing I could think of.. anywho.. she is the cutest lil thing.. she looks just like her big brother.. she has a head full of hair .. the tiniest little hands.. but huge feet.. they are gonna spend a fortune on that youngin for shoes.. I wanted to hold her so badly.. it was just wrong for me to have to stand there with this mask thing on and look but not touch.. I have this flu/cold thing going on right now and didn't think it was such a hot idea to be holding a newborn.. so.. I just looked.. that sucked.. but at least I got to see her.. and hopefully this weekend I will be recovered from this bug enough to snuggle my newest lil grandbaby.. We have to go to Lexington this weekend anyway to return the annoying little dog to Chris and Chas anyway.. we have the Brewer again.. Chris is staying at the hospital with his beautiful wife and darlin little daughter until she is released Friday so they needed a dog sitter again.. you know me.. I am a sucker for animals and small children..

Those of you that read Ron's blog have also gotten the news that Sierra is expecting.. We are cautiously excited.. I know she is terrified because of her last experience with pregnancy.. she doesn't want to admit the fear but I can see it there.. I understand how she feels.. but I did tell her.. If I had let my miscarriage be the end of me having kids I wouldn't have had her, Chella or Kyle.. I know that probably doesn't make it easier to keep from worrying but it might help her keep it in perspective... Looks like our family will be growing...

Chella is celebrating her sweet 16 this Friday.. It is hard for me to believe she is that old.. she shouldn't be yet.. hell maybe it is just hard for me to believe I am that old.. I don't know.. Next week her and I will make the appt for her to go take her test to get her driver's permit.. just fair warning for anyone thinking of visiting Mt. Sterling.. Chella will be behind the wheel.. how's that for a scary thought..

Well I guess I had better get going.. Kyle's bus just pulled up.. and I still have to do something about dinner and all that good stuff.. thank goodness I am off today.. I don't think I could do Dollar Tree again today with this cold thing going on..

Y'all have fun..

Friday, December 01, 2006

I Thought The T Was For Therapy?

I think he broke me.. my physical therapist that is.. I don't think my honey is gonna like that much.. you can play with broken toys too well .. anyway.. I didn't go to PT yesterday.. the guy called and asked if I could reschedule for today.. being the easy going person I am (translated to chickenshit) I agreed.. anyway.. I thought I was ready for this today.. that man twisted my back into positions I haven't been in since I was 18.. a 38 yr old back isn't supposed to bend that way.. I know it isn't..he tells me he is trying to get the natural movement back into my spine.. there was nothing natural about the things he did to my back.. He made me lie on the table and do the leg lift thing.. ok..that I can do.. then he came over and grabbed my legs and twisted me like a pretzel.. not so good.. he is about my height and outweighs me by about 80lbs.. all wasn't like I could tell him not to bend me that way.. he pretty much could.. Right now I am sitting here wondering how the hell I am supposed to get in there and cook dinner and all the stuff I have to do with my back hurting this way.. I just took my muscle relaxers and pain killer so I am either gonna be higher than a kite and cooking or hurting and cooking.. sounds like fun eh? I am gonna continue with the PT.. hopefully he can help me to build up the muscles around the scoleosis and DJD. degenerative joint disease.. enough to support my spine without pain.. hopefully this pain is a good pain and means that my muscles can be built up.. this is my 7th or 8th trip through PT with this back thing but every time I go through it I get the hope that this time it will work.. the good thing is my therapist is a bit of a hottie so it ain't hard to look at him while he is breaking me.. that is almost as bad as having a hot gyno.. ya know.. I had one of them one time.. he was my dr. when I was preg with Chris 20 yrs ago he was from australia and had the looks and the accent thing going on.. very uncomfortable considering where he was looking.. I was 17 and had no clue about anything.. not good..

Speaking of hot men .. my honey should be leaving school here in a bit.. and making his way home in the wind and the cold that our day turned out to be here in the bluegrass state.. they are predicting the high for tomorrow will only be 35.. I hate cold weather.. my favorite season is winter but I don't like being cold.. talk about being a weirdo.. it is the starkness of the trees and the snow that I love about winter.. not to mention the clothes.. ok lets not mention clothes or I will want to go shopping.. I don't like to clothes shop often.. but I do love thrift stores and clearance racks.. I am the queen of finding a good deal.. ok.. I think my pills just kicked in I have been having a time typing for the last few minutes.. better go lie down..

Y'all have fun..