Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Old Folks?

I have noticed we have an abundance of old people around here.. I don't mean the ones that live on our street or the ones we see around every day.. I mean the ones living in the house.. not me and Ron.. but Chelsea and Kyle.. OMG these two are like two lil old folks with their frailties and hurts and tiredness.. it is amazing..

Kyle's best friend is a year younger than him.. He is hyper active and always on the go.. Kyle is laid back.. easy going.. (the only thing that is always in high gear with him is his mouth) anywho.. Caimon came over a couple weekends ago..He and Kyle played outside for hrs.. about 2 hrs into it Kyle comes in the house panting.. " I need to sit down" " I can't take this".. I'm thinking .. when I was 9 I could have and did stay outside for hours and hours and never take a break or breathe heavy.. and here is Kyle acting like he needs his Geritol..

Chelsea.. for the most part active for her is taking her daily trip to the store.. she mostly sits on the porch with J and listens to music and writes.. ( the kid can write) she has been complaining lately about her back hurting.. and walking around like she needs a cane.. she is going to the dr in about 30 mins.. I hope it isn't anything major.. anyway.. every ache and pain is loudly complained about with her.. I' m gonna sign her up for medicare next week...

A lot of people blame inactivity of children on early TV watching.. not my kids.. they rarely watched TV when they were younger.. they were always outside , running, reading, playing, doing something.. I dont' understand.. maybe they used up all that kid energy by the time they were 6.. and they are now ready for Social Security.. who knows.. anyway.. time for lil old lady Chelsea's appt.. lemme see now where did I put her walker..

y'all have fun..

Monday, August 29, 2005

Small Children

I have made a discovery over the weekend.. I am not young enough for small children.. don't get me wrong.. I like them and all.. I even have managed to have 4 of my own at one time or another.. and one semi small one still at home.. what I mean are the really small ones.. say 6yrs and under...

We had 3 of the 4 grandbabies all weekend.. and I am tired.. whooped.. and we aren't even gonna talk about what my house looks like... For all you women that wait to have children until you are in your 30's and 40's my hat is off to you.. you are better women than I..

I told my kids I have figured out why they left me with one nerve.. For the Grandkids.. Things are back to normal around here today.. Dude (the cat ) has come out of hiding.. Malcolm is annoying him as usual.. and my house is clean.. all is well..

Can't wait to see the grandkids again..

y'all have fun..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Old Home Month

I don't know how I have managed to leave people out of my blog but apparently I have been asleep at the keyboard or something..

About a month and a half ago.. Sierra came in the house and asked me if I would like to see someone that I hadn't seen in years.. an old friend of mine.. I was like "sure". She led me outside and said the name Pete.. I was floored.. I had not seen Pete in about 18 yrs.. We had been friends since we were 13.. and there he was standing in my front yard.. He looked the same.. same big blue eyes, same goofy smile.. same Pete.. as for me.. he was shocked.. The last time he saw me I was Blonde and really heavy.. I am thin and redhaired now.. needless to say it was an interesting reunion..We launched into what turned out to be a 3 hr conversation.. covering what we had been doing for the last 18 yrs... our new lives.. our loves.. our old friends..

He brought up Frankie's name.. turns out that Frankie ( one of the inseperable part of our crowd) lives just around the corner.. Pete lives on the same street as Ron and I... He went and told Frankie that he had found me.. and brought him over to the house.. It was great to see them and for a minute or two I felt like we were 13 again waiting for BK and Ginger to show up so that we could go find some trouble to get into... I met their girlfriends and kids.. it was wonderful..

Pete's girlfriend Angie, and I hit it off right away.. we got to talking one day about family.. and one thing led to another and we discovered much to our liking that we are 4th cousins.. wow what a small world.. OK OK.. not in KY where everyone is related but geesh let me get on with this already....

Pete and I dated years ago.. I was afraid that there might be some jealousy on Angie's part at first.. but the more I find out about her the more I like her and I think she feels the same.. It has almost become like her and I are better friends than Pete and I.. and I think that is all part of being an adult..

I am glad to have them both in my life and happy to have made a connection to my past.. When I moved back to KY I realized that most of my old friends were gone.. moved away.. dead.. or who knows.. I had a sense of being lost in my hometown.. and while I make friends fairly quickly it is always good to have someone around that remembers you from way back when... I haven't had that in a long time.. I didn't realize that a connection to my past was important to me until I made one.. Ron and I have a lot of friends and I love some of them more than I love family.. you know who you are.. Russ, Gary, and Steve for starters.. I wouldn't trade their friendship for the world.. but it is so nice to have someone in your life that has known you forever.. someone to talk about old times with.. things like that..

I guess part of it is that Mom has alzheimers and in her losing her memories I lose part of my past too... I can't say to her.. Remember when? Because she doesn't.. I don't have a lot of family still around here.. My brother is well.. hmmm looking for a good word,.. I love him but I guess the best word would be "stoned" and we really didnt grow up together because of an 11 yr age difference.. so to have some of my old friends around along with a new one and a new couple of cousins is a good thing.. and who says you can't go home again?

Well time to get up off my butt.. Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That's Over

Well another birthday has come and gone.. I am another year older.. don't know about another year wiser.. we shall see about all that as this 37th yr progresses...

I had a great birthday.. I know that a lot of people think that getting out and going to dinner with extravagant gifts defines a great birthday... I have never been most people.. Ron woke me at 5:30 with a sweet wonderful birthday gift.. (no details Russ)... then he was off for his day at work and I was off for my day of kids eye exams and just chillin.. I didn't even make the bed yesterday... a major accomplishment for me.. After the eye exams Chelsea and I stopped by the video store and picked up a few movies.. and I even got a free birthday rental.. woohoo.. We came home and sat in the waterbed and watched a chick flick together.. Just enjoying a mom, daughter afternoon.. Ron came home with flowers..( pink dasies) and a chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate frosting and pink writing .. The man knows me well.. Later in the evening Ron and I settled in bed to watch Hide and Seek.. a nice suspenseful scary movie.... that was a great birthday....

Thank you to all my friends and family that called to wish me a happy day.. your well wishes mean a lot.. and brightened my day...

So.. here I start my first full day of the next year of my life.. I love an adventure...

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pre Birthday Rambling

Tomorrow is my birthday... I don't have a problem with my age.. I don't have a problem telling my age.. I will be 37.. I still feel young enough to get out and have a good time and old enough to know what my responsibilities are and to handle them.. I have a pretty good grasp on who I am .. and what I am doing with my life..

For those of you that read Ron's blog as well as mine.. he seems to be evaluating his life lately.. I think that is a good thing.. I think we all need to evaluate our lives.. our thoughts.. who we are .. why we are the who we are and things like that.. I think it is a good thing to take an inventory every now and then.. I love reading his thoughts and feelings about his life, his past, his relationships...not that I didn't already know these things.. It is just that sometimes reading them you get a better grasp on what is being said than if you are just listening to someone tell you ..

There is one thing in his last post that I would like to clarify.. He mentions me taking care of him.. and that at times he has been afraid that I will tire or grow weary of that.. let me put this in perspective from my side of this equation..

Yes.. I do take care of Ron.. I do things for him that a wife does for her husband.. that is all just part of being a wife.. but what he doesn't realize is that for every little thing I do for him there are a million things that he has done or is doing for me..

He works every day.. he pays the bills.. ok.. so that is part of the things he does as my hubby.. but the things that he does that matter most.. are.. he comes home and looks happy to see me.. he kisses me hello and looks into my eyes and I know he means it when he says he missed me all day.. When he leaves for work.. he tells me goodbye with just a hint of regret that he has to leave me.. I know he loves his job.. so the fact that he is missing me while he is doing something he loves means a lot to me..

I know that when he tells me he loves me , he means it in all the ways he shows me.. It is hard to put into words how he makes me feel every minute of every day.. Even when he isn't here.. I feel him around me.. I feel his love surrounding me.. it is like a warm rain showering me with gentle caresses all the time.. for someone like me that has had so much turmoil in love relationships.. this calm, easy feeling is beyond words..

So.. the question is.. will I ever tire of taking care of him.. will I ever think of him as a burden.. Not a chance.. every day we have together is a gift of life and love that I will always cherish and feel blessed for having Ron in my life.. Honey.. I love you

Friday, August 19, 2005

Where I am

After reading my Honey's blog and bawling like a lovesick teenager.. I got to thinking bout where I was when I met Ron.. where I am now..

I was married the first time for 18 yrs.. Ronnie and I got married young.. started having kids young.. and started having issues young.. I am a fixer.. I think I have mentioned this before.. I didn't know how to be in a relationship with someone that didn't need my help.. that didnt' need me to fix them in some way.. I was 16 going on 50.. I thought I knew everything.. and no one was gonna tell me any differently.. Ronnie and I had problems... we had great times.. we had what most consider a normal marriage.. It had a darker side that I will not go into here.. but it did last for 18 yrs..

During the last 5 yrs of my marriage to Ronnie.. I started making small changes for myself.. things like cutting my hair the way I liked it.. buying and wearing clothes that I liked.. wearing makeup.. then in 2002 came the biggest change.. Gastric bypass surgery.. when I went through that I knew that I could do anything I wanted to do and take care of myself and my children without anyone beside me.. I could finally let go of a relationship that simply was not healthy for either one of us.. I still loved Ronnie.. I always will.. but I was about as far from being in love with him as a person can be and I had felt that way for a long time..

I met Ron at a luncheon.. the first few times we met .. we didn't talk at all more than the usual pleasentries.. then one day.. we talked for real.. we met somewhere and had a real conversation.. I knew this man was someone that I could trust...someone that would be a part of my life in some capacity.. and would have an impact on who I am.. what I didn't know is that he would become the Love of my life.. that he would be the one that allowed me to be me.. that we would have this unique and wonderful love that would allow me to finally grow.. I felt like I had been stuck in an 18 yr olds frame of mind for most of my life and was finally able to grow up and have grown up thoughts and conversations .. I could be the me that I always knew that I was..

We got married 17 months into our relationship.. the most wonderful part of us being us is that we still grow together.. we still talk.. we love being together.. I dont care if it is just him sitting at the computer (did I mention he is a computer hog?).. and I am sitting on the couch , or if we are out in the company of friends.. we still are individuals as well as a couple.. we just work.. I don't know why.. or how.. I just know that we do..

Ron has, without knowing it.. altered the me that I was into the me that I am.. and I found out that I am now the me that I always thought I was in the first place.. able to love.. able to trust.. able to just be who I am.. I don't have to earn Ron's love.. I don't have to earn happiness.. In our life.. love and happiness are as natural as breathing.. Ron is the air...

y'all have fun

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back To School

Woooohoooo the kids have been back in school for 4 days.. My life is getting back to it's normal school time routine..That basically means I kiss Ron off to work, take 25 minutes to get Chelsea out of bed, get them off to school and then begin my day..

Chris and Jordan both have good jobs now.. they are working for the same companies so I don't know how long that will last.. I know that Chris will work his butt off he is a good worker.. But Jordan tends to be a bit lazy so I don't know if he will work out or not.. I just hope that if Jordan screws up he doesn't take Chris with him.. It seems that Sierra and Jordan are starting to get their heads on straight about what they want out of their lives and what they want to do with their lives.. I am gonna withhold my thoughts on that until they show me something concrete, but I hope that they are sincere in their talking about what they are doing with themselves..

Ron is back at school and seems to be loving it as much this year as he did last year.. the man is a natural born teacher..

Seems like everyone has their lives in some sort of order but me.. I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.. I would love to go back to school and get an education in something that I can do without hurting this right hand of mine.. or find a job that won't injure me too much.. Right now I seem to be at an impass with myself.. I love staying home and taking care of the family and the house.. having dinner on the table when Ron gets home.. having everything around here running smoothly.. but I drive myself nuts thinking bout the fact that I am not contributing to the household finances.. I feel almost guilty every time I spend money on me.. I know that is strange but I am just used to paying my own way.. I have had some interesting job opportunities that I am looking into.. so maybe something will work out with that..

Time to get the house in order and get ready for the afternoon run.. Y'all have fun..

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Painting Has Really Begun

It seems as how I was unavoidably delayed in getting started on the painting yesterday.. I ate a bologna sandwich yesterday right before I sat down to blog.. and when I got offline to get my lazy butt upstairs to paint.. my stomach decided that it didn't like the bologna and I got a bit sick.. so.. there went painting for yesterday.. ah the joys of Gastric Bypass surgery.. you never know what is gonna bug you or when..

Today I got up, got Ron off to work, and promptly laid back down... I was awakened in hr by Audrey wanting a phone number.. then I almost laid back down.. but it was 8am by this time so I decided to stay up.. the phone rang again , this time it was a woman telling me she had found Sierra's wallet on the road and found my # in it.. I told her I would be there shortly to pick it up and return it to Sierra.. I woke Chelsea and we were off..

When we got to where Sierra and Jordan are staying I had planned to stay in the van.. I am glad that I didn't .. I got to thinking that it isn't good for me or for Sierra for us to avoid each other.. She is my child and I love her .. no matter what she says or does that isn't gonna change.. we did talk some.. I doubt that anything I had to say got through.. but I did my part.. all I can do now is leave her in God's hands and pray..

When we got home. I ate some lunch.. (no bologna) and rested from the heat for a bit.. then did the usual around here cleaning thing.. then I decided that the painting must begin.. oh how am I painting from here? Well it's called delegating.. I got em going up there and snuck off to blog.. shows where my priorities are doesn't it..

Ok.. I'm heading back up there .. If no one hears from me for a day or so.. someone come looking for me..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Painting We Will Go..

Yes it's true.. I have to get some painting done today.. by me I mean.. Chris, Becca, Chella, and maybe Kyle.. It isn't that I don't like to paint.. It isn't that I am lazy..and I will do some of it.. but in all honesty.. Ron is always telling me I do too much with my wrist and that I am too stubborn to not do too much.. OK Honey.. here goes.. You are Right.. ( I know I just betrayed women all over the world admitting that my hubby is right) .. I do over do.. this time I promise I am not gonna do that.. ( yeah well not much).. I want to get this done.. It needs to be done.. but I learned the last time we had to paint upstairs that my wrist won't take it.. so I am gonna be good.. delegate.. things like that..

So honey.. when you read this.. stop worrying about me doing too much.. sit back.. teach your kids.. have a good day.. and I'll see ya this afternoon.. I love you

Ok.. off to put on my best supervisor clothes..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Over Zealous?

For those of you that read my honey's blog you will understand what I am talking about.. for those that don't.. short version.. last year at the high school in front of where Ron teaches there was a kid that was planning a Columbine sort of take over.. he was arrested.. blamed it on a made up story.. released .. Rearrested on contempt charges.. and now has been released on shock probation..( smart judge)

There has been international coverage of this story.. .there have been preachings and hollering from groups such as the ACLU.. and other civil liberties such organizations that this young man's rights have been infringed upon.. that this is "Over Zealousness" on the part of the police and others in authority..

My take?.. I wonder if the parents, loved ones and others involved in the after math of the tradgedies at Columbine , Paducah KY and other school shootings would have considered it over zealous if they could have gotten to the young people that did the shootings there.. before they did it... I don't think they would think it over zealous at all...

This particular young man was released on shock probation on the contempt charges.. at least that way he has to abide by certain conditions for the next two years and someone can keep an eye on him... and the other charge of attempted terroristic threatening was dropped due to lack of precedent.. Im thinking exactly how does something get a precedent in the first place.. doesn't there have to be a first case somewhere?..

What about this kids recruits..? where did they go? did they disappear? I find that highly unlikely... Ya know what I keep thinking.. what are they gonna say to the families.. when this or some other kid does do something like shoot up the school.. sorry.. we didn't want to be over zealous.. your husband was shot because we didn't have a precedent to prosecute this disturbed , angry kid.. even though we knew what he was up to..

I don't want anyone's rights violated.. I am a patriot to my bones.. but I'll be damned if I want cops showing up at my house telling me that Ron isn't coming home because this kid finally completed his plans..

I would love to hear how y'all feel about this sort of thing.. leave me a comment.. and if your opinion differs from mine.. so be it.. imma big girl.. I can take it. .Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Bravada Workout

The Bravada is getting a workout this week.. I made three trips to Frankfort yesterday and one trip home this morning.. I am gonna cook supper.. pack it in the insulated thingymabob and head back to Frankfort this afternoon.. I don't think I have ever driven the Bravada this much.. Poor thing.. it will be glad when summer is over and Ron takes over driving it again.. he only goes to Winchester and back on a regular basis.. with me.. there is no telling where I will wind up..

Last night was fun.. I had to go out to get something for Ron's headache.. First I got lost .. honey.. there is no wal mart on that road.. looked to me like the last person that went down that road wound up a minor player in a "b" horror flick.. anyway.. I did finally find an open gas station and got the ibuprofen there along with a cup of coffee.. you know I have to have my coffee.. Kyle and I were heading back to the Bravada when my cell phone rings.. you would think after years of my kids I would know better than to answer my phone at 10 in the eve.. but oh no.. i answered it.. It was my former brother in law telling me that Sierra was in handcuffs by her car on his street.. he didn't know what or why and would call me later and let me know the details..Well being the me that I am.. of course this sent my worry sensors into overload.. I spent the next hr trying to find out if Chris was with them and what had happened in the first place. ... finally I couldn't wait any longer and called him back.. I got his daughter who informed me that the police had released Sierra and Jordan.. and that her dad had come home and gone to bed.. Gee thanks for calling and letting me know.. anywho.. I got here this morning.. Sierra and Jordan came by and told me what had happened.. It was all about this guy they have been running with.. I told her.. you are judged by the company that you keep..(as if that did any good).. I had things to do today so I left with everyone that lives here.. don't have a clue where they are now.. such is my life anymore..

And how was your night?????

Y'all have fun..

Monday, August 01, 2005

Motel Heaven/Hell

The last hotel the state put us in for Ron's class thingy was like something out of Motel Hell.. if you haven't seen the movie.. trust me.. you will never want to rent a room again.. something along the lines of canabalistic rednecks .. not fun.. anywho.. this week he has a class in the great city of Frankfort.. ok so what if it is our state capitol.. it has never impressed me much.. This time we are staying in the Holiday Inn.. now that works for me.. they are nice.. clean.. and the staff seems to be able to talk without having to stop and remember how to do it in the first place ..

I am running back and forth between there and home this week.. which is cool.. we have things to do here that I can handle.. and I can still sleep with my honey every night .. that is always a good thing. .. I can't sleep without him even when he is in another room.. I am thinking it would be awful to try it if he were in a different town..

The kids (kyle & Chelsea ) are going with us.. they are using this time for swimming in the indoor pool.. they are fooling no one with their " we just want to be with our parents" thing.. yeah right.. indoor heated pool or time with mom and dad.. I was a kid once you know..

Well time to get off here and finish cooking dinner I will be taking dinner with me all week.. no fast food this time..Yeee haw.. I hate fast food..

Y'all have fun... Oh yeah.. Hiya Russ.. didn't want you to think I had forgotten to mention you in the blog..