Friday, May 26, 2006

3 Day Weekend and Other Stuff

Whew it has been a bit of a busy week .. Tuesday night was Chella's 8th grade graduation.. ok .. I am thinking.. this shouldn't be too bad.. give them a few awards.. tell them they passed .. let the kids go to the dance and the parents go home.. Right? Wrong!!!.. this turned out to be a 2 hr EVENT.. there was a 20 minute speech about memories of all the times in school.. ok.. this is middle school.. then there was an hour long awards ceremony .. complete with children in evening attire.. I swear I saw 2 boys in tuxedos and 5 or 6 girls in 200 dollar evening gowns.. then there was the Class of 06 song to be played and sung by the chorus.. then the principal made a speech about the children moving on to real life.. Ummm excuse me.. they are going to HS.. when did HS become real life?.. I swear they were acting like these kids were going out into the world, getting jobs, and starting families.. I'm confused.. when did we decide that celebrating every milestone in a child's academic career had to be a big affair?.. What do these kids have to look forward to with HS graduation if everything is made such a special event?... Kindergarten here have ceremonies complete with cap and gown.. what the hell is that about.. I am not saying we shouldn't recognize accomplishments.. but does everything have to get so blown out of proportion for kids to feel that they have done something? I personally think we are creating a generation of people that won't have any incentive to do anything because everything has been turned into such a big deal that nothing seems worth putting effort into.. just my take..

Wednesday was great.. I went to Ron's school and hung out all day.. we didn't talk a lot. He had work to do and I read an entire book almost completely uninterrupted.. it was great.. I love just being in the same place with Ron.. being able to look up over my book and see him there is enough for me..

Yesterday we went to Rockcastle County.. Ron had a class.. and I had my debit card for shopping.. I got some great clothes for me.. a pair of jeans and a shirt for Ron.. Kyle got a couple of toys.. and Chella got a notebook and some clothes.. then we went back and waited about 45 mins for Ron to get out of class.. we drove home and Ron and I took a short nap until Chris called for us to pick him up from work.. It was a great day overall.. I got to spend time with the kids and Ron as well as going out spending money.. that is a good day.. just kidding.. I am not a big spender.. I just have a slight thrift store, yard sale addiction.. I can't help myself..

I woke up with a major headache this morning so my sweet honey went to pick up Chris for work and I stayed home on the couch with a bottle of advil.. I am starting to feel better now.. I don't know how long my headache will stay gone though.. Kyle's best friend Caimon just knocked on the door and he is not a quiet child.. oh well.. I am gonna get off here and rest for a bit until it is time for me to take Ron lunch.. should be a good day.. we have a somewhat busy weekend scheduled.. singing, dinners, oh and a Preschool Graduation party for our granddaughter.. who would have figured?.. anyway.. I'm gone..

Y'all have fun

Monday, May 22, 2006

Playing Catchup

Not that there is a lot to catch up on but here goes... I have finally mostly recovered from my adventures in riding with Chris.. My shoulder is still a bit sore and my foot still hurts if I stand on it for too long.. but otherwise I think I'm gonna live.. Chelsea seems to be over most of her whiplash too.. well at least the painful part... It is gonna be a long while before I ride with that boy driving again..

The weekend was good.. quiet and at home for the most part.. we had plans for Saturday and Saturday night but due to an ill vehicle and general tiredness on our part and the lack of a return phone call on Jesse's part we didn't do any of the things we planned.. we just sat home mostly and watched tv.. that is not a bad thing.. but by yesterday I was getting a bit stir crazy being mostly in the house all weekend so I decided to go shopping for Chelsea an outfit to wear to her 8th grade graduation tomorrow.. oh yeah tomorrow is the last day of school.. wooo ohoooooooo.. anyway.. after the trip to WalMart.. Ron and I drove out to the airport to pick up the vehicle Ron rented to drive to work today and tomorrow due to the illness in his Bravada (fuel pump)..He got a Chevy HHR.. that thing is cool to look at and has all sorts of gizmos but it isn't the most comfortable thing to ride in there was a something poking me in the rear end the whole trip last night.. oh yeah we had to go out and take the kids for a ride in the thing so they could say they got to ride in it.. you know how kids are.. did I mention I WILL drive this thing before we take it back..

Chelsea went to school today and got sent home.. she is in a special accelerated program and didn't participate in the regular 8th grade activities much.. the 8th grade went on a field trip.. she was not given a permission slip for this trip due to her schedule not being that of the rest of the 8th grade.. she didn't mind.. she got to come home .. She is now upstairs cleaning the apartment that Pete and Angie moved out of.. yeah of course they left a mess.. not that I didn't expect them to ya know.. anyway.. I am thinking Chelsea may have prefered to stay in school if she had known I was gonna put her to work..

Well I have my honey in my right ear.. and I need to go check on the Chella... Oh yeah.. Check out my honey's blog.. there is his latest poem..and some of y'all wonder why I am such a happy woman... Ok.. I'm out..

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

From Kyle To Mom and Other News.

This is an addition to yesterday's post.. it is the letter written by Ron and edited by Kyle..

To Mom

As we grow, we realize that some things cannot stay the same forever.As much as we enjoy the small things that make our relationship wonderful, they cannot last. We know, however, the flowerings that cause the little things, will not change. I know we will not always be able to sit on the bed laughing at yesterdays. We will not always be there to share the personals glimpses of life gone by. Someday, the reins of my life will pass into my own hands, and, while I will ever value your guidance, the decisions will become mine to make.
The invaluable parts of who we are will never change. I will always depend on your eager willingness to be a part of my life. I will rest continuously in the warmth of your love. This core will remain even though the trappings change. Our laughs will grow deeper. Our tears will burrow further into our hearts. Our love will continue to develop.
For now, we will still giggle uncontrollably at the goofiness of the ridiculous. We will talk about the deep mysteries and suddenly be talking about the bizarre. I will be the kid too big for my britches, and you will be the Mom that keeps me straight. I look forward to growing up and becoming the best man I can become. I look forward to becoming independent and making my way in life. I will never look forward to the part of growing up, that changes our everyday joys. Only the very real truth that the foundation will grow stronger allows me to take each step toward my future.

Only knowing that you will always be a part of my life, keeps me reaching.

I will always be your son. You will always be my Mom.


In other around here news.. The Lincoln we got for Chris is no more.. Yesterday on the way from Chris' job to his house we had a slight detour in our trip.. into a telephone pole, a tree, a couple of stumps and a fence.. yep Christ totaled the Lincoln on it's maiden voyage from Winchester to Nicholasville.. We are all basically ok.. sore.. in pain.. but ok.. Chris felt bad about the car and having the accident but I assured him it is ok.. the only thing that matters is that we are all ok.. Cars can be replaced.. My kids can't.. poor guy.. he was so proud of having his first car and finally being able to look forward to some independence from having to rely on everyone to get him from point a to point b.. and everywhere in between.. I told him it will happen.. it will just take a little longer now.. I did tell him he buys the next car though.. anyway.. Ron has prescribed rest for me today.. and I think I will follow Doctor's orders on that one.. thank goodness the kids have the day off from school today and I don't have to worry about going out to get them or anything like that.. not that they felt like going today anyway.. ok.. enough of this... I am outta here..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day/ Everyday

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.. I didn't get out of bed til about 10:30.. and I only got up then at the insistance of my bladder.. That in itself was a great start to Mom's Day.. getting to sleep in is always a good thing.. I am an insomniac.. so any sleep is a good thing.. anyway.. I got up found the note Chelsea left for me taped to the bedroom door along with a banner, took the dogs out and settled in on the couch.. Kyle got up shortly after I did and started waiting on me hand and foot, getting me coffee, getting me this or that.. and giving me a beautiful letter.. written by Ron.. edited and approved by Kyle.. Kyle has the words on his own.. he just doesn't know how to put them together the way he would like to.. it made me cry..

Chelsea finally got up and we were off to the grocery store.. after shopping we went to Ron's parents house to wish his mom a happy day.. I love Ron's mom.. I have come to think of her as mom too.. she raised 6 kids.. I respect her for doing such an awesome job with them.. they are all good people and they all still love and admire their parents.. that is something you don't see in our world that often anymore.. Ron's dad is wonderful too.. you can see the love they still have for each other in their eyes and in the way they interact with each other.. it is just a wonderful thing to be witness too and I am honored to be included in their family..

We came home and the kids and Ron put the groceries away.. I got fussed at for trying to help.. I was having a bad wrist day.. and they shewed me out of the kitchen.. we sat around for a while, just enjoying each others company.. Sierra stopped by.. she wasn't feeling well and needed to call work to tell them she was still coming in but would be late.. she went to work and they sent her home.. Jordan dropped her off here again and went on to work himself..My brother Calvert called me to wish me a happy day.. he has called me every year on Mother's Day since I became a mom at 17 to wish me a happy day.. Sweet huh?.. anywho.. we talked for a while.. it is always good to hear from him.. since we don't get to see each other much.. he lives in AZ.. that is a bit of a drive from here.... While on the phone with him Ron,the kids and I headed over to visit mom.. It was a good visit.. she knew who we all were.. she didn't know our names.. but she knew who we were.. she remembered Ron and had a ball sitting and talking with us.. the girls and I are planning on taking her shopping tomorrow since there is no school and I will need the assistance with mom... should be a good time.. We left Northpoint and Ron headed towards home.. on the way he turned into the Home Depot parking lot.. the kids were confused.. I wasn't.. there is a Perkins restaurant in the same plaza.. that was Ron's true destination.. I knew it when he turned in the place.. the kids took a bit longer to catch on.. we had a great dinner and an even better time.. I would have liked to spent some time with Chris on Mother's Day but I do still get to see him every day.. that is a good thing.. After dinner we came home where I pretty much chilled for the rest of the night.. just enjoying the company of my kids and my honey.. all in all it was a great day..

I get tickled at all the jewelry commercials for Mom's Day.. and the flower commercials.. most of the moms I know would love jewelry or flowers sure.. but what means the most to a mom is time with our kids.. seeing them smile.. knowing they are growing into good people.. feeling we have done something well in raising them.. there are no diamonds, no roses, no perfume that can possibly rival the simple " I love you Mom" from your child.. just my take on it.. I hope every Mom out there, and the Dads that are being both mom and dad had just as wonderful a Mother's Day as I did..

Y'all have fun.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Season Of Change

I have been talking to my friends and reading blogs of online friends lately and there seems to be a recurring theme among them.. It seems that it is a season of change.. My best friend is looking forward to getting married in July, another friend is moving out of her house and on with her life .. I have always adapted well to change.. I think it is partially because when I was a kid we didn't stay in one place for very long.. I went to 16 different schools before 8th grade.. No I wasn't a military brat.. My dad drank a lot and we lost a lot of houses because even working 2 and 3 jobs my mom couldn't afford to keep them.. anyway.. All of the talk of changes got me to thinking about some of the changes in my own life in the last 4 years..

I have changed so much about my life that sometimes I have to slow down and take a look at myself in the mirror to make sure it is really me.. I left an 18 yr marriage that I had known for a long time was killing me, I met my sweet wonderful Ron, I have lost 170+ lbs, I became a better mother in spite of the 3 months I went through trying to find out who I was and was not a good mom at the time, and recently I have come to terms with my family.. there have been several other smaller changes in my life that have shaped the last 4 years but, there is no way I can remember most of them I am sure however that they along with the larger things have helped to make me who I am right now.. I like me.. That took a long time.. that is something I still need to work on.. I know I will keep changing.. Life around me will keep changing and shifting directions and I know that all of these things will assist me in being the person I want to be..

I can't wait for the next set of changes.. buying a house.. Moving out of here.. Chella getting into high school.. maybe finally having a job ( thanks Denise).. Think I will just strap on my seatbelt and enjoy the ride.. Y'all have fun

Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Again

I don't like Mondays .. I don't know anyone that does.. well except maybe my honey.. but then again he likes just about everything...nothing gets that man down.. Gotta love that ya know.. anyway.. the weekend was great.. I didn't have to pick Chris up on Saturday.. that was a good thing. I got 2 hrs of laying in bed cuddling with Ron time instead of drive time. Then we went to Todd's to do the karaoke thing.. Red and Steve were there.. along with a host of other good friends.. not that I don't want to mention them by name but for me it was all about Red and Steve. We haven't seen them in forever.. I miss them both so much.. They were friends with Ron before he and I met.. Red and I just hit it off the first time we met and I have felt I found a long lost sister in her for a long time.. I don't know Steve as well but he is a great guy and makes my friend happy .. that goes a long way towards getting my respect and friendship.. There was singing.. contests.. remembering of old times.. catching up on new things.. oh yeah and the Steve test driving my Camaro.. he liked the way it handles.. you know I gotta like the guy if I give him the keys to my car and tell them to have fun with it.. We all had a really good time..

Ron and I didn't get home til 1:40 in the morning .. when we arrived there was a pissed off Chella on the porch.. hands on hips asking "where have y'all been" I felt 15 again and mom was fixing to ground me.. Chella banished us to our room for the rest of the night.. Kiddo.. you are gonna have to get much better at this grounding thing before you have kids.. Our bed is where we wanted to be.. Sunday was a slow, not feeling good day.. I think I have caught a bit of a cold over the weekend.. I sniffled and ached my way through the day..

I took Chris to work and then upon returning home Ron and I went to the grocery store for dog/cat food along with a few other necessary items.. then it was back to the house for a really sweet treat from Ron.. he made me a milkshake from sugar free ice cream and low fat milk.. I love milkshakes.. I just can't have them most of the time due to sugar content.. I don't digest sugar since my gastric.. the shake was great but him thinking of a way for me to have one and then making it for me was even sweeter.. We crawled into bed around 7pm and that is where I stayed mostly until 6:20 this morning. I feel less stuffy this morning but I still have the headache and I am PMSing on top of all that so I think this will be a more lazy day for me than usual.. I am intermittingly cleaning and resting.. I will get it done, just not at my usual warp speed..

I still don't like Mondays.. but then again I don't like any day that takes my honey away from me.. time to clean..

Y'all have fun

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco De Mayo

It is finally Friday.. this has been the longest week.. I don't know why.. Maybe it is just all the changes in schedules this week or the trips to the hospital.. (My dad had heart surgery yesterday).. or it could be the anticipation of seeing our old friends Retro-girl and her hubby Dark's Life.. yes they have real names..anyway.. they are in town from Chicago and we are planning to get together with them this evening for some serious Karaoke.. Clearing my throat.. not that that will help me sing any better..

The best part of it being Friday is my honey will be home with me for the next 2 days.. It is strange how much I miss him while he is at work.. when I was married to my ex.. there were times I wished for the man to stay at work 24/7.. I have never had that feeling with Ron.. don't think I'm gonna.. Ron treats me like I am precious.. who wouldn't miss that..

Right now I am trying to decide what needs to be done the most around here.. house cleaning or napping.. I didn't fall asleep until 2:47 this morning.. too much on the old gray matter .. and I woke up at 5:03 this morning when Ron got out of bed..I fell back asleep til around 6:42 which had me running late to get the kids , the dog and myself out of the house.. I am not good with rushing.

Lacey.. the annoying lil dachshund loves to ride in the car.. she loves to go with me when I do my morning run .. Malcolm loves to ride too... but 4 people and an 85lb dog in a Camaro doesn't work out well.. So I will take Lacey with me a few times a week..but before you start feeling sorry for poor Malcolm don't worry he gets to go for rides on the weekends in the Bravada... where he can hang his head out the window and attempt to stick his head out of the sun roof.. If he were only 3 inches taller he could do it.. but he never quits trying..

Well I think the napping is winning.. I can barely keep my eyes open and my fingers typing at the same time.. I guess it is a good thing I can sleeptype..

Y'all have fun.. I am headed for the couch..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Morning Commute

I am having a lazy day.. When I got up this morning it was pouring rain.. I still got the kids moving and out the door at 7am.. on the way.. Ron called me and suggested I call Chris and have him call his boss and find out if in fact they were working today.( sometimes my brain is not working enough to do these things).. I called Chris, who called his boss then called me back to inform me that there would be no working this morning..which meant no morning trip to Winchester.. I had a whole hour to do nothing.. I didn't really know what to do with that much unplanned time.. Chella,Kyle and I stopped at the store down the street where I got a diet dr pepper with cherry and vanilla.. funny thing.. I don't like Dr. Pepper. .never have.. but I love the cherry and vanilla and the berries and cream ones.. yeah I do know I am strange..anyway from there we went to mail a rebate form for Ron.. and then took Kyle to school.. he likes to get there in time to socialize in the cafeteria with the other kids.. that means I usually drop him off between 7:30 and 7:45.. school begins at 8:00.. then there is Chella to drop off.. her school doesn't begin til 8:30 and she cannot be there earlier than 8:00 so .. on normal traveling mornings she rides to Winchester and back with me, this morning we just sorta sat around in the parking lot listening to our favorite morning show on the radio.. 103.3 zrock.. and waiting for it to be time for her to go didn't I have an exciting morning?

After I deposited the kids in their respective schools I came home with every intention of cleaning house and getting some things done around here.. instead I had some sort of strange allergy attack and then Dude (the 15lb cat) decided he just had to get in my lap for petting.. this did nothing to improve the allergy situation considering I am allergic to cats.. I swear cats know when people are allergic to them.. they can sense it.. and will make it their life's ambition to cuddle up to that person.. anyway... when I finally convinced him that the wheezing and sneezing was killing me and that if I dropped dead there would be no more petting he got down.. I promptly fell asleep on the couch for an hour.. I woke up feeling a bit better.. I still can't get my eyes or nose to stop itching.. but at least I can breathe now.. I have done a whole lot of nothing today.. I made the bed and did a load of laundry.. see.. when I have too much free time I don't know what to do with it so I generally do nothing.. ok.. that is my story and I am sticking to it.. my ADHD shuts down when I have nothing to do.. sounds plausible doesn't it?

I do have a few things to do this afternoon... I have kids to pick up and today is Chella's second appt with her counselor.. and somewhere in there I have dinner to cook and vaccuuming to do.. but there will be no trip to Winchester or Nicolasville this afternoon which means I will have 2 more hours with my honey.. sometimes the taking Chris back and forth doesn't bother me much.. but lately I feel like I am neglecting my honey .. that is not a good thing.. Chris is looking at a trailer across the street from where he works tomorrow afternoon.. If he and Tommy room together they should be able to afford it... I love seeing my son every day.. but the running and neglecting my hubby part I don't love.. so I do hope this works out for him.. he will be able to get his license and we are gonna help him get a car or truck that way he won't be out in the middle of nowhere with no way to get anywhere.. and he will have a place of his own which I think will do him a world of good in growing up...

I am very proud of Chris as of late.. the kid is doing everything he should be doing and nothing he shouldn't.. over the weekend some of his friends from FL came into town.. they were lost and had no money.. due to the one with the money having his wallet stolen in a motel room.. they wanted to hang with Chris and borrow enough money to get to one of the boy's grandmother's house in IN.. They followed me out to pick Chris up from work Saturday.. Chris was glad to see his friend.. gave him a guy hug and 20 bucks and politely told them he wouldn't be hanging with them because he needed to get home and rest for work the next day.. the old Chris would have hung with his friends and most likely gotten into some sort of trouble with them.. he is growing up.. that is a good thing and I am proud of his choices.. I let him know.. he turned a little redfaced as he has always done and said "thanks Mom" what more could a mom ask for.. he never fails to tell me thank you for the running him back and forth.. he never fails to let me know he appreciates the things I do for him.. what he doesn't understand.. is even though the thanks and appreciation from him are precious to me.. I do the things I do simply because he is my child.. and I love him..

Well I think I have stalled on the house cleaning long enough.. I get to spend that extra 2 hours with my honey tonight.. I would rather do that in a clean house...

Oh Russ.. thank you for calling and checking on ya girl.. she said she loves ya..

Y'all have fun..