Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New pics and new grandbaby on the way

Just wanted to take a minute to say Sierra is expecting yet again. As much as I love my grand children I hope this is her last for a while. She is due in Dec but as usual for her the doctor said she could have this one at any time. She is 34 weeks today and we still don't know if it is another girl or a boy this time I just hope for a healthy baby. Kiera is almost 15 months old now and is just the most adorable little thing. She is very tiny for her age and looks like a tiny little doll running around. Cloe gets smarter and more beautiful every day. I told her this evening that papaw isn't feeling well today and she says " awww poor papaw" she asked me to send him her best wishes to get well soon.. that kid is a character. We saw two of the other grands today as well Ian and Abby are 6 and 3 and it just doesn't seem like they should be that big. Time flies entirely too fast.

I am having a spinal cord stimulator implanted tomorrow to assist me in pain management I am hoping it works and that I will be able to get off some of the medications I am on and be able to be more active. Active seems to be the key word around here. Ron has lost 53lbs in 12 weeks and I have lost 51lbs in 16 weeks. We are eating healthier and walking as well as just being all around more active. We have to we keep getting more and more grand babies to keep up with.

Chris is getting married on Nov 9 to a really sweet girl that I like.. that is always a good thing to like the person your child marries. She has a 4 yr old son Ali so we are getting another grand child there too. Good thing we are taking better care of ourselves.

Well that is about all there is from here. Ya'll have fun.

Friday, August 27, 2010