Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Whew.. It's over..

Wow.. finally.. 2007 is over, done, kaput.. I couldn't be happier.. I know that all we have gone through in 2007 is not the year's fault but still I am glad to see it go...

I know most people reflect about the year past and then make resolutions to do something bigger, better or different in the year to come.. I really don't want to reflect too much on last year.. there were great highlights..

I went back to church.. I was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.. that has brought me much needed peace and comfort throughout the year..

Cloe was born and continues to thrive and be a wonderfully bright spot in our lives.. she started crawling yesterday.. hmmm I wonder if I remember how to baby-proof a house after all these years..

Ron's book was published and is now available on the Author House website and many of the major booksellers websites.. I read it again.. as a book not as something we lived.. Ron really is a very talented writer.. I am picky about books.. and would not just say it was a good book to make him feel good.. it really is a good book.. Book Store Search Results there is a link to the author house website.. check it out if you like..

The kids are all basically healthy.. Chelsea and Kyle both recently had to have allergy testing.. they weren't too happy about the 92 needles in the back thing.. we did however find out that both of them are allergic to all molds, mildews and dust.. they thought that would get them out of housework.. not so much.. I have the same allergies.. I take my daily meds and just keep on cleaning.. they did come home with 4 new prescriptions each one being a preventative for their asthma.. that has to be a good thing.. although the last time Chella had an attack the school called 911 and chella thought the EMT's were really hot.. I told her there are better ways to look at hot guys..

Speaking of Chella she is doing well she is working on some personal issues and moving through her grief for her dad and everyone else we lost this past year.. she is being homeschooled through the homebound program at her highschool right now and it seems to be working for her.

Kyle is still Kyle.. he is annoying at times.. talks WAY too much.. and basically acts like a 12 yr old boy.. but he is also one of the sweetest kids on the planet.. he will just come up to me and say " Mom, can I have a hug" he does this several times a day what a great way to make mom's day ya know..

Sierra is not working right now. She is job hunting.. she assures me she has another job lined up already.. I assurred her that is a good thing because her bedroom here is not lined up for her anymore.. I don't mean to sound heartless but she needs to realize that raising a child means work, responsibility and not expecting mom and dad to bail you out everytime you lose a job, or a car or whatever.. I was doing it on my own at her age and she knows that she will never not have help but helping and doing it for her are two different things...

Chris is up for probation / parole this month.. the parole people came to the house on Friday.. we weren't home, Kyle called me and gave me the number they left.. I called them and spoke with a really nice guy there he told me they were checking us out to make sure Chris has a place to go and that we don't drink or have firearms, and to make sure we aren't crimminals ourselves.. I assured them we weren't .. Neither one of us drinks.. and neither one of us has any type of record.. I also made sure they know that Chris has gotten his GED and has a job in the jail as well as one waiting for him when he gets out.. the guy told me that to him it looks like Chris has a really great home plan.. I don't know if that means anything one way or the other as far as the decision goes for letting him out but I am taking it to be a positive thing..

I do want to thank all of our friends and our family for all of the prayers and support you have given us this past year and always..you are greatly loved and appreciated.

Hmm I just noticed that my honey has signed off aol.. I am thinking that means he is upstairs mostly naked and in the bed.. I think I will be joining him.

Y'all have fun