Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slowing Down

Vehicularly speaking this hasn't exactly been a banner week.. not that anything terribly traumatic has happened this week but, it has been a curious driving week.. after the mess on Monday.. there was the incident today..

I was crusing along this morning talking to Ron in my ear and Sierra in the passenger seat.. keeping up with traffic on my normal morning run to work it was about 7:15am and I was about 2 miles from my exit..Then I saw him.. in his cute little white undercover car, sitting there on the inside barrier wall of the inside lane on the highway and I was in the far left lane closest to him.. then I look at my speedometer..87!!!!!! OMGosh brakessssssssssssss as I passed him I saw him turn on his lights.. I knew I was had.. I pulled over.. he approached my side of the car.. he said " I'll pulled you over for doing 85 in a 65" I said" yes, sir I didn't realize I was going that fast I was really just keeping up with traffic" he took my license, registration and insurance back to his car..when he came back he explained he was going to write the ticket for 80 instead of what he clocked me at to save me from getting 6points on my license and as he handed me the ticket he says " Do you think you can slow this big thing down a bit?" I was happy to say "yes sir!".. I drove away talking to Ron on my bluetooth and getting razzed by him about my first speeding ticket in 21yrs.. the ticket is only 30.00 but the court costs are 139.00 I have until June 13th to pay it or go to court and ask for an extention.. it will get paid.. it just seriously sucks to have finally gotten stopped for speeding again.. dang and my record was so good.. 21 yrs is a good run.. oh well so goes life.. On my way home this evening.. I didn't get a hair above 70mph.. so I guess I kept my word and slowed that big thing down a bit..

My day at work at least went well I started on receiving calls today..I was bored.. I told my boss I was gonna start on them even though no one had trained me how to do them.. he was like OK.. he knows if I tell him I can do something, I can do it.. I took a few calls and got several interviews from call ins.. that is a good thing to complete the interviews.. that is basically our goal in making the calls we make or taking the ones we take.. so I think I did OK for my first day out..

Sierra's car is now legal.. I took my lunch break to take care of it.. so now she is on the road alone.. I'm not sure that is a good thing for the other drivers, Just kidding she is a great driver.. I am glad she has that independance.. Well so much for sharing my day.. I am whooped I think I am gonna go make Ron's lunch and get into a hot tub and soak for a while..

Y'all have fun