Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facebook Has Taken Over

Wow.. just looked and it has been almost 4 months since I have posted here. I am blaming Facebook. I have been posting there. I have been keeping up with people and finding new people there I have sadly been neglecting my old blogspot. I don't know if I remember how to post anything more than a few lines anymore, but here goes.

Things have been way busy around here with Chris being home and enjoying Miss Kiera. Chris is trying to find a job, which is not the easiest thing to do when you have a failing economy, a small town and a felony on your record. It just ticks me off that if he were on probation or parole he would get help getting a job but because he served out his time he gets no assistance. Some of you may disagree with me and that is fine but I think that if a person has served his time and paid his/her debt to society then the felony record thing should not be a constant block to gainful employment, should he have to pay for a mistake he made at 18yrs old for the rest of his life? Yes I feel that way about most all people that have served time. The debt is paid, end of story. The only exception I can think of right now are child molesters and well that is another story entirely.

On to more pleasant subjects. Kiera is growing and thriving, she smiles almost constantly, Ron and I take her to church with us every Sunday just as we have been doing with Cloe since she was 12 days old. Kiera seems to take everything in stride and just loves being with her family. Cloe is still having some sibling rivalry issues but seems to understand that Kiera is here to stay and won't be going back to the hospital. They are both just adorable. We also have a couple of beautiful grand nieces, Trinity and Juliana born about 6 week apart. They are both just gorgeous and it is wonderful to see the family growing.

My back is giving me some trouble again apparently it likes this time of year to mess up. It started with the severe pain about 3 weeks ago. I am on lyrica now and that seems to be helping a bit..

Ron is still looking for work too. The economy, especially in a very small town just isn't favorable to employment right now. He has been applying for some jobs that might require him to have to be away from home through the week and only home on weekends due to the distance from home. That would not be an ideal situation in fact it would suck, but I know God has a plan for us and will take care of us according to that plan. The bills are paid, the kids are fed, we are still very much in love and living for God and each other, so things are good.

I will try to get back here more often, I miss my little corner of the world here where it is quiet and I can put my thoughts in some sort of order. I also greatly miss my blogger friends.

Take care everyone and if I don't make it back here before then, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with all the blessings of our Lord.

Y'all have fun.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Kiera's Latest Pics

Ok, so it is hard to tell on ultrasound whether they are recent pics or not.. These were about a month ago. Oh yeah Sierra went to the Dr. Wed and was given a great report for Kiera, Doc said that if she were born right now she would be healthy, her heart and lung function is great and she is about 5lbs or more by ultrasound. She isn't due for another 6 weeks but, it is good to know she is doing well. Sierra tends to have em early so we keep a real close eye on her at this stage in pregnancy.
We have the 2 oldest grandsons this weekend so things have been interesting to say the least. We picked them up yesterday and will have them until Sunday, if I don't need a rubber room by then it will be a good thing. I am just not used to that much energy all at one time anymore. I was talking to my ex sister in law last night about how quickly kids grow up, she asked me about Kyle and when I answered her she asked if we are really that old. After having an 8 and 10 yr old around I have to answer "Yes , Yes we are THAT old."
Y'all have fun

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Grandbabies and Other Things

I really didn't die. I am still around. I don't know what has been wrong with me lately, I just haven't been online much as of late in fact I really haven't been doing much of anything lately.

Things are still going smoothly with Sierra's pregnancy, she seems to be carrying this baby better than her previous pregnancies. We are all hopeful that she carries to full term or at least 36 weeks. That is only 6 weeks away so keep up with the prayers and thank you so much for them. Oh the new baby will be Kiera (pronounced Kira) Jo Faith. Jo is my middle name and Sierra decided to give Kiera my name, I love that of course.

Cloe' is just as cute as she can be, she just turned two a couple weeks ago and has embraced the terrible twos with a passion.. She isn't really terrible it is just that I have forgotten how busy they can be at that age. She is lightening fast and changes gears and directions in true tornado fashion. I am getting too old for all that. She is speaking in a much more mature fashion and to me some of the things she can now say correctly aren't improvements at all.. I have a huge pink hippo beside my bed (gift from Ron) , Cloe used to run in here and holler "hoppo mamaw hoppo" because she loves playing with my stuffed animals. Now she says "hippo" see that is no fun at all..She still has some of her cute ways of saying things tho.. Ron recently introduced her to haagen daas ice cream. Sierra and I were grocery shopping the other day and I showed Cloe the ice cream cooler and her new favorite thing. She looks at me and says "Doggin hoss" and promptly went around the store hollering for "Doggin hoss" she did get 2 of the tiny containers to take home with her. She also mixes up what she wants. She will run up to you holding out her cute little arms while asking " hold you?" she wants you to pick her up. I am loving this stage of her development and am in no hurry for her to out grow it.

Rosie the Shar Pei has definitely decided she likes it here. She likes me a little too much though she follows me everywhere I go including the bathroom. I will go in there and she sits outside the door knocking on it until I come out. If I am walking through the house and stop real quick she walks right into the back of my knees. At least we know she is happy here.

OK I need to get off here and kill this gnat that has been trying to fly up my nose for the last 5 minutes then on to hand washing to get the bug guts off and then to cook something for supper.. OK maybe I will wait on cooking til I get the thought of bug guts out of my head ...

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oops ..

Well as it turns out the grand baby to be will not be Isaiah Christopher after all. In fact it will not be a boy. We are getting another granddaughter. Sierra had her full ultrasound today and after 4 weeks of thinking boy, we did not see a penis on the ultrasound, and she was definitely willing to show us that she is NOT a boy at all.. Oh well at least Sierra has all the clothes and everything else for a baby girl.

I don't know if she has a girls name picked out when she does I will post it. There are some really great ultrasound pictures that I will post as soon as Ron scans them for me, or transfers them to a disk so I can upload them to my laptop.

The leak in the bathroom has been fixed. The 15 towels it took to clean up all the water have been laundered. Now we are just patiently waiting for whatever breaks next.

My little hoopty is having issues already. It has a transmission problem. With my luck it is probably a leak. Why not everything else has been leaking round here this week.

I am feeling a bit better, well maybe better is not the right word. The pain in my back is no different than it was before, I just seem to be coping with it better, I feel stronger than I did. I don't know if that is because it is healing finally or if I am finally learning to slow down a little and rest more. I will take it either way.

Rosie the Shar Pei is fitting in well around here. She has decided this is where she was always supposed to live. She was afraid of our bed the first time she jumped up there, her fear however, quickly subsided when she found out she could lay in the bed with the humans and get petted. I don't think she has had a lot of affection in her life. She just seems to have bloomed in the last week or so when she settled in here and realized she is a member of our "pack" now.

I think that is about it for catching up..

Y'all have fun

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have debated about posting our upcoming news. I have thought about it and thought about it. I have concerns due to I know that some of the people that might want to cause trouble used to read my blog but you know what.. I really don't care. I am excited and happy about it and want to share it here with people I care about and with people I have come to care about through my blog and Ron's ..

OK no more beating around the bush.

Ron and I have been talking about it for a while now. With Kyle and Chelsea's consent and with the acceptance and consent of all of the kids Ron will be adopting my kids. He will be adopting Kyle and Chelsea. Even though she is 18 she wants him to adopt her too.. and that is fine with him. This is just something we all want. I don't know how long the process takes but I understand that it isn't that long or that expensive when it is a step parent adoption and when there is no need to have parental rights terminated. As the kids biological father is deceased there will be no need of any of the usual legal steps.

My kids will always love and remember their biological father, they will always consider him "daddy" but they have a wonderful relationship with Ron and although this adoption is in no way necessary to solidify the relationship they have with him it is something that we all want.

We would in no way prevent them from contact with any members of their father's biological family that they want to be in contact with. I know they want to still see their papaw and they will of course still be able to do that. They will also still have the large extended family they have had since Ron and I got married. Nothing will change in any of that.

Just thought I would share that with y'all.. When things get moving I will keep y'all updated and when the big day arrives I will definitely let everyone in on the celebration.

Y'all have fun

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Newest Grandbaby

We are getting a new grand baby in September. Tuesday we went with Sierra for her full ultrasound. The tech did a good job of finding fingers and toes and bottom and top, she even got what looked like it waving, being Sierra's child that is entirely possible Sierra has never met a camera she didn't like, then we asked if she could tell if it is a boy or girl. She found the genitals and we all saw something that looked a lot like a penis. She wouldn't commit to saying for sure that is what we were looking at because Sierra isn't quite as far along as her records had her seems someone wrote a number incorrectly on her chart when she was 14 weeks along and made her 18 weeks. When in fact she is only 16 1/2 weeks now, anyway the next day Sierra was talking to her doctor at her follow up appointment and mentioned the appearance of what we thought was a penis, so the Dr did a quickie ultrasound right there and yep sure enough there was a penis. So it looks like we are getting a grandson. I am so excited.. I would be excited either way girl or boy.. I just love my grand babies.. We did get a DVD of some of the ultrasound pics so.. here they are.. oh yeah his name will be Isaiah Christopher.. well that is what she says right now .. Cloe was supposed to be Olivia Rose.. no matter.. Mamaw will call him anything his mommy names him as long as I get to spoil him...

I love the face pic.. wow have ultrasounds changed since I had my last baby.. of course that was 13 yrs ago.. OK now I feel old my baby is 13.. the fact that my oldest daughter is making me a mamaw again doesn't make me feel old.. but Kyle being a teenager does.. I know I'm a weirdo..
Y'all have fun

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spoiled and Other Things

OK.. So I am spoiled we all know this.. but, last night we found out I am not the most spoiled creature in this house, Not even close.

We finally got our bed back together, those of you that read Ron's blog know about the water bed side popping off and subsequent repair efforts. Last night I was laying in my bed enjoying having the comfort of my water bed back and not having to sleep in Chella's rock hard bed, I was reading a book and minding my business, Ron stuck his head in the door and started chuckling. I didn't have a clue what he thought was amusing until he said "Look at Dusty" and there he was, under the cover with his big furry head on Ron's pillow peeping out as if to say " Yes I am so happy to have MY bed back." I turned on my other side and he put his paw on my shoulder and dozed happily back to sleep. That is spoiled!! Both of the dogs are happy to have the bed back they are even willing to let us sleep in it.

In other things. I was approved for my disability. It isn't much per month but at least I will have some feeling of contributing to the household financially. The best part in a way though it the vindication. I have known that my back is unstable, I have known what type pain I deal with on a daily basis, I haven't been sitting on my butt because I am lazy or because it is all in my head. Finally the SSA has determined what I already knew.

I am still not smoking and still not missing it. I feel really good about quitting and I have discovered a bonus, if I had known that my voice would improve from quitting, I would have done it a long time ago. I started smoking so young that I don't remember how my voice sounded back then but I do know what it sounds like now. Not that I am a superstar by any means but I love to sing and I have noticed a big improvement.

Well can't think of much else to write about today. So I think I will get off here and go back to reading my book. Lake News by Barbara Delinsky. It is really good I just started reading her last year and have found most of her books to be good. I would highly recommend The Vineyard though it is one of the best books I have read in a really long time.

Y'all have fun

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still Not Smoking and Other Things

Sorry for being gone so long... I have just not really felt much like doing anything.. blogging.. cleaning.. standing upright.. you know not anything..

I feel somewhat better right now.. I can't say I feel somewhat better and leave it at that because for the last few weeks how I feel changes on a minute to minute basis I think. I have been getting to do a few more things I think that contributes to the overall feel better thing.. It hurts my back to get out and do things but it hurts my spirit to not get out and do things. I can live with the physical pain a lot easier than the emotional or mental pain.

I went to see Chris yesterday and then Ron and I went to Lexington, we stopped at his mom's then at his sis Kathy's and then we headed home stopping along the way for a bite to eat.. It has really been a pretty good weekend over all Ron and I have had the house all to ourselves for most of it. Kyle spent Fri and Sat night at Sierra's house and Chella of course was with Caleb until midnight both nights. It was reason to get dressed to leave the bedroom. Eating what we wanted when we wanted.. I like it.... I am in no hurry for my last two kids to move out of the house but I don't mind a weekend without them now and then.

I have not had a cigarette in almost 6 weeks.. It was hard the first few weeks but now it is like I don't even think about smoking. Even when I am around smokers it doesn't bother me. I know a lot of people were praying and still are praying for me to be able to quit so thank y'all...It means a lot to me to know.

Red.. thank you for the award. You my friend are a sweety.. love you and miss you much.

Well I think I am gonna get off here and go eat the rest of my 3 musketeers bar.. y'all have fun

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bye Bye Joe Camel

OK before the bugging begins I will blog about my recent activity. After 27 years I have quit smoking for the first time for me. I have quit a number of times, I quit with all 4 of my pregnancies but that wasn't for me that was for the health of my babies. I kept off cigarettes through the whole time I was nursing, as soon as those kids were on a cup, I was back to lighting up. About 5 and a half years ago I was part of a research study for the medication Chantix to assist in quitting, I did quit for about 3 months, most of that was for Ron. I knew he didn't like smoking and I wanted to do it for him. Shortly after I thought I had the smoking under control I had to take a trip to FL I wound up having to spend a week with my mother and my ex husband, needless to say I started smoking again, it's a wonder I didn't start drinking as well. So here we are present day. I decided last month that Feb 1st would be my goal date for quitting. I missed it by 2 days. This time I am quitting because I want to quit. I want to not spend that much money on cigarettes, I want to help my bones to heal faster and more completely, I want to avoid all of the problems associated with smoking, heart disease, emphasema, and all that lovely stuff that happens to run in my family in the first place, so yesterday morning I put on my first patch and struggled through my first day as a non smoker, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! but, I am determined to hang in there as of 9:30 tonight it will be a full 48 hrs since I have had a cigarette and everyone around here is still alive and in one piece. I haven't bitten too many heads off or started to throw things yet so I will take that as a good sign. I have never backed down from anything I really wanted and have been known to go after what I want with a vengance, (right honey) so I know this will get easier. Hope we all live through it.

Y'all have fun

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have a major case of the boredom's. I have been sitting around not doing much of anything for going on 4 months now first it was the pain from the back/ leg herniated disk thing that was keeping me confined and for the last month it has been the recuperation and Herman the hump thing. Seriously I have read 12 novels in 9 days. I will admit I have always been an avid reader and will readily read anything I can get my hands on but lately it has gotten ridiculous. Especially when you add to it the hours upon hours of Lifetime television and my usual strange shows. I really have entirely too much time on my hands. I am not good at being idle, I have been going 90miles an hour for most of my life and to be put in the position to not only slow down but pretty much come to a complete stop is making me and everyone I come in contact with crazy. (poor Ron) I have tried to come up with ideas for crafts but nothing really comes to mind that I would like. I have been writing a bit in my journal but nothing worth publishing. I do get to spend time with the kids and with Cloe which is entertaining but the kids all have other things to do besides hang out with mom and Cloe wears me out fairly quickly.. I am trying not to whine here but wow this whole post sounds like a whine fest. Anyone got some cheese to go with it?

OK over my fit for now.. In good news I have been able to get out a bit lately. We went to Lexington yesterday and took Cloe with us. We stopped to see Ron's mom, then to visit his nephew to take a drawing Ron did of his baby. Then to my favorite thrift store, and back to mom's, then we came home and grabbed Sierra and the 4 of us went out to eat. That was great but I have paid for it. I was beyond exhausted when we got home last night and haven't had the energy to do much of anything today I have pushed myself a bit to get out for a short trip to the store, but otherwise I have been in bed most of the day. I can't wait until the 12th when I go back to the doctor to see if some of my restrictions can be lifted and if they have a cure for the Herman thing that is still hanging out back there. Freezing him didn't work.

Does anyone have any good ideas for someone like me who loves to stay physically as well as mentally active in a situation like this?

I am gonna try to make it to church tomorrow. I haven't been the last 2 weeks and I really think that has a lot to do with my feeling down lately too. I miss my church family and friends and I miss being in God's house. I don't want to ever feel like just a visitor there ya know.

Well I am gonna get off here and try to find something to get into for a bit.. hey maybe there is a good lifetime movie on.. Ron just loves them so much.. NOT!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Friend Herman

Ok well he isn't really a friend or even friendly. He has invaded my space and moved into my body. He is the huge lump on my back at my incision sight he is about 3 to 4 inches long ,2 to 3 inches wide and about an inch or so tall. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a small lump on my back at the incision sight. I popped a couple of ibuprofen and took it easy and the dang thing went down. The next morning it was back , again with the ibuprofen only this time nothing happened in fact said lump got bigger. This went on for a couple days. I called my doctor on Friday I left a message for his assistant. Monday afternoon she called me back, I told her what was going on and she assured me she would talk to the dr and call me back. Fast forward 4 days to the next Friday when she still had not returned my phone call. I called again, this time she was out of the office and I spoke with someone who was filling in for her. I was again told I would be called back. This time only an hour went by when I did get a phone call. Brooke, told me I have a hematoma, and that while they are not all that common in this type of surgery they are fairly normal and mostly harmless I was further instructed to ice it for 20 mins per hour and take it easy. If I take it any easier I will be in a coma. I have been icing as instructed, and still there is a big painful lump in the lower part of my back. I have decided if it is gonna be hanging around with me 24/7 it should have a name, hence, Herman. I have a strange obsession with naming things anyway from cars to thanksgiving day turkeys so, for my new lump to have a name doesn't seem at all odd to me. I am however hoping ours is a very short friendship.

In other news , I know Ron has told everyone about Chella getting her GED. I am very proud of her. It isn't the way I wanted her to get her education but I do understand why she chose this way and I have supported her decision. Her next step is to check out colleges and what financial assistance is out there. She wants to go into journalism, (imagine a writer in this family who would have thought?) I just hope she continues to follow through with her education. I know it isn't easy to do it once you are grown and married so hopefully she goes ahead with the education now and the home and family thing later. I didn't quite do it that way. I got married when I was 16 had my first child a month before I turned 18. I was 20 and had just given birth to my 2nd child when I went to get my GED, and 21 when I started college and spent most of my 2nd year of school pregnant with my 3rd child. Talk about getting your education the hard way. I did manage to come out the other side of it with a good education and 2 degrees but it would have been much easier to have done it without the full time home/mother/and 60 hr a week job thing as well. These kids don't seem to realize how great it is to still be able to live at home and not have to do anything but get your education. Oh well all I can do is encourage her and pray. Now I am working on Sierra to try and get her to go to work on getting her GED. Wish me luck.

Well, Herman is getting pissed about sitting upright so I am gonna get off here and try to freeze him to death.

Y'all have fun.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Post 250

Apparently this is my 250th post. I am not sure what the posting etiquette is for such an occasion. Am I supposed to throw a party? Should I post something meaningful and full of wisdom? ( that would confuse my readers) Or should I just say yay 250 I am surprised I have had that much to say at all?

I have been slowly recuperating from the back surgery. I am trying to obey my doctor and take it very very easy (his words) I am just not good at taking it easy. I have too much to do. The laundry won't do itself, the house won't clean itself, the groceries won't come into the house on their own, it just seems this taking it easy bit causes more stress than it is worth. According to the doctor my spine is destroyed that was his medical term for it. I have to be very careful right now and for at least the next 4 to 6 weeks that I don't hurt my back in any way. I am not even allowed to pick up my grand baby how much does that suck? In fact I am not allowed to lift anything over 5lbs now ladies seriously how many things in the life of a housewife weigh under 5lbs? The good news is he hasn't grounded me completely from going places I do have to limit how far I ride and how often but I can still get out of the house. If I couldn't believe me no one would want to be in the house with me.

In other things, American Idol (my guilty pleasure) has returned, I don't know why I love that show but I do. I love music, I love to sing. I do have a problem with the age limit thing, I think they should come up with an Old Fogey Idol. You know for us old farts that are over 29. What do they think that if you are 30 or older you can't carry a tune and your walker at the same time? I do have one other complaint about the show.. when the judges do the 150% or the one million percent thing does that make the yes or no answer to are the contestants going to Hollywood more important? If it is more than 100% does that mean they get to skip the Hollywood round altogether? Do they get to go straight to the finale? Sorry that sorta thing just bothers me I don't know why it is just a minor pet peeve of mine. Over all though I will sit here in my bed and watch for the next several weeks and yell at the TV when my favorite pick gets sent home or cry when they do the sappy background stories, and love every minute of it.

OK I don't know how this post measures up on such a momentous occasion as my 250th post but it is the best I have to work with right now..

Y'all have fun