Friday, July 31, 2009

Kiera's Latest Pics

Ok, so it is hard to tell on ultrasound whether they are recent pics or not.. These were about a month ago. Oh yeah Sierra went to the Dr. Wed and was given a great report for Kiera, Doc said that if she were born right now she would be healthy, her heart and lung function is great and she is about 5lbs or more by ultrasound. She isn't due for another 6 weeks but, it is good to know she is doing well. Sierra tends to have em early so we keep a real close eye on her at this stage in pregnancy.
We have the 2 oldest grandsons this weekend so things have been interesting to say the least. We picked them up yesterday and will have them until Sunday, if I don't need a rubber room by then it will be a good thing. I am just not used to that much energy all at one time anymore. I was talking to my ex sister in law last night about how quickly kids grow up, she asked me about Kyle and when I answered her she asked if we are really that old. After having an 8 and 10 yr old around I have to answer "Yes , Yes we are THAT old."
Y'all have fun

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