Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The New Toy

Well.. we got the Camaro.. Monday is still somewhat a blur.. we did so much that day I don't know where to start.. We took the Lumina back to the dealer.. when we got there the salesman tried one more time to get me to keep Rose.. he offered 1000.00 for me to keep her.. I was like no.. then he tried to sell me a blazer.. I don't want a blazer.. they are too big for what I was looking for.. and further more I wouldn't want to buy anything from this guy.. He gave us a check for the full amout of the car plus the tires we put on it.. and we were on our way.. to Ohio that is..

After stopping for lunch and Kyle ( who has a really bad cold/flu this week) getting his first pizza sub we called the man in Ohio and told him we were on our way.. We got there, I drove "lil' toy" and fell in love/lust whatever with him.. (the car).. we paid the man and headed for the next little hole in the wall town to get it legal to make the drive back home.. Yeah .. ok.. that is what we thought we were going to do.. When we got there the building was about the size of the bathrooms in our clerks office here and was staffed with people who didn't seem the least bit interested in helping anyone.. The lady looking bored asked Ron and I for our licenses and SS cards.. I just happened to have my SS card due to the fact I had lost the old one and got the new one in the mail last week, when it came I put it in my purse ( Ron calls it the black hole) and it was still there.. Ron however, didn't have his with him.. the lady tells us we need something with his SS# on it along with his name.. health ins card, voters registration card, something like that.. we had nothing.. We went back out to the truck.. Ron called our health insurance provider to ask them if they could fax the info to the clerk's office.. while he was doing that he rummaged through the glove box and came up with a letter from the SSA .. with his name, addy, and SS#.. I took the letter to the other bored looking lady there.. only to be told that a letter from the federal freakin government was not acceptable.. ok.. if that isn't acceptable what is.. Our insurance company couldn't fax the info due to privacy regulations.. Ron came in with this news.. I shared with him the unacceptability of the letter from the SSA.. he took the paperwork back from miss bored #2 and tells her " Fine, I'll drive it illegally then" and out we go..

We drove the 100 miles home without a tag.. we did have the title.. and the car was insured.. so if I had been stopped I would have gladly informed the officer about the incredible stupidity of the people of Ohio and hoped for the best. ( no offense to anyone from OH) I just don't like that state.. Did I ever mention my ex is from OH?

We got "toy" home and found out our clerks office is open til 6pm on Mondays.. yayyyy.. we rush down there.. they tell us the price on the title is not good enough and we will have to get a bill of sale from the seller stating the price..and the car would need to be inspected.. ok.. fine.. we called the dude in OH.. he said he would fax the info.. got the car insurance carrier to fax proof of ins.. The lady gave us a one day pass to drive the car down there on Tuesday for inspection.. By this time it is after 6... We head home again.. about a half hour after we sit down .. Ron's phone rings , It is Chas needing help moving furniture.. so we are off and running again.. we helped them get the part of their sectional that wouldn't fit in their truck home.. on the way home we stopped for food and smokes for me.. we finally walked back in the house around 8:45pm.. and promptly crashed..

I got the legal stuff done on "toy" yesterday.. and have been driving my little heart out ever since.. I love the little thing.. it drives well.. it shifts well.. and it is way cute.. I will have to get Ron to take a pic or two and post it here soon.. there is the wrist factor with driving a stick.. yes it hurts.. but no more than it hurts anyway.. and the I haven't driven a stick in 4 yrs and I am rusty factor.. but that is getting better.. but mostly there is the I love my car factor..

I thanked Ron Monday night.. he didn't know why I was thanking him.. I told him I was thanking him for dealing with all the hassle and stress just to make sure I had what I wanted.. how sweet is that.. Thank you again my love..

Whew.. I didn't realize this was gonna be a novella when I started.. talk about wrist pain.. I think I am gonna go forage for food.. medicate Kyle, then go sit on the porch and look at " toy" ..

Y'all have fun...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Confused Yet?

OK... the lumina is going back to the car place.. they called us Friday telling us that the car has a salvage title.. that means that at one time or another the car has either been totalled or salvaged.. this in itself is not really a big deal to me.. I have worked as a body repair person and mechanic.. I know that cars can be rebuilt with no harm done.. the problem for me is they didn't tell us this from the beginning and then they tried to rush me into making a decision whether or not to keep the car.. I don't like being rushed into things.. especially things about my money.. then on Saturday they offered us 500.00 to keep it.. we said "No" then the offer jumped to 600.00.. still " No" then the offer went to 800.00.. we said to ourselves.. "Maybe"... we drove the car this weekend.. It finally made the noise I was telling him about yesterday.. he called a friend about the noise.. the friend told Ron it is most likely the Torque Converter going out on it.. that is a 600.00 job to fix.. Umm the car is going back and they are going to pay me for the tires I put on it.. that is the end of it...

Ron and I had planned to meet with the carlot this afternoon and go car shopping afterward.. and guess what happened.. the guy in Ohio called saying he fixed the ignition problem with the Camaro and while he was at it he noticed the clutch was slipping so he fixed that too.. he wanted to know if I still wanted it.. Ummm yeah if it is fixed and running.. yeah I want it.. I feel good about that car.. I have since the first time I saw it..I don't know if we are going to get it today or tomorrow.. but I really want this car.. I know it has more miles on it.. but I just have a good feeling about the car.. I tried to talk myself out of wanting it.. I couldn't get it off my mind.. I kept thinking about it.. I told Ron all weekend I wanted to call the dude about the car.. he must think I am crazy.. I just can't help it.. when something gets in there it won't get out until I know why I keep thinking about it.. now I know.. I think this is the car I am supposed to have.. ok.. go ahead .. think I am crazy.. I do.. anyways.. time to start the running..

Y'all have fun

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Feel Good....

I don't know why.. but today I woke up in a great mood.. I actually slept last night .. that may have something to do with it.

My driving all over has resumed.. no there is nothing wrong with "Rose" she is fine. Chris called me yesterday and informed me that he has gotten his old job back with the landscaping company.. this is a good thing.. the bad news is.. Chris is living in Nicholasville and his job is in Winchester.. Beek's mom met me half way between Nich. and Lexington for me to pick up Chris this morning ( thank you Michelle) and we were off to take Kyle to school and then to Winchester to drop Chris off, then I had to come back home for Chelsea to pick up her things.. the fact that I told her to bring them with us in the first place and she didn't.. didn't seem to be a problem for her.. we stopped here, grabbed the books and it was off again racing to her school.. she was late..

We go to court again next Friday for the so called harassment charge against Chris, hopefully we will be able to get the judge to agree to Chris coming back home.. We can prove that Chris didn't harass John so there is no reason for Chris to not be able to live at home.. It pisses me off that Chris has not been found guilty of anything and he is being punished .. first by making him live in Nicholasville.. not that living with Michelle and Jeff is a bad thing but this is Chris' home.. this is where his family is.. second.. Chris lost a good job because of the moving to Nicholasville thing.. he was working mostly 2nd shift at that time and there is no way I could have picked him up at midnight and taken him home the 20 miles or so.. third.. Now that he has his other job back it makes the rest of us have serious transportation problems trying to help this young man keep a job and make a living.. this is causing him to not be able to do that .. and he hasn't even gone to trial yet...

Ok.. now I am through bitching..I still feel great.. I am still in a great mood.. I am going to Winchester again today.. there is a job there that I want.. it is for an assistant librarian.. for me that would be perfect.. I love books.. I read all the time.. what better place for me than in a library.. ok so it is a school library but I can see me now.. trying to encourage a love of books in young minds.. yep that would work for me.. wish me luck..

We have made no progress on the house yet.. trying to get our mortgage guy to get back with us.. apparently he is either not getting the messages or he isn't calling back right away.. we don't know.. but we really want to get a move on this.. hopefully he will get back with us soon..

I think I am gonna finish my house cleaning and get outta here to go apply for that job.. Y'all have fun..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Change of Cars

Well the camaro didn't pan out.. Friday, I was checking on the how to get the legal part of the car done thing so I could drive the car legally from Ohio to Kentucky.. I found out the only way I could do it was to have a bill of sale .. I couldn't get that without paying the dude for the car, so .. Ron took off from work, I went and got Chris and Beek and we headed for Ohio.. It was a great 1 1/2 drive... we got there and what do you know but the car wouldn't start.. we tried jumping it .. we tried the battery charger.. nothing worked.. so very bummed by that time we headed home.. the guy said he would call us if he found out what was wrong with it and that if we still wanted it fine.. if not that was fine too..

We got home and Ron got online trying to find something else.. something to cheer me up.. I was way down about the whole thing.. he found a cute little Chevy Lumina online.. we went and looked at it today... I drove it and I fell in love.. ok.. so it isn't a camaro.. it isn't HOT.. but it is cute and runs great and it is 2 yrs newer than the Camaro .. It is a beautiful shade of burgandy, almost like a bloodrose color.. I am seriously thinking of calling her Rose.. I don't know why I name my cars.. I just always have.. It usually doesn't take long for me to name them either.. I know it is strange.. but who ever said I was normal... Cars have personalities.. they do.. so they need a name.. It is that simple..

Anyway.. the rest of today's post is for my beautiful friend Red.. here ya go gorgeous..

Name: Tammy J.
Childhood Ambition: To be a doctor
.Fondest Memory: I have many wonderful memories.. One that comes to mind is the look in Ron's eyes as he sang " You had me from hello" to me at our wedding.
.Soundtrack: Hmmm thinking I really loved the music in " Blues Brothers 2000"
MusicRetreat: In my car alone on an open highway.
Wildest Dream: Win the lottery and build my dream home with enough land to build homes for all 7 kids.
Proudest Moment: Graduating College at age 22 after being told I wouldn't go because I got married at 16 and was pregnant with my 3rd child through most of my last yr of college. Also finally doing something totally for me and having gastric bypass surgery.
Biggest Challenge: Being a good wife, mom, friend, mostly being the best me I can be for me so I can be the best whatever to those I love.
Alarm Clock: Ron's cell phone.
Perfect Day: Most every day since May of 2002
First Job: Arby's.. I was 13 and lied about my age to say I was 16
Indulgence:Perfume, shoes
Last Purchase: Last was a cup of coffee,2 diet Dews and Cheetos, Oh yeah and my car.
Favorite Movie: Lady and The Tramp hands down..:
Inspiration: My kids, My hubby, people I love.
(Finish the sentence)

My Life: My life is not just what I am doing now or where I am going it is a combination of where I have been the me that I have become and who I can still grow to be surrounded with all the love anyone could want and the security of finally loving the skin that I'm in..

Y'all have fun

Friday, March 17, 2006

Life Is Good.

Snickers is alive.. Bobby the brother in law, finished putting the starter on Snickers last night.. we were not home, when I got here we had other things to do.. which I will tell ya about in a minute.. anyway.. when the other things got done, I went out and started my little van up.. It came to life as it always has... ahhhhhhhh no more running back and forth to Winchester.. I am sort of bummed about not getting to spend that much time with Ron but I figure he and I can spend time together around 2 am like we did this morning to make up for it... ( sorry Russ).. The kids are not entirely pleased about the resurrection of snickers.. It signals the end to breakfasts from Hardee's and Marathon.. poor little deprived children will just have to go back to cereal, oatmeal, waffles, or whatever else we might have in the kitchen..

Ok.. on to the "other" things Ron and I had to do when we got home last night.. no this will not be a close your eyes Russ thing...Ron and I had been looking at cars on e-bay the other night.. we spotted a 95 camaro z28 that I promptly fell in love with.. Ron put it on his watch list.. yesterday while we were at his school and he was finishing up some things he looked at his e bay watch list and asked me if I wanted him to bid on it.. I thought he was kidding, he wasn't.. he put the bid on it and with and hr and a half left on the auction we left the school and headed home.. when we got here I was anxious to find out if we were still the high bidder.. There was a package here that Ron had to look at first.. then the computer wasn't cooperating and had to be shut down and re booted.. finally he got online and checked.. we were not the high bidder.. Ron entered a new bid.. we were at 18 mins at that point.. I held my breath.. I paced.. I went outside to smoke.. I came back in with 2 minutes to go.. I sat breathlessly beside Ron and watched the last few seconds tick away... We Won!!!!! We are going to Ohio this weekend to get my camaro.. wooohoooooo .. I have always loved the camaro.. I have always wanted one.. now I have it.. I can't wait.. I am gonna look good in that car.. speaking of which.. I need to get my butt to the courthouse and get the temp tag and transfer form..

y'all have fun..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I feel blah today.. I don't have a clue why.. Ron was having a "foggy" day yesterday so I guess I can have a blah day today.. It isn't that I don't have anything to do.. I have plenty with Ian here..It isn't that I am particularly unhappy about anything.. I'm not.. I don't even think it is the looking for a job and no one wants to hire me thing anymore.. I just feel out of sorts...

I am getting my van back tomorrow.. Our brother in law Bobby came over after work yesterday and took the starter off.. but due to lack of tools and light he couldn't put the new one on, he will be here this afternoon with his own tools to finish the job.. that is good news.. Ron says the not having his truck with him isn't a problem for him, he just hates that I have to drive so much.. He ain't the only one..

I am wanting to hurry up and get the settlement thing done with my wrist. I am getting a new car with part of it.. well not new but new to me.. the van as much as I love the lil thing kills me to drive.. and I want to get things settled with whether or not we are moving to Mt. Sterling.. I love the house.. Honestly.. It doesn't matter to me where we live just so we are together I guess what bothers me is uncertainty.. I like to know what we are doing.. I am just like that I like to know what is going on and when.. If I am gonna do something I do it.. I have always been that way.. Ron takes things more slowly.. he thinks more than I do about things.. I usually know what I want and go for it.. that works for me.. Ron's way isn't a wrong way.. It is just his way ya know.. That is one of the things that make Ron and I work so well.. We have very similar personalities in many ways.. however we are also vastly different in some areas.. those differences just balance us and make us understand each other even better.. that is a good thing..

Well Chas and Chris are here to take my Ian for the day.. Y'all have fun

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm Too Old For Two Year Old's

I didn't know I had gotten old.. I had no idea until this week.. It is only Tuesday and I am already dreaming of the weekend.. I have Ian all week.. Don't get me wrong...I love having the little guy here.. I love watching him and playing with him.. the problem is I thought I had the energy to chase his lil butt and I don't.. he wants to run.. Nanny wants to walk.. he wants to beat up the dogs.. Nanny wants to sleep.. He wants to.. well you get the picture..

I had also forgotten the simple fact that the word "no" doesn't mean much in a two yr olds vocabulary..He knows what it means.. he just chooses not to understand.. and then he giggles when I say the word to him.. cute little brat that he is.. his favorite game today has been throw yourself at Nanny and see if she can catch you.. So far so good I have caught him every time.. but, I am on guard for that one time when he throws and I am not ready to catch..

Chas.. I know you sometimes read my blog.. don't you dare infer from this one that I don't want kiddo here as much as possible.. I do.. I am just old.. love ya girl..

On to other things.. For those that read Ron's blog.. the situation with my ex is still in my head.. I want to call him and tell him what I think of what he did while he was here and what he can do the next time he wants the kids with him while he is here.. I just don't feel like talking to the asshole.. he hasn't even called to let the kids know he made it home safely.. It is funny.. he and I get along great when he stays in Fl.. It is only when I have to deal directly with him that I have issues with wanting to choke the life out of him.. I remember feeling this way when I was married to him as well .. could explain one of the reasons he is an ex huh?.. I am going to talk to him about this summer.. If he cannot keep the rules we have for the kids here 11 months of the year I am really going to have to re think him having them for a month in the summer.. It takes about a month to undo all he does in that month.. I am just tired of going through all that yr after yr.. Chella doesn't seem all that interested in going to FL for a month... Kyle does.. but last year he only stayed 3 weeks and was begging to come home.. I don't want the kids to not have their father.. but I don't know how to maintain the relationship for him.. and that seems like what I have been doing all along.. If they don't call him.. he won't call often.. if I don't make arraingments for the FL thing he won't .. I think there comes a time when he needs to facilitate his relationship with his kids and leave me out of it.. I will never keep him from them or them from him.. I am just tired of being the go between so to speak..

Oh well better get off here before the whirling dervish wakes up from his nap..

Y'all have fun

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Morning Conversation Starters

While the driving back and forth to Winchester is a bit tiring..there are some benefits.. one of them being the conversations I have with the kids on the way back to lexington.. this morning we were listening to the radio .. one of our favorite morning shows.. they were talking about a New York case involving mens rights .. The case is about a guy that had a fling and the woman got pregnant.. she wants him to pay child support .. he doesn't think he should since it was a consensual act and they took precautions..

I personally can see this from all points of view.. my ex and I had 18 yrs of marriage.. he raised our 4 kids with me.. and when we split he fought long and hard to get out of paying child support because I wasn't with him..Ron on the other hand never shirked his child support when he and his ex split .. and he took on the responsiblity of my 4 kids when he married me.. actually long before we got married he was supporting not only me but them as well.. anyway.. Chelsea got to talking about what we were listening to.. she feels about the same way I do.. That in some ways women have all the options available to them and men do not.. I dont think men should get away with not supporting their children.. but what about men that want the child when the woman doesn't.. if she decides to abort the man has no right to keep her from it.. if she decides to put the child up for adoption it is sometimes very hard for the father to keep the child himself.. but if the woman chooses to keep the child the man is almost always required to pay support and in cases of one night stands.. the man often doesn't get to be a part of the child's life that he has to pay to support.. I personally have issues with the unequalness of this..

Personally.. abortion would never be an option for me.. adoption I am on the fence about but to me is a viable option if you know you can't take care of a child.. But, I do know if I had ever gotten pregnant by someone one night stand or similar situation..( not that I have ever had a one night stand) I would be willing to take full responsiblity for any consequences resulting from that.. I am an adult.. If I chose to sleep with someone I know the possible outcome.. if I got a STD I would have to take care of the cost of treatment.. If I got pregnant.. I would have to choose what to do about it.. therefore.. making the decision to have sex in the first place I would have to be ready and willing to raise a child if one were to result from that encounter if I chose to keep the baby.. I think that should go both ways.. both parties should look at it from the standpoint of owning the decisions they make.. I think fathers should support their children.. I think men should have some say so in the decision to keep or not keep a child they helped to create.. if we women have the options we do.. then men should have more themselves.. just my take on it..

Chelsea saw it from a Ron point of view.. she said that even tho she doesn't like some of the rules around here.. and she doesn't agree with Ron all the time.. she has a great deal of respect for him.. she said he has gone above and beyond any responsibility to raise children.. My kids are not biologically his.. but his love and support has made him their dad as much as their biological one is.. I think she said it well..

I know there are a million women out there fighting and struggling to get the support they need for their kids.. I also know there are plenty of good men that want to do the right thing.. and there are men that can't even get the chance to be fathers because all the choices have been taken out of their hands.. except the financial ones..

ok.. rambling and ranting over.. time to eat something and wait for Sierra and Jordan to get here for our thrift store date.. Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting a Break

My honey.. sweet man that he is did something wonderful for me.. he probably thinks it was just the practical thing to do.. and doesn't realize how sweet it really is.. He rented me a car for the rest of the week.. Yep that is it.. he knows how tired I have been lately.. he sees the dark circles and the exhaustion at the end of every day.. he definately sees the house isn't up to my usual standard.. and although there is a practical reason for renting the car.. the sweet one far outweighs it.. With the rental I won't have to run to Winchester for the next 2 days in the morning.. and Ron needs his truck Friday for his skills USA thing.. so I won't have to worry about how I am going to get Chris to court and all that.. just in the simple act of looking online and getting me a car for the next couple days he has taken a load of work and worry off my shoulders.. thank you my love..

In other news... Chris just called me, his attorney has been talking to the prosecutor in the case.. they are willing to drop the charge to Assault 2.. which carries 5-10 yrs.. I think he should take it to trial.. I would fight.. but that is just me.. I have sent an e mail to a friend that is an attorney.. asking his advice.. hopefully he will have some insight on this situation.. I don't know what to tell Chris.. I have never been in a situation like this before.. I don't think sending a 19 yr old kid to prison for defending himself is the right thing to do.. I just don't know what the right thing would be and don't have the power to see that the right thing is done in the first pending legal advice.. I will be worrying..

Well I am outta here for a while.. Y'all have fun

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday Running or Not..

Today I still feel like crud.. It seems my family is generous to a fault.. they shared all of their bug with me.. I don't get strep.. I am a carrier of the bug... I am however very capable of getting the flu.. I didn't want the flu.. but here it is.. invading my already worn out body.. oh well.. at least I am on the downside of the thing now... I still feel crappy just to a lesser degree..

This morning I went to my attorney's office and signed the paperwork to bring this wrist thing to a final settlement.. It isn't what I would have liked it to be but it is wearing me down fighting this along with everything else I have to deal with.. this has been going on for over 2 yrs. It is time to do what I can about it and let the rest go.. I don't have the energy to fight it anymore..

"Snickers" is still ill.. My brother in law should be here this evening or tomorrow evening to fix the poor lil thing.. I really need my van back.. I love spending the time with Ron in the morning and in the afternoon driving to and from work.. but it is killing me with all the driving.. and killing Kyle's attendance record with being late every day.. there is just no way we can get Ron to work and get back here in time to get him to school by 8 .. not gonna happen.. and although his tardies are excused.. they don't like it when a kid is late.. I would think with the absentee problem they have in our county they would rather have the kid there 10 mins late than not at all .. but what do I know..

My father in law called me a while ago.. he wants me to come over and re install his ISP.. Ron hasn't had time to make it over there and I can barely breathe.. I told him I would try to get over there this afternoon after I pick up Kyle from school.. I hate taking my germs over there.. but he is going through internet withdrawl.. not good.. so.. If I can stand up without getting dizzy for longer than 10 mins I will head over there.. if not he may have to wait until tomorrow.. I hate for him to not have access.. but I don't wanna drive up a telephone pole trying to get there to fix it either..

Oh yeah.. about waking up at 5:30.. I told Ron he could wake me up every day like that if he wanted to.. I ain't arguing.. I have always been a morning person anyway.. so it works for me.. apparently though it didn't work this morning. He said I just kept sleeping.. don't stop trying honey.. I like waking up with you .. a lot.... ( Sorry Russ) ok.. I'm not really sorry but ya know..

I think I am gonna get off here and wonder down to the drugstore to see if they have the advil cold and sinus since I can't take the dayquil due to the tylenol in it.. I take a prescription pain killer for my wrist every day that is mostly tylenol. I don't want to OD'..

Oh and one more thing.. Honey.. I was reading "I Remember" again this morning.. and I want you to know.. I remember too.. I remember what your eyes looked like that first day when you held the door for me to leave the restaurant.. I remember your smile when you made that comment to Pam.. I remember how you looked when you asked me to come home to you that first time I had to go to FL.. I remember the look in your eyes when you sang " You Had Me From Hello" at our wedding.. I remember all the times you have held me and just let me know that you are there for me.. I remember everything about us.. and I always will.. I love you....

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Almost Back to Life..

I went outside this morning complete with pissed off look on my face.. I got up under the dashboard of snickers.... fever and all.. and I pulled every plug I could find under there.. I cleaned them off well.. and plugged them all back securely.. I tenatively put my key in the ignition and turned it.. She came to life.. I turned her off.. and back on again.. OMG!! I think it might be a miracle.. I don't know if it is fixed.. or if my fiddling had anything to do with it.. but I did get to drive to get Kyle in my van.. not that I don't love your truck honey. I just missed the old girl.. anyway.. I am going to start her several more times before Ron leaves in the morning.. Just in case this is a temporary awakening.. I have one of those drive all over the place days planned for tomorrow.. I would just as soon not get stuck in Nicholasville with a broken down van.. not my favorite town in the first place..

Chella does have strep... she called about 12pm.. the nurse said.. "Her throat is red and gooey" wow all the technical medical terms.. it is a wonder I understood that.. anyway.. I took her to the Dr. at 12:45 to confirm the diagnosis.. they didn't say a word about gooey.. but she did test positive for strep.. so she is out of commission for the rest of the school week.. Oh Joy!!!..

I have supper cooking right now.. and I am waiting for about 4:15 so I can leave to go get my sick hubby from work.. hmm all these sick folks.. wonder why the back of my throat hurts and I have a temp of 101.. oh well so goes life in our house..

Y'all have fun..

Sick House.

If you know us and live close.. Don't come visit this week.. Kyle has strep, Ron has something like strep mixed with the flu, I don't feel so hot myself and this morning Chelsea got up with a fever and sore throat.. heck even "snickers" is still sick.. this house is full of germs I am sure.. I know I am gonna go through a couple cans of lysol and pine sol and a bottle of bleach when all this is over.. there is no way I want this bug or bugs to hang around.. Well I mean I'll be cleaning just as soon as I feel like I can make it to the kitchen to get the cleaning stuff..

In other news.. there is no progress on Snickers.. she is still sitting out in the front looking lost and forlorn.. It is not that we don't love her anymore or that I don't desperately need my van back.. we just haven't had the time or energy to fix her.. I am gonna make an effort in getting her fixed today.. If I don't tomorrow will be a repeat of Monday.. I don't know if I can take that much driving for a 2nd day this week.. especially since my wrist is in a funky foul mood and doesn't want to do anything I tell it to do..

Right now I am sitting here watching Pleasentville.. I saw it when it came out.. and I really liked it then.. thought I would watch it again and see if it still appeals to me.. so far it does..

I guess I should get off here and call the parts stores and see what I can do about my lil van.. wish me luck.. Y'all have fun