Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finishing Touches

Saturday is MOVING DAY!!! finally.. yep.. we are really closing on the house tomorrow.. there were times I have wondered if we were ever going to really close on this house.. I didn't exactly give up on worrying about it.. I basically just put it in God's hands and left it up to him.. if it is going to happen it will if it ain't then it wasn't supposed to.. I can't wait to get moved in and decorate our house.. wow.. I like the sound of that.. our house...

My birthday was wonderful..Ron and I got to spend some time alone on the way to Louisville.. we got to talk.. that is always something I love.. We just enjoy each other so much it doesn't matter what we are doing we always have a good time.. the visit with his brother was good.. I like Ron's family.. they are a great bunch of people.. On the way home my best friend of 16 yrs from Florida called me .. Mauritha and I are so close that we never feel like we are 1000 miles apart.. it is like we just pick up wherever we left off every time we talk.. and we talked the whole way home.. she loves to hear how happy I am.. and I am trying everything I know to talk her into coming up here.. at least for a visit if I can't convince her to come up here for good.. When we got home Chella had cleaned the house.. It looked great.. Kyle had gone shopping and had presents for me.. he got me exactly what I wanted.. a bath set.. you know the kind with bubble bath and lotion and body spray... the kind that people only buy for teenage girls.. yep .. that is what I wanted.. My 2 hr baths are my pamper me time.. so it was a great gift.. there were gifts from the other kids as well.. all meant for me to pamper me.. gee my kids know me well.. I don't get a chance to do it often but when I do.. they have me all set up with everything I could want.. Ron and I finally got to go to bed around 11:30.. and the cuddle time was the perfect ending to my wonderful birthday.. thank you Honey.. Kids.. that includes you Justin.. for making my day special.. y'all are a great bunch of folks.. I love you all..

I guess I should be in the kitchen finally packing it up.. I never pack my kitchen until the last thing.. I love to cook and I know me .. I would be unpacking and re packing all the time trying to find this pan or that pan until I drove myself insane.. it is just easier to pack the kitchen last.. I was talking to our realtor this morning.. she says the kitchen is the first thing she packs.. that way she doesn't have to cook until they move.. wonder if I could try that with the washer and dryer.. Laundry is my most hated chore...ok.. I have stalled long enough.. I have things to do..

Y'all have fun...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Year Older..

I am 38 today. woohooooooo... Actually .. I don't think much about how old I am.. I really don't feel much different than I did when I was 21.. well at least most of the time.. when I was younger I was not as settled as I am now.. Not as comfortable with change as I am now.. not as able to deal with stress and pick my battles as I am now.. but I still have the same energy if not more than I did then.. I still have the urge to go get a pair of roller skates and go skating every now and then.. I still try to stay up late on weekends and sleep half the day the next day.. I am happier now than I was then.. I don't have the hangups I had then and I have learned to like myself a lot more than I did then.. I think that is what most people that get down about their age forget.. you don't have to be old.. you don't have to act old.. and you still get the benefit of knowing yourself better and the wisdom of all the things you have done in life so far to carry you on..

I don't have any plans to do much of anything today.. I am going to visit my grandmother it is her birthday too.. she is 93.. I feel so fortunate to still have her... Ron and I are taking a small road trip this evening to visit his brother. I really don't want anything for my birthday.. I have just about everything a woman could want.. I have a husband that adores me and lets me know.. I have children that love me and sometimes even listen.. I have wonderful friends.. All in all I am quite fortunate and happy with my life.. I could use a job.. and it would be nice if my car hadn't broken down.. but it will all work out.. that is another thing about getting older.. you learn that not everything is the end of the world.. that is a good life lesson..

I think I will get off this computer and spend some time with my sick youngin.. Kyle has a terrible cold and is home from school for the 2nd day.. I love the lil monster.. but whew can he make ya crazy..

Y'all have fun

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Almost Employed

Well almost started a new job Monday.. I got the furniture sales position.. so there I was bright and early (9:30) on Monday morning all decked out in my official working woman suit... I walk through the doors to my new job and there is the guy that would be my boss standing there to greet me.. I say good morning.. he walks over to me and puts his hand on the middle of my back and starts rubbing my back and shoulders while saying good morning and how lovely I look.. I backed away from him and told him I didn't want him to touch me that it made me uncomfortable.. He immediately says.. "I didn't mean anything by it" still being polite I assured him I didn't think he did mean anything by it but still I would appreciate him not touching me all the same.. He then starts in about me wearing the support shoe for the still not healed broken toe.. I reiterate to him that I had indeed told him about the necessity of the shoe and that he had ok'ed it.. he told me the job required a lot of standing I told him I knew that hence the shoe.. he then says " I don' t think this is going to work out" ... by this time I am pissed... I tell him " ya know what.. Neither do I" and walked out the door.. By the time I got back home I was really pissed.. I called his boss and told him what had happened.. he called me back later expressing his sincere apologies and asking that this not go any further.. I haven't decided yet if it should..

Then there was Tuesday.. I get in my lil car to go to Mt Sterling to check some things out.. Chella, Kyle and I are just crusing along at 65-70mph when I hear this strange sound under the hood.. it only lasted a second or two.. I drive along another 1/4 mile or so and all hell breaks loose under the car.. there was a grinding.. and a flapping and a squealing... I touched the clutch and the whole car locked up in the middle of the exit ramp .. I am thinking this couldn't possibly be a good thing.. I finally eased the car off the ramp in first gear and get to the nearest store.. I called Ron.. he arranged for a tow truck to come get us... My car is now in the shop in Winchester.. It isn't dead.. but it is seriously in intensive care.. it seems the transmission is shot.. ya know when you say transmission is shot and Camaro in the same sentence the shop says take out your wallet, checkbook, credit cards and sign over your first born male child... hey there is a plan.. I could sign chris over.. ok ok.. I'm just kidding.. mostly

Other than all this and several job interviews and chella and Kyle going back to school it has been a mostly quiet week.. well quiet for around here..

I am looking forward to this weekend.. I will have my honey home for 2 whole days.. we have a party thing to go to on Saturday..It should be a good weekend.. heck we might even get to move.. who knows..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ron and The Day Off..

Those of you that know me are not going to believe this.. but I have an entire day off.. well sorta.. I don't have anyone to take anywhere nor do I have any appointments to be anywhere.. for me .. this is a holiday.. I still have Kyle at home.. but he is pretty self sufficient.. and I still have cleaning and dinner cooking to do.. but otherwise I have nothing scheduled.. I know this can and probably will change at some point today.. but for now I am just gonna enjoy the feeling of not being rushed, hurried or otherwised hassled to do anything for anyone..

Yesterday after reading my blog Ron was teasing me that I didn't mention his singing of the national anthem.. I assured him this was not an oversight on my part nor was I neglecting him.. I was blogging in a hurry yesterday and I felt talking about Ron should be given the time he deserves...and sometimes I don't have my words in order if I am in a hurry hell half the time I don't have them in order if I am not in a hurry but that is another story..

I was standing behind the dugout waiting for Ron to sing Monday night.. He was about 50 ft in front of me.. I was watching him, as I often do.. I just like looking at him.. anyway... he was pale and I could see the jitters from where I was standing.. then.. they announced him.. he walked out to the spot where he was to sing.. When he started singing I could see his body relax.. singing for him is as natural as breathing to the rest of us.. he has such a magnificent voice.. it is deep and rich and at times when he is singing the emotion he makes you feel can be a bit overwhelming.. when he finished I heard 1000 or more people clap and holler.. I think they heard me over all of them.. While, from the moment I became his wife I have always had a great deal of pride in my husband.. I think Monday night I was gonna pop if I had felt any more proud of him and of being his wife.. we have a sort of tradition of kissing each other after we finish singing.. this was no different.. he didn't make it half way back to where I was before I tackled him and told him how wonderful he was.. the problem with Ron is there are not enough words to describe his singing.. heck there aren't enough to describe him period.. everything he does he does well.. from being a friend and husband .. to singing and photography and many other gifts.. If I didn't love him the way I do I might be a bit jealous of his talents.. actually that is another thing about him.. people don't get jealous of the talents and abilities he possesses.. they just take it as a normal part of Ron being Ron.. I think it is because he wears his personality so well..He doesn't seem to realize how extraordinary he really is.. It is impossible to not like him.. and for me.. I couldn't think of a world that didn't include me loving him.. Take a bow baby.. you are wonderful..

OK.. time to get some food in me.. I don't eat much but when I want food I have to have it right NOW!!! Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's All About Time..

Have you ever noticed that when you don't have a job and you really need one they are harder to find than the city of Atlantis? Then when you find a job, everybody wants you to come work for them.. what the hell is all that about? I got the sales position at the furniture store... I actually knew I had it after the first interview... but I digress.. since then I have gone on another interview and have yet another one today... the girl (20 yr old) at the last one told me she wanted me for a job at the high school in front of Ron's school but that position doesn't open for another week or so... The one today is the one I want.. It is a combination customer service/clerical/ sales position.. something I'm very good at.. multi-tasking.. all you mom's know what I mean.. I don't feel like I am doing much of anything unless I am doing a little bit of everything.... this job will allow me more challenges than either of the other two... granted it is a little less money.. but when we move this one is only about a mile or so from the house.. that is a big bonus for me..

Speaking of doing a little bit of everything... Already this morning I have been taxi driver, mom, wife, and I think traffic cop on the way to Winchester.. I am at Ron's school right now.. he isn't here he is at the high school for a continuation of yesterday's meetings and such before the big day tomorrow.. ( first day of students) I came here to kill an hour or so before my interview and to change from my old ratty tee shirt and shorts to my pretty purple power suit... I can go from soccer mom to executive in about 3 mins. flat.... from just woke up hair and face to neatly brushed and full makeup.. whew.. that is something else that bugs me.. I hear about women all the time that spend an hour or more putting on makeup.. what the hell is taking you so long.. what exactly are you doing that requires that much time.. and further more how do you get that kind of time to spend on yourself in the first place.. give me an hour and I will pack a lunch, cook dinner, make coffee, vaccuum the floor, start a load of laundry, and get dressed with full makeup.. Is it just me.. or do all moms learn the art of quick change out of necessity?... ok.. it is about 20 mins til I have to leave for my interview.. think I will look around and see if Ron's class needs cleaning.. I have plenty of time for that... wish me luck..

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gearing Up

Things seem to be gearing up around here..

Ron has returned to work.. that sux out loud.. but oh well, somebody has to pay the bills.. speaking of which.. I had my second interview at a furniture store yesterday.. the manager all but told me I have the job.. the earning potential is great.. the only drawback I can see so far is it is a sales position.. while I am great at sales.. burnout happens fast in that field.. I also have a job interview today in Winchester.. If I am offered this position I may take it over the furniture store one just because of the field it is in.. Tech Support.. that is something I know well and won't burn out on.. even if it pays less it would be worth it to me to have a job I know I am gonna want to stay with longer.. and it is closer to the new house than the other one..

Speaking of the new house.. We haven't heard a thing yet about not closing this Friday.. I don't know if that is good news or bad news.. I am gonna take it as no news is good news.. but that is just how I am.. I need to finish packing but honestly I don't think there is room for any more boxes in this house.. Hopefully, we will hear something positive in the next day or so and give me incentive to finish packing...

The kids are getting excited about going back to school.. how weird is that.. I think the thought of new schools and new friends has more to do with the excitement than the actual school thing .. Chella is worried about Kyle .. he may have to ride a bus this year for the first time.. she ain't liking that idea.. Kyle is the baby of the family and has always been treated as such.. I had to convince her last night that in fact the child is NOT a 3 yr old.. he will be 11 in Oct.. I still think of him as a baby at times too.. but I don't think him riding the bus will be too tramatic for him to handle at this stage of his life..

Today will be the second attempt at getting Sierra and Jordan's car legal.. apparently last Friday the title was signed in only one of the two places it needed to be signed and we have to get the second signature today.. yee haw.. don't I sound thrilled.. I have been trying to call them for the last half hr to make sure they will be ready when I am.. if they aren't.. too bad.. I do have a life..

My kids ( the grown ones especially) seem to think that I have no life outside of taking them places or doing things for them.. for some reason they missed the memo on the fact that they have made the decision to move out and be adults.. they think they can have the best of both worlds.. they have their freedom from mom's rules and mom at their beck and call all at the same time.. all I can say for you guys is .. Time's they are a changin'.. When I go back to work, wherever that might be I will not be able to run for them all the time.. further more.. they wanted to be adults.. so it is time to be adults.. when this car thing is over.. don't call me for rides.. don't ask if I can take you here or there.. NO!!!.. I know I sound bitchy.. but dang.. there are days that I spend 7 or more hours just doing things for everyone else.. and while I will do everything in my power to help my kids.. I am just too dang old for all this running all the time.. I would love to go to work.. come home.. cook dinner.. and spend time with my hubby and the 2 kids I have at home .. instead of running here and there.. trying to squeeze in dinner.. rarely seeing Ron til after dark.. and saying a quick hello to Kyle and Chelsea in passing.. it isnt fair to them and it isn't fair to me.. ok.. Rant Over!! well for now anyway..

Well time to get off here and clean a bit.. until time to start running for the kids again that is..

Y'all have fun..