Friday, July 28, 2006

Slow Down .. Take a Deep Breath

Whewwwwwww.. It has sorta been the week from hell.. Sunday our beautiful, sweet, goofy Malcolm died.. It broke my heart.. he died in my arms.. I did everything as did Ron that we could think of to save him.. poor guy just couldn't hold on.. I personally think he may have had an underlying health problem that we weren't aware of.. but thinking that doesn't help when I look around the house and he isn't here.. I miss the big guy...I really loved that goofball.. He will be missed for a long time..

His passing put a down note on the rest of the week.. I have been packing a lot.. not much fun under the best of circumstances let alone when you start off the week grieving..

Right now there are close to 50 boxes stacked in various places around the house.. I didn't know we had this much stuff.. good lord I think we are way over due for a huge-mongous yard sale.. There is still the bathroom and the kids room left to pack along with all the stuff we are still using .. I don't remember us having all this when we moved in and I know we haven't shopped that much.. Me? shop? buy things we don't need and put them in places where I will forget we have them until moving time? .. Nah...

Then there has been the car drama.. Sierra and Jordan bought a car from another set of our kids and son in law.. we have been most of the week trying to help them get it legal and all that happy horse manure.. today was supposed to be the day.. we got all the necessary items together got them signed.. rushed down to the tag office.. only to find out there was one more place the title needed to be signed.. oh well there is always Monday...

The house.. oh hell I don't even want to talk about the house.. I know things happen for a reason.. but I was so ready to get this over with.. It will take me the next month to get unpacked.. and somewhere in there Ron will be going back to work.. the kids need to get school supplies and clothes.. and registered in school.. I just didn't want to have to do all of it at the same time.. I'll live.. just needed to vent a little..

Ron is now out in his truck waiting on me to get my skinny lil butt out there so we can sing.. so I guess I will do just that..

Y'all have fun..

Monday, July 17, 2006

The House.. The Toe.. The Lack of Sleep

Whew.. it has been one of those days.. Nothing bad.. just long and tiring on 4 hrs sleep.. Ron and I couldn't sleep last night.. well I tried to sleep..but my poor honey kept tossing and turning.. and then he tried turning and tossing.. and when those didn't work he tried flipping and flopping.. all to no avail.. and in a waterbed the other person feels every movement .. I am usually the tosser and turner in the bed.. I don't know how the poor man sleeps with me every night..

I am at least more comfy in the bed now days.. the boot cast came off Friday.. wooohooo.. I now have a smaller more streamlined looking shoe cast.. The doc told me I can work my way back into my regular shoes over time.. but no 4 inch heels.. I told her.. but those are my regular shoes.. and she still wants to do surgery on the toe and put a steel pin and plate in there.. I just need to find 8 weeks that I can be off my feet.. I am thinking this surgery will be scheduled somewhere around half past never..

The house thing is moving right along.. Ron signed the loan papers tonight to sign away the next 30 yrs of his life.. I didn't have to sign them .. thanks to my ex my credit sux.. so .. we just did it in his name.. which is fine with me.. you know the whole what is his is mine and what is mine is mine thing.. just kidding..

I think I am gonna get off here and get naked.. and.. go my happy butt to sleep..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Haven't Disappeared.. Honest..

I know some of y'all might have thought I really had disappeared this time.. heck..some of ya might have even hoped it.. no such luck.. I am still around.. I just haven't had much blog time lately.. There has been toe business, house business, kid business and most of all Ron business.. When my sweet honey is at home.. I don't get online much... partially because I usually just don't care to.. and partially because my wonderful hubby is a COMPUTER HOG.. oh.. sorry did I shout?.. anyway.. I digress..

The toe news really isn't news.. I am still in this boot thingy at least until Friday.. hopefully it will come off then.. this thing is making me truely crazy.. It is heavy, hot and annoying to keep on all the time.. and the small cast I have for night time simply isn't comfortable..Ron fixed it for me so that I can at least wear it.. when the lady made the dang thing she had it going all the way up to the bend in the back of my knee.. I couldn't even bend my leg and the thing was scratchy.. Ron cut about 4 inches off of it and smoothed the edges for me.. ain't he a sweety..

The house thing is moving right along and with any luck I will be unpacking boxes in our new house by the end of the month.. closing is set for July 28th.. the home and termite inspection is complete.. we are waiting for a response from the owner on the things that the inspector says need to be done in the house..things like termite treatment..(non negotiable).. the faucet in the bathtub for the hot water ... again .. (non negotiable) .. the insulation that isn't up to what it is supposed to be.. and a few other minor things that while are not deal breakers are negotiation points.. I can't wait to get in there and out of Lexington..

Kid business has just been the usually running around doing this that and the other thing.. Chris work .. Chella spending the night 2 counties over and having to go get her.. then her and J having issues.. those sorts of kid business things..

The Ron business has just been that he has been home for the last 2 weeks.. I have gotten to spend most all of the day with him.. Yep.. I am spoiled now.. and he is back at work this week.. how much does that suck.. I will have to get used to him being back at work again.. but it is only for a week this time then I have him at home for another 2 weeks before he goes back for the school year.. that will be another 2 weeks of spoiling.. and oh yeah.. COMPUTER HOGGING.. by him.. oops there I go again.. yelling.. well my honey just walked in the door so I think I will get off here and spend sometime with him.. and turn over the puter of course..

Y'all have fun..