Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still Not Smoking and Other Things

Sorry for being gone so long... I have just not really felt much like doing anything.. blogging.. cleaning.. standing upright.. you know not anything..

I feel somewhat better right now.. I can't say I feel somewhat better and leave it at that because for the last few weeks how I feel changes on a minute to minute basis I think. I have been getting to do a few more things I think that contributes to the overall feel better thing.. It hurts my back to get out and do things but it hurts my spirit to not get out and do things. I can live with the physical pain a lot easier than the emotional or mental pain.

I went to see Chris yesterday and then Ron and I went to Lexington, we stopped at his mom's then at his sis Kathy's and then we headed home stopping along the way for a bite to eat.. It has really been a pretty good weekend over all Ron and I have had the house all to ourselves for most of it. Kyle spent Fri and Sat night at Sierra's house and Chella of course was with Caleb until midnight both nights. It was reason to get dressed to leave the bedroom. Eating what we wanted when we wanted.. I like it.... I am in no hurry for my last two kids to move out of the house but I don't mind a weekend without them now and then.

I have not had a cigarette in almost 6 weeks.. It was hard the first few weeks but now it is like I don't even think about smoking. Even when I am around smokers it doesn't bother me. I know a lot of people were praying and still are praying for me to be able to quit so thank y'all...It means a lot to me to know.

Red.. thank you for the award. You my friend are a sweety.. love you and miss you much.

Well I think I am gonna get off here and go eat the rest of my 3 musketeers bar.. y'all have fun