Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Catching Up and Socks

Ok.. Time to catch up.. Christmas was wonderful.. busy.. but wonderful.. between dinner at the inlaws and dinner at one of the 5 daughters house and church and all the other things we did it was a very busy Christmas.. Can't wait for New Year's....

Moving right along to the sock thing... Never Never Never did we ridicule Ron and his sock Christmas gift solution.. We merely pointed out that socks are not an all encompassing gift.. Don't get me wrong.. I have cold feet most of the time.. I know the value of a good warm pair of socks.. but I like my Gremlins video ( one of this years gifts) and my Blue Topaz ring from last year a lot better than I could love a pair of socks...lets face it .. I would look strange wearing a sock on the middle finger of my left hand next to my wedding band.. and as far as watching a sock.. hmmm does the phrase watching paint dry suddenly seem exciting?... and Ron.. honey.. I don't think you would be able to use your brain with a sock as much as you do with the puzzle thingy I got you for the computer.. just my opinion.. Socks do have their place on any Christmas shopping list.. they are great for Grampa.. for Dad .. when you don't know what else to get someone.. they are great for uncle/ cousin bubba you haven't seen in 20 yrs who just shows up to let us know he is out.. oh wait that is my family .. not Ron's.. anywho.. I will go out on a limb here and say that socks are an appropriate gift for some people some of the time.. and anything I get from my kids or my honey is accepted as a great gift..but .. Socks are NOT the be all end all of gifts.. No Way No How.. But I do know what Ron is getting next year from everyone.. trust me honey.. you won't have to worry about Kyle the sock thief for a long long time... Love you baby..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winding Up and Winding Down..

With 3 days left til Christmas I have to wind up the shopping before I wind myself down.. I have a problem with Holiday Shopping.. I don't like to shop.. I may have mentioned this before.. but, perhaps I didn't make it clear.. when given the choice to go shopping with friends or have a long dental procedure done minus painkillers.. I seriously would consider the dental work.. I just don't like to shop..

Ron will disagree or at least wonder where it is his money goes.... I do love to thrift store shop.. I love garage sales.. and I love auctions.. I simply don't like the whole go to a crowded mall getting sneezed and coughed on by dozens of people, shoving and pushing to get the one of a kind OVERPRICED, piece of whatever and then having to haul it the 10 miles to the parking lot, then spend 20 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot.. NOPE.. not my thing..

I don't even like grocery shopping.. I can take a list of 50 things in the store, get them all and be outta there in 10 mins flat.. I see no reason to hang out.. I know what I want.. I can read fast enough to get the cheapest of what I need without turning it into a monumental decision.. I know when I go in there what I am gonna be cooking.. I don't need to hang out in the produce section to find that Perfect head of lettuce.. I get the best looking of the lot presented to me and move along.. I do check my bread for freshness, it just doesn't take me half the day to do it.. There is no reason for me to be there all day.. they still have the same things they had last week.. and if by chance they do have something new.. chances are it isn't gonna be something I need to study to know whether I want to buy it or not..

With all that said.. we have 4 people left on the list to buy for.. when this is done.. I will be able to relax and wind down.. did I mention I obsess about things.. I don't like shopping but I like to make sure we have everything we need when we need it.. Lordy I am a mess.. oh well .. time to get outta here and do what has to be done.. Have a great day

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Taxi Driving and Being In Love ..

I haven't had time to blog much lately due to the fact that I have become the taxi service for everyone around here.. Chris hasn't worked all week because the weather has been basically crappy for landscaping.. But everyone else around here seems to need me to take them somewhere for something.. Angie has a job now she needs a ride to work.. Chelsea has been doing the last minute push with her grades and staying after school for extra credit (when she isn't having ear infections and coming home early) Kyle is easy.. he doesn't need me to take him anywhere for anything..except Christmas shopping this weekend.. he has 50 bucks and he intends to spend it.. I guess I am just tired.. I know it is not my job to save the world.. I know I don't have any obligation to Angie and Pete..I know I don't have to do half the things I do..but I can't help wanting to help.. that is just in my nature.. I guess it goes along with my trying to take care of everyone thing..

Other than running around like a chicken with its head off.. I am hurting.. my wrists (plural) are both hurting all the time now.. I know why the right one is hurting.. I guess the left one is hurting due to the amount of work I expect of it.. but dang.. It is bad enough being one handed and living my life.. but being no handed ain't working for me..

There is a wonderful side to all of this hurting.. Ron is not the type of man to comment on the lack of housework.. or complain when dinner is not on the table when he walks through the door.. or wonder what I do all day.. I went through that with my ex.. I was telling Ron last night about an experience with my ex.. I had pnuemonia and a fever of 103, I was under doctors orders to stay my happy lil butt in bed.. but I did get up and do a few things.. I knew that Ronnie would bitch if the house wasn't clean.. when he came home from work he asked me why dinner wasn't ready.. I was like.." Hello.. I am sick".. (didn't make an impression on him).. Ron doesn't understand why his sensitivity and understanding mean so much to me.. perhaps a couple of you ladies could clue him in.. when a woman is used to being treated a certain way.. and then finds someone that is sweet, kind, understanding, and doesn't treat them that way, It is kinda like moving to another planet.. Ron..I wrote a poem for you once.. "can he ever know".. re read it sometime.. it is just a fraction of how your love makes me feel..

Ok.. I need to get these achy hands off the keyboard for a while.. y'all have fun..

Monday, December 12, 2005

Un Cluttering

I have gone on a bit of a cleaning spree today.. Our apartment while being large for our area is getting a bit cluttered.. ok.. a lot cluttered.. it isn't the 9 computers or the 3 tvs.. or the 4 stereos that is causing the problems.. it is all the other stuff we have.. mostly in our room it is the clothes.. Ron has more clothes than I do.. I don't know why he has all of these clothes.. he doesn't wear 80% of them.. they just hang in the closet.. or reside in the 2 large storage bins in the basement or in the other bin in the laundry room.. It doesn't bother me that he has all of them.. it bothers me I have no place to put them..

Then there are the bulky things.. the dressers, ava's tank, the hutch.. the kingsized water bed.. all of these things are in our room too.. it just adds up to an obsessive compulsive, perfectionist's nightmare.. that would be me.. I don't mind a little clutter but there are times when I feel like all this stuff around here is closing in on me.. I know there is a plot where all of the extra stuff around here is planning a takeover of the house.. Ron is gonna come home one day and find a big pile of his clothes has attacked and subdued me.. honest.. I can see it now...

At any rate I did manage to re assign things to the hall closet.. that thing is gonna explode if I put one more thing in it.. but at least it isn't in the bedroom anymore.. I have also managed to mop the floors and catch up on laundry.. I am having a good wrist day.. I have taken my prescription meds and a couple advil.. it is down to a dull throb right now.. so I feel good enough to get some much needed cleaning done....

Ron and I had a great weekend.. lazy but good.. I like days that I don't have to go everywhere for everyone.. and I really like spending most of the day in bed with Ron.. what more could a woman want..

I did have a great phone call today.. Russ called me.. just to catch up on things here and to let me know he is still alive and kicking.. this is a good thing.. It was good to hear from him.. Miss ya dude..

Well time to go check on the honey mustard glazed chicken I am cooking for dinner and start the rice.. come on over supper is at 5ish..

Y'all have fun..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Lacey is my 6lb mini dachshund who is about a year old and may not (after what she did this morning) be living much longer.. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself.. I love animals.. I would probably take in every stray I could if I had the room and if Ron didn't tell me NO!! It seems like every one I do take in is defective in some way.. Perhaps that is part of their charm.. The first of the defective dogs was Donavon.. he was a transvestite pomeranian with a serious personality disorder.. he would steal my bras , panties, shirts and nighties and prance around the house with them.. he would also sit in a corner and stare at people without wanting anyone to pet him or pay attention to him.. but his greatest trick was shitaporting.. read Ron's blog from last year to figure that one out..

Then there was Cleo.. I didn't take her in as much as got stuck with her.. Ok Ok Honey yes I wanted her.. this dog was not only obsessive compulsive.. but she was demon dog from hell.. she could tear things up while you were in the same room with her.. and she didn't like Kyle.. she mistook him for a chew toy a couple times.. I thought when we got her she would be more like her dad (Malcolm) I was wrong.. not that Malcolm is a perfect dog by any means but when you compare him to my dogs.. yeah.. he is an angel..

Now we come to lacey.. she is a cutie.. she doesn't shitaport.. she doesn't bite.. she isn't obsessive compulsive.. she is however the first dog with incurable ADHD I have ever met.. this dog is like a long rat on speed.. she is all over the place all at once.. and she does have a nasty habit of tearing up things.. she is in trouble today for tearing up the Christmas Tree skirting.. She is kennel trained and will go into her kennel if you tell her to go to her room. Problem this morning was I forgot to tell her..After everything I went through to get the tree up.. I was not amused by the distruction of the white, fluffy , sparkly skirting ... Oh well at least she isn't wearing my clothes..

Y'all have fun..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pain In The Wrist

I don't have much to blog about today.. and even if I did.. I wouldn't be able to blog long anyway.. the wrist is acting up today.. Actually it has been about 3 days so far that I haven't been able to pick up anything heavier than a feather or to type for longer than 5 minutes at a time.. I am not whining.. just letting y'all know if ya don't see me for a couple of days .. that is why..

The thing that bothers me the most about this is not the pain.. pain is something I can and have handled a lot of in my life.. the thing that bothers me is that the pain keeps me from doing the things I want and need to do.. I don't like to be told I can't do something let alone being physically stopped from doing it.. but anywho..I need to get off here and heat this thing with the heating pad for a bit.. I do still have kids to pick up this afternoon and driving isn't fun with this thing hurting like this..

Y'all have fun..