Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bye Bye Joe Camel

OK before the bugging begins I will blog about my recent activity. After 27 years I have quit smoking for the first time for me. I have quit a number of times, I quit with all 4 of my pregnancies but that wasn't for me that was for the health of my babies. I kept off cigarettes through the whole time I was nursing, as soon as those kids were on a cup, I was back to lighting up. About 5 and a half years ago I was part of a research study for the medication Chantix to assist in quitting, I did quit for about 3 months, most of that was for Ron. I knew he didn't like smoking and I wanted to do it for him. Shortly after I thought I had the smoking under control I had to take a trip to FL I wound up having to spend a week with my mother and my ex husband, needless to say I started smoking again, it's a wonder I didn't start drinking as well. So here we are present day. I decided last month that Feb 1st would be my goal date for quitting. I missed it by 2 days. This time I am quitting because I want to quit. I want to not spend that much money on cigarettes, I want to help my bones to heal faster and more completely, I want to avoid all of the problems associated with smoking, heart disease, emphasema, and all that lovely stuff that happens to run in my family in the first place, so yesterday morning I put on my first patch and struggled through my first day as a non smoker, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! but, I am determined to hang in there as of 9:30 tonight it will be a full 48 hrs since I have had a cigarette and everyone around here is still alive and in one piece. I haven't bitten too many heads off or started to throw things yet so I will take that as a good sign. I have never backed down from anything I really wanted and have been known to go after what I want with a vengance, (right honey) so I know this will get easier. Hope we all live through it.

Y'all have fun