Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Work, Car, School, Grandmothers.. Life in General

I still have a blog??? Hmm I was beginning to wonder if I did.. It has been a bit hectic around here ..

Last Thursday I was at work when my cell phone rang. It was the nursing home where my mom and grandmother live.. The counselor there was calling to ask me when I could come to pick up my grandmother's things since she had been in the hospital for 14 days and would no longer have a bed in the nursing home when released.. My first reaction.. WHAT? When? and why didn't anyone call me to let me know she was even in the hospitial in the first place.. B was astounded that I didn't know.. It seems my uncle had taken some paperwork to the nursing home proclaiming himself medical surrogate for my grandmother.. and asking them to only contact him in case of emergency.. This is the same man that my mom and I caught ransacking my grandparents house the minute they divorced and were on their way to different homes. To say the least I wasn't at all amused or pleased by the fact I had not been notified and that someone they had never met could just waltz in there with an outdated document and assume to take over.. and they just rolled over and said ok.. without a word to me.. the person that is listed as her legal representative on all of her paperwork. When I got off work Ron and I and the kids went to the hospital to visit and to set the record straight they ARE to contact me if there are medical issues with my grandmother.. I don't care if they contact my uncle. Just that they contact me. I don't think that is too much to ask.. They are using the HIPPA regulations of privacy as the reason they didn't contact me. I am the person who signed her HIPPA release in the first place so that dog ain't gonna hunt with me.. ya know..

My car is still on the fritz.. we have determined that there is a bleeder valve that should have been bled when they replaced the water pump and if it wasn't done completly or accurately it could be causing the overheating problem I am still having with it.. Hopefully we can get someone to do the bleeding procedure and that will be the end of problems with this car for a while.. don't get me wrong.. I love my lil car but it is becoming a royal pain in my butt..

If you read Ron's blog you got half the story on the Chelsea absence story.. The 9th grade principal Mr. W. called me back later on that afternoon.. He tells me that he will not excuse Chella's absences due to the fact that he spoke with her teachers and they informed him of Chelsea's poor performance in class and that she isn't a very good student.. He also looked at her record from last year at her old school and saw the absences there and that she had some disclipline problems then.. I told him I thought it odd that her teachers would say that when I just had a conference with them and they assured me Chelsea was doing well and participating in all of the classes and had not been a disclipline problem at all.. What I think is her record from last year is what caused him to be a jerk..He also failed to take in to consideration that even though she missed 42 days of school last year due to legitimate health issues she still managed to not only pass 8th grade but to earn 3 HS credits in the process.. whatever problems she had obviously didn't affect her ability and willingness to do the work then nor does it now. Why not base it on who she is now and how she is doing now instead of the things in the past.. People can and do change especially teenage girls.. geesh.. My answer to all of this was to buy a notebook for each of her teachers to sign daily and record any necessary comments about her attendance, participation and behavior .. I am going to do this for a couple of weeks then request a new conference with her teachers and Mr. W and let him tell me then about her performance. Yesterday's note were resoundingly positive from all of her teachers.. He told me if Chelsea missed any more time at school the COMMITTEE would be knocking on my door.. I told him I hope they it should be interesting because I know she will get sick again this year.

Ron and I are still wonderful and still in love.. that ain't gonna change.. through all of this he has been right here beside me and supporting me in every way... he doesn't even know how much that means to me.. and how much more I fall in love with him every day.. thank you my love.

Oh Yeah.. Today is Kyle's 11th birthday.. when did I tell him he was allowed to get that big? I don't recall giving him permission to grow up on me and I don't appreciate the fact that he is doing it anyway.. We have a tradition in our house that whatever you want for dinner on your birthday you get.. so we are having breakfast for dinner tonight.. Kyle wanted one of my souffle's but I suggested eggs, bacon,sausage gravy with biscuits and pancakes.. he said that sounded good and that as long as it was breakfast for dinner he would be happy and it is a fairly easy meal to cook for me.. so I am happy..

Well I need to get off here , Ron is on his way to get me so I can go to Lexington and fill out the paper work for Grammy to go back to the nursing home today.. This time.. I am going to have the advocacy paperwork notorized right then and there that way there will be no question about who to call if they need to call someone.. Oh yeah.. and my mom is coming home with me this weekend.. that should be a blast.. I know she will love the house..

Y'all have fun..

Update.. I went to the nursing home.. signed all the paperwork.. talked to C the admissions coordinator.. she said in speaking with the legal liason at the center it seems the document my uncle brought in there isn't quite on the up and up so I am designated as the surrogate until the guardianship issue can be solved in court... Works for me.. ok.. I am outta here again time for Ron to get off work and us to head home..


Monday, October 16, 2006

Long Weekend

It has been a long long weekend.. the court day thing has been interesting but now.. I just wish all these folks would go home.. I had been told that it got crazy down here.. but OMG.. I never dreamed.. I am still trying to figure out how they got all those folks in that small area.. and I was right there in the middle of it a few times.. I did however find out if you have a 3 ft python around your neck while walking through a large crowd.. no one gets in your way.. I took Ava for a walk with me through town.. It was interesting to see all the varied reactions to having a live snake out in public.. she always attracts a lot of attention.. mostly from children.. the parents are the ones that freak about her.. oh yeah and teenage girls..

I didn't get a chance to post about our anniversary last week.. I have been working strange hours.. and when I am home I try to keep the house clean.. make lunches.. cook dinner.. do laundry.. so the blog thing has sorta fallen by the way side a bit. Ron bought me pink daisies for our anniversary.. and he wrote a beautiful poetic blog, letter, whatever you want to label it.. it made me cry of course.. I got him a teddy bear in a bag that said " you are the best part of me".. and I wrote something for him as well.. It always amazes me that when he writes about our relationship he seems to be saying how fortunate and blessed he feels to have me in his life.. I guess I have never been able to convince him that I am the one who is blessed and honored every day just to have him to love.. and to have his love.. I would be lost without him in my life... that is why I didn't write on the card that came with the teddy .. the bag said it best.. Ron is the best part of me..

Today I have to go to work.. yippieee.. can't you feel my excitement?.. I am gonna get dinner put together before I leave.. chella will be able to stick it in the oven for me.. and that will be about all I do today before work.. 7 1/2 hrs of standing on this foot.. I need all the rest I can get this morning.. Ok.. time to get the Chella out of bed and see if we can find her some cars to park..

Y'all have fun.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tonight is for Cleaning..

Ok.. so I have discussed at length the fact that I am a bit obsessive about cleaning my house and that I can't stand it to be dirty.. y'all know all that.. so you can imagine what I am going through tonight.. the big housewarming party starts at noon tomorrow.. and with me working now and my stupid car going through whatever it is going through ( it was overheating and 362.00 dollars later it still is).. I haven't had much time to be at home this week to clean.. so... that leaves tonight.. I have already scrubbed the bathrooms, vaccumed the carpets, swept the floors, and shampooed the carpets and I even managed to do shopping, take chella to the dr. and cook a half decent dinner I still need to clean the glass around here, mop the floors, and make sure these dogs don't tear anything up.. and do some dusting.. Kyle did some of it earlier.. I still have to prepare some of the food and make sure everything is perfect.. the garage is still a mess.. I have had no help to get that done.. so our 60 or so guests tomorrow will get to see that while we are out by the grill.. but that project is simply something I cannot do by myself..

I know these are our friends and I know they are not the kind to judge me for my garage being a mess.. but I am such a freak about this sort of thing.. I don't like to have anyone in my house if it isn't up to my standards.. and according to my kids.. my standards are a bit high.. so goes life.

The job is going ok.. It is a bit hard on my body.. I am on my feet the whole time I am at work and there is some lifting and moving things that make my poor wrist and right foot holler.. but hey it is a job.. I am not whining about it.. it is better than what I have been doing for the last almost 3 yrs.. Nuttin'.. I hope that one of the other positions I have applied for come through.. but if not.. this job is here and now.. and allows me to feel useful financially around here.. that does a lot for me.. I am used to working and paying my own bills.. When I was married to my ex.. I was usually the only one working and the only one paying bills or even worrying about paying bills.. so I learned to only depend on me.. Ron has been wonderful about the whole thing with me not working .. it has been me that has been worrying and feeling bad about spending money when I wasn't earning any and while I don't make that much.. it is better than nothing at all.. I know that a marriage is about richer and poorer and all that stuff.. I just don't like having to depend on Ron financially as much as I have had to.. it isn't that I don't trust him.. or that he has a problem with it.. It is totally my issue.. and thankfully I don't have to explain it to him.. he knows..

Right now .. I would love to go over there and lay down on the couch and take a nap.. but I know me.. The second I try to lay down my mind will start yelling at me to get my lazy butt up and start cleaning .. so I think I will cut out the middle man and just start cleaning instead..

Y'all have fun..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Got a Job..

Yep.. its true.. I am employed.. .Not that it is my first choice as a job.. or that it pays much.. but still it is a bona fide job.. I am out of the house a few hrs a day.. and making a little money.. woooohooooooo.. It is at Dollar Tree.. and only part time.. for now.. but I love people.. the work is easy and it is close to the house.. and oh yeah.. did I mention.. It is a job.. Yesterday was my first day and I am still wanting to go back today.. I guess that is a good sign..

The only thing that sux about going in to work today is .. My honey's birthday.. He is 49 today.. and getting sexier every day.. He kids that he is old.. I will never see him as old.. I will never see him as anything other than my sweet wonderful, Poet.. that is just how it is.. I am cooking him a nice dinner.. and leaving his presents on the dining room table.. I won't get to eat dinner with him.. but .. I will get to snuggle with him tonight after work.. that is one of my favorite things anyway.. oh wait it is his birthday.. it is about his favorite things.. still works.. cause I know snuggling is a fave of his..

Well I have a lot of housework to do.. and then cooking dinner early today.. so I guess I will get off the computer and get to it..

Y'all have fun..