Monday, October 27, 2008

back to school and other things

yay!! Kyle was able to go back to school today. I know the little guy had a rough time with the tonsillectomy and all but whew it was good to have him back at school today. There was driving to mom in law's to drop off a cabinet, there was adult conversation, and there was no continuous talking from the backseat. I did wind up taking Sierra and Cloe to the store today and Kyle went along for the ride but that was after he had gotten most of his talking done at school.

In other news I got my turn down letter for disability benefits a couple of days ago, so now starts the appeals process. The letter stated that I was not disabled because I had worked as a cashier in the past and should be able to do that now. Sure if they help me find a job that allows me to lie down after sitting or standing for more than 30 minutes, and will also let me not ring up many customers as running a register for more than say 20 minutes would kill my hands. By the time I finish this post my right hand will be hurting and I won't be able to use it for a while. I would love to be working, but as hard as it was for me to come to terms with, I know I can't work anymore. Oh well I will be filing my appeal tomorrow and we will see what happens from there.

Well, my honey just got in the nice cozy waterbed with me so I'm outta here.

y'all have fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Second Time Around Today

I do realize it has only been a few hours since my last post but apparently the earlier post caused some word dam to break in my brain and here I am again at the keyboard.

I have decided it is time for me to jump into the political quagmire. I am so tired of hearing about this one did this and that one did that, and add to it the e mails of myth, legend and downright lies and you have nothing but a bunch of adults acting like 3rd graders you know the " did not" "did too" thing. That is what this entire election has sounded like. Somewhere in this mess of misinformation, and innuendo I have managed to choose whom I am going to vote for based on the facts I have been able to research. Hmmm there is a novel idea a person making a decision on whom to vote for based on facts, research and not TV ads and emails.

We have a large group of friends, very diverse for the most part in lifestyle, religion, politics and economic status. We respect the rights of all of them to believe what they believe. To vote the way they want to vote based on those beliefs and in fact either one of us would fight to defend their right to believe and vote whichever way they want. I just wish several of the people we know would respect our right to do the same. We hear how bad our world is from people we love and respect, we hear that the party we choose will take this country to hell in a hand basket. We have had a couple of people we know get downright angry because we don't see things in the same way they do. Here is the deal people, this country was founded on the principle that everyone is equal and have the same rights as everyone else. I will fight to defend that principle I will always listen to someone else's opinion even if I don't agree with it and will support that person's right to have that opinion. Please feel free to do the same with me. I don't go around spouting my political beliefs but as with my religious beliefs I will give you my opinion if asked for it. I will not try to convert you to my way of thinking I will not judge you if your opinion differs from mine. So don't do it to me.. It tends to piss me off.

OK sorry bout that but this stuff has been on my mind for a bit and it just all came spewing out of my fingers and onto the screen. If I have offended anyone I am sorry but like the television if you don't want to watch something that is on because it offends you change the channel. I do not ever want or try to offend anyone but I also know you can't please everyone all the time so if you don't like what I have to say I respectfully say to you don't read my blog.

I think I finally have most of that out of my head. I may actually be able to sleep now.. Have a good night..

Y'all have fun

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Was Gone How Long?

OK.. so it has been a while since I have posted anything.. mostly because I have had a really hard time recovering from the back surgery and all of the complications of daily life thrown in there as well..

I used to love to post as often as possible. I felt strange if I didn't get to write if not every day at least several times a week. Now it seems like I have either gotten out of the habit of writing, not just here but in general or I just don't have the where with all to do anything about getting on the computer and writing something. I don't know how you can get out of the habit of doing something you really love to do but that seems to be the case. It isn't a matter of laziness, or not having time to write, I guess it has been a combination of depression from not being able to do much of anything and thinking there really is nothing I have to say that anyone would find interesting anyway.

So here is the quick update, if I repeat anything that you have already read on Ron's blog I do apologize.

The surgery on my back was June 10th. Everything went really well better than even my doctor expected. I was up and about in about no time after waking up and the doctor made the decision to let me go home that day... I was happy about that, Ron was not so much happy. He thought I should at least stay overnight so that I could rest better, but for me the hospital is the worst place for me to rest. I would have been worrying about everything going on at home, whether or not the kids were doing what they were supposed to be doing and all the things that moms worry about. I came home and did nothing just like I was supposed to do.. see Ron I can take care of myself if monitored closely enough. My recovery has been great and not so great depending on your way of looking at things. My legs don't hurt at all anymore. That is a good thing. I do however tire out very easily still and my back is hurting more than it did before the surgery but that is to be expected when you take a part of it out and put nothing in there to replace it.

My 40th birthday came and went in Aug. It was great Ron got me several of my favorite things, as well as a great watch. We all went out to JD legend for dinner and karaoke. Some friends stopped in as well including one friend that shares my exact birth date. It was a really good time.

Chelsea is going to the adult education center several times a week to get her GED and take her ACT so she can start applying to schools for either the spring or fall of 09. She didn't want to be in HS another yr and a half and then have to start all of this when she will be 18 this Dec and wants to jump start her education. I do understand her way of thinking, I was never one to sit around and wait for something I knew I could start on now.

Kyle is doing well, right now he is recovering from his tonsillectomy yesterday and pretty much just laying around taking pain meds and eating yogurt, ice cream, Popsicles, pudding and things like that. Sounds like a rough diet doesn't it.. If I tried that my hips would be planning world domination in about 3 days. He should be over the worst of it by Thursday according to his Dr. and will be back at school next week wahooooooooo.. oh sorry did I say that out loud. At least his school work won't suffer they have assigned him a home bound teacher to bring his work to him while his is recuperation. Which will hopefully not only keep his grades up but solve some of his boredom being at home all day issues as well.

Cloe is still just as beautiful as ever and just as spoiled rotten as ever also.. She is talking a lot more now. One of her favorite things to say is thank you. It doesn't matter if you give her something or she gives you something you will get this big grin and a big "Tank yooo" It is adorable of course. She also says " uh oh" " ewwwwwww" and if she is leaving or you are she will throw up one tiny little hand and say " Bye". She is a mess..

Other than that there really haven't been many note worthy events. Ron and I celebrated our 5th anniversary well sort of.. we were together, always a good thing, we had 3 grand babies not a bad thing, but a busy thing at any rate. Cloe spent the night with us as did Chris (9) and Kody (7). We kept Cloe upstairs with us mostly while Kyle kept the boys entertained in his room and downstairs watching Ironman. All of that sounds fine except Kyle complaining about two very active younger kids driving him crazy and Cloe having a cold and fever and refusing for all she is worth to go to sleep. The next day was Sunday, we had hoped to go to church, instead we returned the children to their rightful owners and came home to crash. It was a good anniversary but one we don't plan to repeat.

We have the big celebration of Court Days coming up this weekend.. that should be fun our little town being over run with people from all over who don't know how to pick up after themselves at all.. they always leave an over abundance of trash in our streets and in our yards. I really don't understand that at all .. I want to tell them " look I don't come to your town and throw trash in your yard would you kindly return the favor?". I am still looking forward to it mostly, it is usually a good time.

Well it is time for me to go downstairs and wait for the home bound teacher to get here for Kyle and to think up something for dinner maybe. I will not promise to do better on keeping up with posting. I will promise to try.

Y'all have fun