Thursday, July 09, 2009

Grandbabies and Other Things

I really didn't die. I am still around. I don't know what has been wrong with me lately, I just haven't been online much as of late in fact I really haven't been doing much of anything lately.

Things are still going smoothly with Sierra's pregnancy, she seems to be carrying this baby better than her previous pregnancies. We are all hopeful that she carries to full term or at least 36 weeks. That is only 6 weeks away so keep up with the prayers and thank you so much for them. Oh the new baby will be Kiera (pronounced Kira) Jo Faith. Jo is my middle name and Sierra decided to give Kiera my name, I love that of course.

Cloe' is just as cute as she can be, she just turned two a couple weeks ago and has embraced the terrible twos with a passion.. She isn't really terrible it is just that I have forgotten how busy they can be at that age. She is lightening fast and changes gears and directions in true tornado fashion. I am getting too old for all that. She is speaking in a much more mature fashion and to me some of the things she can now say correctly aren't improvements at all.. I have a huge pink hippo beside my bed (gift from Ron) , Cloe used to run in here and holler "hoppo mamaw hoppo" because she loves playing with my stuffed animals. Now she says "hippo" see that is no fun at all..She still has some of her cute ways of saying things tho.. Ron recently introduced her to haagen daas ice cream. Sierra and I were grocery shopping the other day and I showed Cloe the ice cream cooler and her new favorite thing. She looks at me and says "Doggin hoss" and promptly went around the store hollering for "Doggin hoss" she did get 2 of the tiny containers to take home with her. She also mixes up what she wants. She will run up to you holding out her cute little arms while asking " hold you?" she wants you to pick her up. I am loving this stage of her development and am in no hurry for her to out grow it.

Rosie the Shar Pei has definitely decided she likes it here. She likes me a little too much though she follows me everywhere I go including the bathroom. I will go in there and she sits outside the door knocking on it until I come out. If I am walking through the house and stop real quick she walks right into the back of my knees. At least we know she is happy here.

OK I need to get off here and kill this gnat that has been trying to fly up my nose for the last 5 minutes then on to hand washing to get the bug guts off and then to cook something for supper.. OK maybe I will wait on cooking til I get the thought of bug guts out of my head ...

Y'all have fun

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Willow Tree said...

She lives!! :) Glad to hear from you.

I remember when my middle son started saying things correctly, it wasn't as good either. He used to run around the house in a black cape and say, "Mom, I'm BUT-man!" (er, BATman). My daughter still says, "Mama pick-a up you" when she wants up and I will miss that too. She skipped terrible twos, but in my world it's terrible threes - wish me luck.

Glad to hear Sierra's pregnancy is going well, love that she's using your middle name!